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You may want to read the chapter describing your Midheaven, also referred to as the MC or the 10th House, to get additional inputs. Since the Ascendant partly influences your professional trends, it might also be interesting to have a glance at this topic.
One of the most important parameters is the sign in which the Midheaven is found, for it indicates the person's calling.
You can get your free detailed natal chart and ascendant with its planets, houses, and aspects.
Conquests and struggles are of paramount importance, and the desire to excel yourself is the driving force behind your initiatives.
You feel the urge to innovate, to launch a business, and to be the leader in anything you undertake. Your patience and your obstinacy enable you to overcome obstacles, which is an excellent thing because you would not bear self questioning.
Your home means a great deal to you, and your dearest wish is to set up a large family, the very base of your stability, in order to pass down your numerous possessions to your descendants. You are particularly drawn to all occupations related with nature, real estate, finance, music, the performing arts, and pleasure. You do only what you feel like doing and what is fun, and you will repeat this behaviour throughout your life. Thanks to your public speaking talent and your perfect command of language, there is a strong possibility that you achieve fame in the fields of literature, business, human sciences, and the arts, including the performing arts.
The following professions are most suitable for you: journalist, reporter, writer, poet, interpreter, lecturer, speaker, storyteller, marketing and sales clerk, travel agent, stockbroker, trader, solicitor, professor, flight attendant, humorist, aerialist, juggler, acrobat, photographer, computer expert, model, actor, dancer, or caricaturist. You are a careful person, and you wait for the right time before you take action, but then, nothing can prevent you from implementing your project, which is often related with real estate matters or with the past.
You have a sedentary lifestyle, and you need to be with people who are close to you in order to feel in confidence. You may also excel in any hotel and restaurant activities since they imply contacts with the public. Furthermore, if you are able to put aside your fears for the unknown and your need for sedentary lifestyle, the Water element associated with the lunar principle of mobility and change enables you to deeply enjoy long travels, crossing seas and oceans to faraway or exotic lands.
It would be terrible for you if you did not achieve success and stayed in an average and unnoticed status.
You are well-organised, methodical, hard-working, concentrated, and discreet, and you do not like to take risks.
The following professions are most likely to suit you very well: architect, industrial designer, watchmaker, computer specialist, scientific expert, mathematician, librarian, banker, chartered accountant, financial officer, stockbroker, shopkeeper, secretary, executive assistant, household aide, cleaner, social worker, civil servant, breeder, medical practitioner, pharmacist, veterinarian, physiotherapist, medical assistant, as well as Minister for Health or for Finances. It is quite unlikely that you are able to build on your own an empire or achieve a bright and profitable destiny.
You probably instinctively understand that the fact that your charm and your finesse attract people into your net, offers you the additional elements in which you are lacking. But as soon as you find your soul mate, your energy doubles because the conditions required for your inner harmony are met. Your destiny is not simple, to say the least, and very often marked with reversals of fortune. Your sign is in analogy with the 8th House, which symbolises money matters, especially investments, inheritances, and other people's money in general. Since your energy, your power of action, and your creativity are intense, you can be successful in the following areas: any occupation in the police and the military, miner, volcanologist, engineer, atomic scientist, scientific researcher, computer designer, surgeon, gynaecologist, sexologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, dowser, astrologer, occultist, medium, clairvoyant, mystic, corporate manager, banker, financial counsellor specialised in stock exchanges or investments, funeral director, as well as politician leader.
