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A taxi driver was stripped of his license Tuesday for tossing a passenger into a busy midtown street in a brawl caught on videotape. Crazed cabbie Sidikiba Diallo can be seen ripping his passenger Glenn Yonemitsu out of the taxi and hurling him onto E. The judge recommended the hack lose his license for assaulting his passenger, though he was within his right to refuse to take the inebriated man to Queens. Diallo, a driver for 20 years, said he had not received notification of the punishment and was still driving a cab.
The administrative judge ruled the cabbie should have simply called 911 rather than take matters into his own hands. The tape shows Yonemitsu standing with friends outside Ichi Umi before getting into the cab just before 3 a.m. Over the next seven minutes, Diallo is seen getting in and out of the taxi, opening the passenger door and apparently arguing with his passenger. The pair grapple in the road, but Yonemitsu jumps back in the cab a€” and Diallo pulls him back out and sends him sprawling across the street like a rag doll. The video then shows Diallo dashing into the drivera€™s seat and Yonemitsu hopping into the back again. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Last year there was a significant growth in the number of people taking their bike test, up almost 13 per cent to 28,216, and it won't let off yet.
With the rear doors still wide open, the cab barrels down the street and around the corner a€” where Yonemitsu says he jumped out and called police. Partly this is driven by the time and cost savings to be had in daily commuting, partly by the unreliability and inconvenience of public transport, but right now the main factor behind the surge is a new-format motorcycle test coming into force in October.There are aspects of the new test that are more complicated than the current one and of questionable value, such as a brake-and-swerve manoeuvre.

At the moment, there are 225 test centres around the country; by October there will be 46, with 65 the eventual target. This equates to 31mph and, with many test centres surrounded by 30mph limits, the only way to do this legally would be to travel to a 40mph limit. The largely irrelevant brake-and-swerve test is cited by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) as another reason the entire test must be conducted off road. So the motorcycle test has become another lever in the DSA's mission to set up a series of so-called super centres around the country at which all types of tests, from bikes to HGVs, can be taken. Once established, they can also be used commercially to generate profits for the DSA…Moreover, the EU's 50kph is a guideline rather than a fixed legal requirement and, even if it was, negotiating a 30mph clause for the UK would be a possibility.
For now, getting to a test centre is easy, but negotiating the rules and regulations on the way to a full motorcycle licence is complex. Our flow chart (below) shows the way to achieve it, but we've still had to simplify the process. If you're not sure about your own situation, contact your local motorcycle training centre, listed under "Motorcycle Training" in Yellow Pages, or visit the BSM stand at the Telegraph-supported London Motorcycle Show, which opens on January 31. If you already have a full or provisional driving licence, make sure you have a provisional motorcycle entitlement as this was not issued automatically on newer car licences.Armed with your provisional motorcycle licence, you must take Compulsory Basic Training (CBT - about A?80-100) before you're allowed on the roads, on a sub-125cc bike.
You must show basic machine-handling competence, after which you're issued with a certificate valid for two years.
You also need to pass a theory test to gain a full licence, although this can be taken once you're riding on the road with L-plates. This is a two-part test which examines Highway Code knowledge and hazard awareness using video clips. Using their bike is an especially good idea if you don't intend to stay on a 125cc machine after you've passed your test, and chances are you might suffer some low-speed spills, too - always best done on someone else's bike.The main choice then is whether or not to go for the Direct Access licence course. This can be done in stages or completed in about a week, with costs ranging from A?500 to A?1,200 or more for full residential courses, and you use a 46bhp bike.

At the end, you come away with a full, unrestricted motorcycle licence, but don't assume you can then ride a 180mph superbike: apart from anything else, no insurer will touch you. For the first two years after the standard test, taken on a 125cc bike, you're restricted to a machine of no more than 33bhp, which is sufficient for some riders indefinitely.
Many bikes producing much more power can be restricted to 33bhp by dealers, so you can ride one of these for two years and then have the restriction removed, effectively giving you a new bike without the hassle of buying and selling.If you take your test on an automatic (a scooter), you will be restricted to automatics (scooters or the Aprilia Mana 850 motorcycle).
The London Motorcycle Show is ideal for those thinking about gaining their motorcycle licence.
Most of the new bikes available today will be on display with knowledgeable staff available to talk about them, and rider and driver training group BSM is there to help complete motorcycle novices get their licences and onto bikes.
DWe have 10 pairs of tickets to give away for the MCN London Motorcycle Show, which takes place at London's ExCeL from January 31 to February 3.
This year's show has many top manufacturers exhibiting their latest models, including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, BMW and KTM.There will be an array of trade stands, offering everything from new bikes through to the latest equipment and merchandise. If you book in advance, you'll be given a numbered ticket; drop it into the competition box on the MCN stand for a chance to win a new Ducati 848. Advance tickets cost A?14 for adults, A?10 for seniors, A?8 for children (11-15), or A?18, A?10 and A?8 respectively on the door. Regrettably, postal and e-mail entries to Telegraph Motoring competitions are no longer accepted.

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