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Tactical Intervention, also known as TI, was first released and published in 2013 in a beta-worthy state.Back then, it was bad. Looking to build up a community and benefit from feedback and input from fellow artists, we have decided to take it to IndieDB and share our Work in Progress with you. News on our BETA status - information on what we're going to give you for Christmas, how long it's going to take and what it will look like.
Lots of text, lots of images, lots of video footage, quite a bit of humility and a degree of optimism for what the future may bring. Will the US servers be back in the future or is it only the EU and Russian servers to play on?
It IS our highest priority, also one of the most costly, but definitely the most important goal for us.
We never planned for them to go down in the first place, but that's another story (for another day). Hey Guardian - you may find our next update interesting (should be free to view in a couple of hours). Servers are under maintenance right now, but do feel free to grab the game on Steam and give it a try. We're still not where we want to be, far from it TBH, but our resources are so incredibly limited that we really have to take this one step a time. The first part of the tour is simply getting there, and that required a roughly 3 hour van ride from Playa Del Carmen (closer if you depart from Cancun).
As we sped across the narrow lagoon in search of our pink-feathered friends I couldn’t help but notice how shallow the water was, only about 1-2 feet! Our guides started digging through the surface of the cracking earth to reveal a damp mud containing huge concentrations of salt. After we finished romping around in the mud it was time to hop back on-board the boat and race across the lagoon. We traded the red tinted water for murky brown stuff and it was time to get some more close encounters with the wild animals that live here. After a quick ride we made it to Rio Lagartos town, where the lagoon meets the gulf of Mexico and the water turns from a murky brown to bright turquoise. The provided lunch was a tasty platter of fish cooked in a variety of ways with veggies and fries.
Synopsis: After narrowly escaping an ancient burial ground, a group of friends find themselves trapped between two evils forcing them to fight, die, or go back the way they came. The long-awaited third Max Payne game finally arrived in May 2012, courtesy of Rockstar Vancouver. Tucked into the side of a mountain in the Swiss Alps is a unique guest house called Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli. TI is an FPS with a huge amount of features, content and eastereggs, and it runs a lot smoother and quicker, it looks and plays much better than it used to - but don't expect your next super-realistic, triple A e-Sports FPS - that's not what TI, a game maintained right now by three guys spending 30-40 hours of their leisure time a week on it, can, or even wants to be.
Along the way we learned all about the wildlife in the area on our tour guide’s iPad, and since the tour I took just happened to be full of Italians, I spent some time learning a few Italian words too!

Within a few minutes there were hundreds of flamingos glowing in the bright sun all around us. I’m no expert on skin, but apparently this extra salty soil is perfect for an exfoliating mud bath. Within a few seconds of pulling up next to the bank our guide pulled a large horseshoe crab (aka a helmet crab) out of the water. They threw a fish off the boat and the hawk instantly swooped down and plucked it from the water.
If you troll or post spam or act like a child we will send you to your room without dinner and take away your posting priviledges.
The trailer is actually not well put together, but it still looks like it’d loads of fun!
Eight years after the end of Max Payne 2, an aging, burnt-out Max finds one last chance to redeem himself while working as a bodyguard for a rich family in Brazil. The 170-year-old dreamy hotel is in the most precarious position, clinging to the foot of a vertical cliff face and can only be accessed by a combination of cable car and hiking.
The exclusive luxury resort is set amidst 3,500 acres of stunning lagoons, powder-sand beaches, coconut plantations and mountains covered in lush greenery, it has only 25 villas creating an intimate desert isle feel. This intelligent and efficient solution preserves the cool temperature of your wine or champagne or spirit separate from your drink ice.
Since then, it has seen a lot of improvement, thousands of work hours and massive optimizing. Post article and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. With the boat engines off we floated around watching the birds effortlessly pluck their meals from the water. All the areas of skin I had applied the salty mud to were no extra soft to the touch, this stuff really works! Ever.  If you've always wondered what the hell this franchise is about,  In this 3-parter blog I will take you on a tour through both games, show you some pictures and videos, reminisce about and reflect on those games and try to make all the possible connections to the upcoming Max Payne 3.
Right now, a big patch is in the final stages of development, improving performance, looks and networking, as well as providing you with fresh content and other goodies.We've spent more than half a year working on this patch, so we really do hope you can enjoy it.
Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.
This combination made for one of the most memorable all-day trips I’ve experienced here. As soon as we got in the boats this croc came over to investigate giving us all a great view of his teeth.
So, make your way below and check out the first official trailer and let us know what you think? I wanted to continue playing Call of Duty because we had finally reached the last phase where you play as a British soldier.   He shoves the disc in and installs the thing as I expressed my dissatisfaction by downing two cups of Coca Cola, a few minutes later Max Payne was launched and all I had in mind was keeping my eyes on that fat monitor of his. From the very beginning, from the moment that intense intro video played to the sound of restless heartbeats, I was hooked.