Owing to your inclination for change and movement, it is most likely that you experience more than one occupation throughout your life. Anyway, as it often happens with your ruling planet Jupiter, owing to your strong conventionality and your great adaptability, in your forties, you tend to settle in an occupation which offers numerous opportunities to travel. Here is a selection of people having the Midheaven in Sagittarius (around 1500-2000 people). With the help of insightful Saturn, you see at a glance the whole picture of your goal and your itinerary, whereas with the support of bellicose, passionate, and efficient Mars, you become a machine which produces success in the long run. When Saturn prevails, you are very likely to be meant for areas characterised by the weight of the past with its classicism and its traditions. You are too idealistic and you are not willing to materially profit from your achievements. The following professions are most likely to suit you very well: pilot, IT expert, electronics or network engineer, astronaut, astronomer, astrologer, occultism specialist, neurosurgeon, atomist researcher, scientist, electrician, stunt pilot, photographer, film-maker, humorist, humanitarian activist, NGO manager, and philosopher. Because you are a deeply sentimental person, you are certainly very good in artistic fields and in the show business world. There might be a legitimate concern about providing explanations based on the Sun sign, the ascending sign, or both. Regarding professional destiny, should one wish to go further than the explications drawn from the sole Sun sign, what would the appropriate approach be? To get a good idea of one's professional destiny, it is indispensable to analyse several factors. The first thing to do is to assess and understand the personality since it is of crucial importance. On the other hand, an extroverted person, who exudes energy and has itchy feet, has difficulties in working for 40 years in some administrative post spending the whole day at his desk doing paperwork with no contact with the public, and no trips. For these two houses, the method consists in (i) looking at the sign where each house's cusp falls, (ii) the planets found in those houses and their strength according to the aspects they form with the planets and angles of the rest of chart, and (iii) their condition (rulership, exaltation, exile, and fall). Similarly to the Sun sign, which partly describes the personality, the Midheaven sign describes the main possible orientations, though in a more direct manner. This information is complementary to the person's overall personality, as underlined at the beginning of our article. It indicates the main characteristics of your social status and your profession and describes your true nature. Incapacity to settle, constant thirst for revival, dynamism, your independence: all these factors contribute to turn your destiny into a roller coaster, but this does not really upset you since the most important thing for you is that you never get bored and that you can use up all your energy. Indeed, self-re-evaluation would force you to change your goal and your habits, an exercise which you particularly loathe! Indeed, you are very suitable for working as landscape gardener, cultivator, horticulturist, forest ranger, banker, bookkeeper, carpenter, architect, hotelier, cook, restaurant owner, singer, musician, sculptor, dressmaker, or actor. You are brimming with ideas, projects, and contacts, and you often have several irons in the fire.
Gemini people have a more literary bent as compared to Virgo people who are more mathematics-oriented. Unless particularly salient factors of your natal chart indicate otherwise, owing to your need for protection and your worry-prone nature, it is quite unlikely that you play a prominent role early in life.

You seem to have a knack for attracting their sympathy, provided that you accept to be a bit "cool"! Thanks to their need for security, they are very likely to be successful in many different professions, such as those of hotelier and restaurant mentioned above, but also real estate agent, notary public, corporate manager, accountant, actor, sailor, diver, historian, antiquarian, social worker, wood-worker specialised in fine furniture, musician, or poet.
Your innate authority enables you to rapidly make your way through the higher spheres of power, arts, or business. This would stir up strong inner swirls and complexes which may cause periods of discouragement. You tend to underestimate your own worth, and therefore, you occupy positions which are too modest for you. You are quite unlikely to undergo twists of fate since you carefully steer clear of roller-coaster situations which result from impulsive decisions.
Your destiny is mainly associated to your encounters and of course, to your marriage more particularly. But you have a knack for marvellously fitting in any artistic or aesthetic areas involving luxury, show business, etc. Indeed, you are not a hard worker, and your capacities to take action, persevere and display pragmatism are not too strong. Then, you become an ally for your partner, you display your sociability talents in order to make your home shine, and you indulge in your favourite activities, be they in the field of luxury, perfumes, with a special note for haute couture and fashion, or in all the areas in which your subtle good taste works wonders. It also rules sexuality, crises, transformation, rebirth, as well as occult and secret topics.
You always look at things in broad and optimistic ways, and you rapidly get the status matching your high calibre. It is almost unconceivable that you spend a long period of time in the same work, either because you have itchy feet, or because you feel like settling abroad for some time. Even though you are slow, at the end of the day, you usually find that your status is higher than that of other people.
Your life is full of changes in direction which are caused by your sudden surges of independence and freedom.
Your social evolution may fluctuate because you do not belong to the category of people who care for their self-interest. For instance, when you work on innovating and futuristic projects, or when you are involved in a large-scope humanitarian project, you display tremendous energy, and you become a pioneer and model in your field. The only things you really value are the atmosphere in which you work, the friendly contacts you establish, the excitement to find new ideas, and the indescribable fulfilment to contribute to causes that are bigger than you, similarly to a bee in a beehive.
In this case, your nice and inimitable side propels you to high levels of responsibility, provided that constraints are not imposed upon you and that your indomitable need for freedom and independence is fully respected.
