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While lying back and resting is appealing, it makes more mucus drain from your nose to your throat. No matter how careful you are, you’re going to get some mucus buildup on your throat. Within 24 hours, I was back to about 80% strength – not enough to sing, but enough to reasonably deliver a speech. Itching, burning, or any unpleasant sensation that is aggravated by speaking indicates that your voice is dying.
Lean over the nearest sink or toilet or tissue waste basket and make a kissing shape with your lips. As it hardens, it becomes very difficult to dislodge and causes enormous stress to your throat.

Don’t chew it or suck on it, just let it release vapors into the back of your throat. Follow these six steps, and your voice stands the best possible shot of surviving – or at the least, recovering quickly. This is one of the hardest parts of being sick when you need to speak, but it makes a big difference. Loosen it with an expectorant, which signals your body to moisten the mucus so it can be dislodged.
If you stay diligent about keeping your throat wet, you’ll find your need to cough or clear your throat greatly reduced. Its been a rainy day and now when I talk my voice sounds weird and very strained and cracks can be heard.

You want as little mucus in your nose as possible, and what does appear needs to all exit your nose out the front. Once you get used to it, your old habit of swallowing the mucus back will seem even grosser to you.

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