I had never expected this bleak, emotionally-demanding and fancy-written explosion to hit me. The fact that he used the Kung Fu mod for Max Payne which turned it into a Matrix game was all the more hard-hitting and compelling. The playthrough with my cousin on his then-new PC around 2005 when the game was all about clearing a room of enemies without getting hit. The playthrough of both games a couple of years after that when I was a growing teenager infatuated with sex where the highlight of the adventure was Max's scorching relationship with Mona Sax  , and the one from 2009 or 2010 when my English was good enough to realize that Max's inner monologues while moving in the shadows, the dialogue with other characters and the comical narrative cutscenes were heavily rich with thought-provoking and emotionally-manipulative speech, so good to read and listen to that the gameplay and sexual themes took a back seat to them. It's the fact that it has been thee single piece of entertainment to connect to my mind as a child, a growing teenager and an older adult, always providing an aspect that caught my attention.    Max Payne (2001) The links below consist of pictures and comic strips from the game. Click on the yellow words to enlarge a picture on screen.  After fixing a few known PC issues with the Steam Max Payne, the adventure once again began.
It was colder than the devil's heart, raining ice pitchforks as if the heavens were ready to fall."    On your way to meet him in the Subway, you stumble upon a massive gunman attack on the station, a lot of dead bodies and a gang of thugs who blew their way into the nearby bank safe, leaving the gold untouchedas they snoop around the inside vault looking for documents. They were after the Aesir Corporation files, a company whose recent successes have been getting a lot of attention.   Needless to say, you go motherfucking Neo on these thugs' asses. This is the first level you get to freely run, shootdodge and watch cool as hell, erm, killcams and physics in motion.
His very last words before taking a bullet to the head.  "Lupino thought he could get us by taking Alex out, and leaving me to take the fall for it.
I was already so far past the point-of-no-return I couldn't even remember what it had looked like when I had passed it."   One thing that occasionally entertained you as you ran across these dark hallways and living rooms silently was the TV series.
You run through the half-collapsed building killing more dudes and bashing more junkies until you reach Gognitti and his goons hiding in an office there.  And then the epic Gognitti chase begins. You guessed it, this is the blood-drying nightmare level.  In the three years since his wife and infant were murdered, this was Max Payne's first chance to actually rest.
I always get confused trying to remember what I was doing in that hotel and who I was there to kill. How I got there, even.  You get out and  bang,the coolest motherfucker in the game is here. I'd have to smoke half of his crew to even get near the gangplank."     Wam bam thank you Dime, Angelo Punchinello calls for a truce,invites Max to his restaurant,and proceeds to barricade the doors and set the entire joint on fire. IT'S A TRAP! I wasn't selling any ."  The suits are lead by an old evil looking womanwho injects you with Valkyre,the very same drug that caused your family's brutal death and the rabbid infection of half of the city's population.
Will Max ever taste peace of mind again? Oh well, at least he got a hot bath in a very kinky bathroom.
Believe me. ---[PROLOGUE]---   Injected with Valkyre, once again a new act is started with a morbid nightmare level.

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