Indeed, you are able to fit well in nearly any circle provided that rigour, precision, and competition do not prevail. It is very likely that your flair enables you to find the right way as your changing and mobile evolution progresses. Indeed, your financial situation and your comfort may undergo considerable fluctuations as events out of your control unfold.
Since Water is your element, you are drawn to all professions related to sea or water, as well as those which give your compassion and dedication opportunities to blossom to the full.
In general, all occupations delivering a service to other people, such as catering, cleaning, caregiving, etc.
The purpose of a generalist astrological website is also to introduce to astrology people who are beginners in this field. The first thing to do is to draw the distinction between what is referred to as professional destiny and daily work. But he experiences daily life at work as absolute hell for x reasons which may range from trips, work atmosphere or conditions, to conflicts with colleagues, or friends and relatives, etc. To provide an exhaustive description of the method used, it would be necessary to write many pages, and even better, a book of course. Once the personality is figured out, it is necessary to analyse the 10th House and the Midheaven to get information on the career, and the 6th House to get the ambiance and the person's feelings in daily work life. Then, you ought to examine the house' ruler, and its secondary ruler if any, especially when the said house is empty.
Thus, you can use this article to check out the sign in which your Midheaven is (also referred to as the MC or the 10th House cusp). Now, you ought to put all the pieces together and to carry out their summary, which certainly constitutes the longest and most difficult, yet achievable, step.
As for your appearance, your general behaviour, and your leisure, we suggest that you refer to the article dealing with your solar sign. Indeed, the comprehensive analysis of your natal chart is the only way to figure out as accurately as possible your natural dispositions for any given professional activity. Indeed, the sign of the MC, the Ascendant, the planetary dominant, planets posited in the 10th House but also in the 6th House, or their rulers if there are no planets, provide valuable details.
You may be a perfect illustration of the saying that "To conquer without danger is to triumph without glory". Your flexible and clever intellectual process predisposes you to mental activities devoid of physical efforts, which you find totally uninteresting.
Art, literature, music, the cinema or the stage, are domains in which you may receive public applauses and achieve great fame.
If you do not achieve celebrity, you strive to rub shoulders with the upper crust and fit into high-society circles, for you believe that they must naturally acknowledge you.
As an after-effect, you may also experience superficial upsurges of conceit which are nothing but useless defences against the adversity of the moment.
But it is your personal choice, and this is how you can have the feeling that you keep full control of the situation. Your sign is in analogy with the 6th House, the house of work, and especially of daily responsibilities, as opposed to long-term career goal or social status.
Should Jupiter or the Sun prevail prominently in your natal chart, there is a strong possibility that you obtain a top job in the affairs of the State or in the corporate world.
Indeed, your sign is in analogy with the 7th House, which symbolises partnerships of all sorts, and it is in such a framework that your destiny is most likely to experience a major turning point. You are patient and clear-sighted, and you are on the lookout for the right time to unleash all your powers and your enormous might with a view to reaching the goal you set for yourself, and which you have every chance to achieve. You make use of your charm and your boldness, and you have the guts to aim higher than what would be the norm.
Since Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Zodiac, it is in analogy with the 10th House, the house of career, professional ambition, and public image. You are objective, patient, logical, and pragmatic, and your intellectual rigour enables you to understand with certainty the elements on which you must act upon for your growth.

They enable you to evade monotony and recreate different environments in which you feel good again. You are too idealistic for that, and you are always more or less detached from personal ambition concerns. People would be well-advised to draw their inspiration from your behaviour so as to increase their own efficiency, genius, and creative abilities.
You are happy to bring in your specific energy, totally different from that of your colleagues, and which has brilliant, amazing, and genius-like characteristics. Since atmosphere is an element of paramount importance, if you can work in a nice ambiance and at your own pace, you feel very comfortable and in total harmony with your workplace.
We repeatedly and clearly emphasise that precise and reliable results can be obtained only when the entire natal chart is considered and thoroughly analysed.
The second one is the complete opposite, the unfortunate case where there is neither success nor satisfaction, at least at the moment. It provides you with additional information which helps to fine-tune your summary of all the elements of the natal chart.
