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While most brides are decked out in white from head to toe as they walk down the aisle, few may give much thought to the most important white-colored accessory of all – their teeth. In a recent YouTube question and answer session, bride-to-be Katy Perry, who is engaged to funnyman Russell Brand, revealed that she’s obsessed with her pearly whites. Ladies looking to brighten their smiles before their wedding can use a teeth whitening system from GoSMILE or SuperSmile.
Youngblood offers several shades of lipstick that boast blue undertones, including Kranberry, Rosewater and Pink Quartz. Posted in Facial Makeup, Hair and Skin Conditions, Lip Makeup, Makeup Products, Tooth Whitening. There are a number of reasons why our teeth become yellowed and discoloured, some are of our own making whilst others aren’t. Yes, sorry smokers, but it is not only your lungs and heart that are affected by your intake of cigarette smoke, but your teeth too.
We all need hydrating, but our choice of beverage is likely to affect the quality of our teeth. Some of the worst affects of smoking and drinking can be negated through regular brushing and flossing of the teeth.

Either of these two procedures will nearly certainly improve the appearance of your teeth and give the confident white smile that you have been looking for.
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Let’s face it, it really isn’t a pretty site when someone smiles and reveals a set of discoloured molars is it? It’s just part of the natural process and there is nothing currently that we can do about it. Smoking is in fact one of the most certain ways to ensure that your teeth become yellow in the shortest time possible. Whilst water will not damage them, tea and coffee will stain them over a period of time whilst sugary and fizzy drinks will attack the enamel of our teeth and make then more vulnerable to staining.
However, this will only limit it to a degree, whilst the ageing process is something that no one can do anything about. The easiest and cheapest of these is the simple tooth whitening procedure which only takes an hour to perform and is non invasive. In fact, surveys have shown that many people avoid smiling unnecessarily to prevent anyone from seeing their teeth.

This means that to effectively turn your yellow teeth into beautiful white ones, a trip to the cosmetic dentist is needed. Material shown by Get Holistic Health is for educational purposes only and isn't meant to substitute for the recommendation of a doctor and other medical professional. It should be noted that home teeth whitening kits are not as effective and tooth whitening toothpastes even less so. This treatment will work best on mildly stained teeth, but for the heavier stained teeth, a dental veneer is the best solution. This works in a similar manner to a false fingernail and is a very fine layer of porcelain which fits to the front of the tooth after the corresponding thickness has been removed.

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