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JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT COULDN’T GET MORE IMMERSIVE:VIRTUALCHRISTINE DOES THE VOICE CHAT THING!!! 1) I just flat out love typing because it is writing, which I have adored in every form my entire life.
2) My truest friends have always been my books, and I probably feel  that much closer to my virtual friends because I am reading them.
4) Conversely, late at night, when my family are sleeping, the gentle tip tap of my conversations is unobtrusive, keeping them the hell in bed. If you are already chatting away in your virtual life and are just here for the free stuff, you can just skip down.
The Second option is to install  an on and off switch in your toolbar, which is the black row of buttons at the bottom of your viewer screen! When your microphone is turned on and transmitting, not only will you see green or red half circles around the voice visualizer, a microphone symbol will appear in your chat box showing the same half circled.
DISTORTION!!!!  The built in and external microphones will both generate and pick up some distortion at first. For a theater performance,  it is imperative that your voice chat is enabled, and your microphone is turned the hell OFF.  The only way to know this is by the half circle transmission signals, and the appearence of the microphone in your chat box.
This sprawling, spectacular reproduction of the worlds largest Tin Figure Museum is one of the most unique builds in the metaverse.
Now a while back, Vivox, the world’s largest provider of intergrated voice chat, decided it really really wanted OpenSim to succeed, and so created a free version that any OpenSim grid could use. So, from the hypergrid’s own cultural powerhouse Metropolis Grid to the smallest start up, you can usually talk! Go to Shaun Emerald’s  gorgeous hypergate hub at Sanctuary Eld( which is voice enabled, so say hi to Shaun for me).
The WMAEM introduced me to the charming little elf Selea Core  in voice chat , on my region in Craft.
And if, like me, you are not a big fantasy fan, don’t be put off by the word when you are shopping.
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March 25, 2014 by Don Dulin Leave a Comment So you want to know how to get back together with your ex.
I know, you are hurting right now and you just want things to go back to the way they were.
You’ll break the other person down and they will just agree to be with you: What fun is this? It Usually Won’t Work Out: Chances are, even if you do get back together, it’s not going to work out. The Promise To Change Is Flawed: Most times, the person whose heart was broken promises that they have changed or they will change. You Only Want It Because It’s Familiar: It’s easier to get back together with an ex than to go out into the real world and find someone else. Breaking up is hard and everyone goes through the phase of wanting to know how to get back together with your ex. If you find the information I provide valuable, please share it through whatever social media platforms you can. All the pages on How You Can Find Love help me pay the bills by using affiliate relationships with Amazon, Google and others.
Here is how to use this Better Than Your EX and Next Comment Image: Right-click the above code box and select "Copy" from the dropdown menu, then paste it where you want it to appear. How to Get Your Boyfriend Back - 3 Tips to Make Him Fall inLove With You Again You want more than anything to get your boyfriend back and make him feel the way that hedid back when you first got together.
Yes, if you look over my head at the little  white dot with the green half circles, you can see that I am TALKING.