With Mars, it is unequivocal and includes the principles of struggle and active vitality, whereas with Venus, it is more "round", marked by feminine influences, and includes the principles of charm, diplomacy, aestheticism, and so forth for all the other planets.
Thus, for example, the 10th House in Leo means that the beginning of this House is in Leo since its "tip" or "cusp" is in this sign.
At the end of the interpretation process, you have at your disposal a description which is much more precise that those available in the texts corresponding to the position of your Sun in such or such sign of the Zodiac. The Ascendant and the MC's rulers, along with Mercury (communication), Jupiter and Saturn and their interaction (capacity for insertion into society), etc.
It would be very surprising if around your forties, or often earlier, you did not have a comfortable bank account and some piece of real estate which are your sources of pride.
Your everyday working tools are your mobile phone or Iphone, your PDA, the Internet, your Wifi spot, which enable you to juggle with your numerous activities.
Furthermore, your will to constantly improve yourself enables you to make up for lost time. This is the reason why you find in your activities the pace of life and the joy which constitute the base of your personal equilibrium.
You are not only persevering and resilient, but the worst tragedies and crises have a stimulating effect on you. In this regard, you are the opposite of Virgo people, but it does not matter because your method proves efficient and in any case, the result fulfils your ambition at least.
Your day of glory comes late, but it endures throughout your old age, which is the most fruitful and fulfilling period of your life. It does not matter if results come in dribs and drabs because the very fact that you progress is enough.
Nevertheless, all alternatives are possible owing to your great asset which consists in adjusting yourself, capturing the essence of the atmosphere, and merging into the background.
Otherwise, your naivety may drag you into situations which you never thought of, and you would need to spend a long time figuring out how to get out of it.
In astrology, the common practise is to differentiate "career", quite similar to "destiny", which is the general trend and somehow describes the kind of highest honours and recognition one gets, on the one hand, from the overall atmosphere or experience in the daily workplace. He does not have a high status by the usual social and financial standards, but he couldn't care less, probably owing to his personality. It is obvious that reality is somewhere in-between these extremes and a perfect mix of the four hypotheses described. Consider the aspects the planets posited in the 10th House form with the rest of the chart.
Therefore, its ruler is the Sun, since according to the Tradition, Leo is ruled by the Sun. For instance, if your MC is in Gemini, and that its ruler, Mercury, is in the 7th House, it means that it is most likely that your career involves contracts and partnerships (7th House) and that the person's intellectual life and his numerous quick contacts (Mercury) are beneficial. You are the archetype of the city-dweller who is resourceful, versatile, and under pressure, but you know how to manage the bustle which you yourself create. In the second part of your life, it is most likely that you eventually spread your wings and soar up to the place which your qualities deserve. You are a born hard-worker, and when you feel that other people acknowledge your helpfulness, you deem that your mission is accomplished. You content yourself with very little, and you consider that the struggles cropping in your way as you rise to the top are mere natural incidents. Thus, if you are job-hunting, and if you match the profile requirements, you are the person who has the best chances to obtain the post everyone is coveting. For instance let's suppose that the 10th cusp is at 29°59' Gemini and that the House measures 30°, which means that it is almost entirely in Cancer.
To interpret them, observe from which houses and by which planets soft or tense aspects are formed.
However, if personal planets (the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars), and the collective planets to a lesser extent, are posited in the House, they take precedence over the ruler. Then, examine the aspects Mercury forms in order to find out whether or not this influence is harmonious and supported by other energies. It is obviously the chart taken as a whole that must be analysed if one is to get an accurate picture of the person's potential.
Nothing can make you more serene than this impression that you contribute to the enhancement or the successful implementation of a project. Consequently, regardless of the Gemini cusp which marks the beginning of the House and its strongest point of energy, the 10th House is highly influenced by Cancer characteristics.
Finally, analyse the position in sign, which provides a last detail about the role of the house ruler. This thorough analysis enables to identify the cause of success and failure, as well as the kind of effort that must be put in. Mercury in Aries endows the career with swiftness, intuition, and dynamism because in this sign, Mercury takes on all these characteristics.
Once all the above factors are carefully analysed, you have a quite clear idea about the person's vocation, career, and daily work experience. Do not forget to balance out your conclusions with the strength of each planet by assessing their rulership, fall, etc., but also taking into account the criteria of hierarchy, stellium, number of aspects, etc.

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