Oh, I had heard of voice chat in SL, but , like the big hooker hair and skinny ass avatars, it was something other people did. I love it right down to the  the tip tap of the keys under my fingers because it is the actual FEEL and  SOUND of  the written word; and therefore drenched in  sex and magic.
Typed conversations are more private, and cannot be drowned out by the sound of two men shouting about  the length of my son’s hair  or which Star Trek Captain kicks the most ass.
By nailing a little verb structure, a couple of pronouns and strapping on a translator, typing has allowed me to largely contain the latest outbreak. I said you said you thought he said that!”  When we were alone again, a  somewhat chagrined WMAEM confessed that he had been all excited about using voice chat with a female who was typing, as he might finally be able to get in the last word.
Okay, the  company was good  and all, but once we had ironed out the kinks, I found the whole experience  to be enthralling; even the lip syncing that I had always found to be so wooden, proved to be quite natural looking after a time.  We also worked out what I had done wrong at that last theater debacle!! I tried to do a set of photos with my Imprudence, but around the third step the screen began this macabre rythmic  flashdance as every other program I was running ground to a halt one after the other; if my laptop had  a head, it would have been spinning. Farther up to the left, the last icon on the black bar is a little speaker with soundwaves coming out. The Voice Setting in your preferences has automatically opened!  CLICK THE FIRST BOX, WHICH SAYS” ENABLE VOICE”!!!!!! You have two options to turn your microphone on and off so you can speak.  Option 1-remember the Voice Chat menu in step 4?  The fourth little box under Enable Voice  allows you to turn the microphone on or off  (toggle) through a selected key on your keyboard.
I have circled the two buttons you want.  The headphone button will give you a snazzy  little drop down nearby voice menu when clicked, and the microphone  button turns your microphone on and off, which  is a really big deal, as you will see in a minute. Heads up: Unlike the voice visualiser’s white dot, the mike symbol disappears completely once your transmission is over! If your computer does not have a built in microphone, you are going to have to get something external. The WMAEM, who sets up sound systems in clubs, told me play with my computers volume, my inworld volume using the sound menu from step 4, and the Nearby Voice settings from the headset button on my toolbar.
I am really looking forward to the performance, The cyberpunk group Brennende Buchstaben, or Burning Script, has been performing to great reviews in SL and OpenSim for quite a while now!
Remember, she is just starting out, so the occasional item might not be set  properly, but I came back from Selea’s with an inventory CRAMMED full of beautiful things, which rezzed perfectly in Craft. I would like to thank the WMAEM , Yoster, Selea, fellow curator Han, Shaun Emerald, the folks at Vivox, Maria Korolov for the excellent article in Hypergrid Business, Laurie Anderson for being Laurie Anderson, and of course all of you, for joining me on my small adventures! This blog is in no way associated or sponsored by them, and all opinions expressed are the author?s own. WELL I PROMISED ZINNIA I WOULD PLUG ROBSTOCK , THE MASSIVE MUSICAL FUNDRAISER FOR DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS AND GOT THE DATES WRONG SO NOW I HAVE TO CRANK THIS OUT JUST BEFORE LEAVING ON A TWO WEEK HOLIDAY!! Either you tricked them into getting back together with you or they have already moved on emotionally and just don’t realize it yet. They are familiar to you – you know their likes and dislikes and you two have a connection.
You are going to be tempted to search for other resources out there, trying to find the magical way for how to get back together with your ex. I learned a lot along the way and it helped me to become the person I am today and meet my wife online. You want to see that smile on his face and hear thatexcitement in his voice that he used to have when he got on the phone with you.
At that point my friend, the ever astonishing octagenarian  Craft’s own Yoster Allen, sent me a flyer for a live comedy show in English and German this coming Thursday August 15 , 2013, at 9pm CET on region Ars Cultura!!!  Yoster had built a theater!!! So if you want to try Imprudence,  sorry, you are on your own; although  I would highly recommend having some holy water and a couple of votive candles at the ready. If you do NOT click the box, the microphone  will only stay on, as long as you are pressing the key!!
Now just click and drag the buttons on to the toolbar, and don’t forget, you can turn either side of you screen into a toolbar in addition to the bottom !

This worked really well for the external microphone, but the built in one kept on echoing and creating static like crazy!!  Fortunatly the WMAEM was also in the army, and had the solution. And with the key, remember that even if it is unchecked in the voice chat menu IT IS NEVER TRULY OFF!!!  The little pisher will turn on the microphone every time you hit it.
If you have some time to kill before the show, you could take your new chat skills for a stroll in this region. There isn’t even a website yet, and she only has a few regions up and running, but you really, really want to see them! Your company means more to me than I could possibly express in any virus!  The sweetest of dreams and the brightest of days to all of my beloved readers! Like I said before, moving on is going to save you a lot of time, stress, money and heartache.
More thananything, you want to get him back and not have to worry that there might be someone else,some other woman that has gotten to him. Notice how when you start to drag a blue strip lights up on either side- that is you toolbar area! You can click the rectangular button with the microphone picture from here till doomsday and nothing will happen. If it does have a built in mike, you can use it, but it is trickier than the external microphone. When you use the built in mike, and leave it on,  it is picking up everything from a breeze in the room to the other people inworld using voice chat. Mine is strng(cntrl on an English keyboard) so if someone IMs me during a performance that I am a cloud, I cannot do a strg>alt>r refresh!!!! I had posted about it before and was thrilled Yoster had brought it back to Craft for us to enjoy!!
Now before you go running off to do another search and pay someone money for a “revolutionary product” or “the secret formula” that will have your ex running back to you instantly, hear me out. Since they already moved on, you’ll see them with someone new rather quickly (this isn’t a rebound relationship) while you are stuck trying to pick up the pieces from having your heart broken not once, but twice. If you want any hope of it working out, you need to fix what caused the break up in the first place and this can’t be fixed overnight. Second, chances are that they will not do the thing that lead to the break up at first, but once they get comfortable, they will go right back to their old ways. If you still are set on wanting to know how to get back together with your ex, then read my post, how to get your ex to want you back. If it is on and you double click, you will keep turning it back on, my second mistake at the theater!
My laptop’s built in mike will pick up any sound around the computer and blast it inworld. If I were talking, or typing with my microphone on on, there would be little green half circles coming out of it. My old friend Han Held, who has been in OpenSim much longer and is a million times more connected, knowledgable, and technically adept than I, has been bitten by the Arcadia recovery bug!  Ain’t no stoppin us now!!!
Regardless if you are a man or a woman, there is nothing sexy about someone that cannot learn to move on. To get him to want to be with you again, you have to tempt him in a way that mostwomen cannot.

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