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The Levi’s Commuter Pack contains the vibrant LV1 color presets and black-and-white LV2 preset. VSCO have also teamed up with Levi’s #commuter and a group of amazing photographers to capture what it means to “Go to Work” in Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Minneapolis and Brooklyn. If you would, please share this post on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know about free VSCO Cam goodness. MORE FROM LIFE IN LOFIStreet Etiquette Preset Pack Available FREE for VSCO Cam Right Now!VSCO Cam updated.
I was a little slow to get these finished for this month, but hopefully it is worth the wait. I was able to spend yesterday shooting the Memorial Day barrel race event at the Lone Star. One of the things I have been waiting to do since arriving in Idaho is to shoot some astrophotography.
I have now been working in Kenya for two weeks with Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). Some people have a spirit about them such that they are just naturally gifted with animals.
Both are all-around presets that fall into the same visual spectrum, and are great for shooting imagery at work and on your commute.

The color saturation and temperature of the LV1 film reminds me of classic Kodachrome film.
The top images uploaded to VSCO Grid™ will be showcased on the curated VSCO x Levi’s® Commuter Grid.
Featuring iPhone photo news, showcases, app reviews, and the occasional musings of iPhoneographer Marty Yawnick. The top image was shot next to Helen’s garden, bottom image was Saturday at Fossil Rim and is one of the two baby giraffes there. Composed of one color and one black & white Preset inspired by classic analogue films, you can download the pack in the VSCO Cam™ in-app store. These images are 2600 x 1500 and should fit even the largest iMac 27 ” monitor, just right click and save. That’s up from 28% last year.If the trend continues, about half of all marketers will be on Instagram by next year. It’s important because this is social media and so we’re supposed to be social (and interested in other people).
It’s also important because following and interacting with other accounts is probably the single best way to learn Instagram fast. 6 tools to make great postsLet’s get you posting ASAP.
Some people consider this the top-tier, don’t-bother-with-anything-else filter app for Instagram.

Try CrowdFire for Instagram on Android instead. You might also want to follow all these apps on Instagram, just for inspiration. How to decide who you want to reach on Instagram, how to develop a content strategy, and how to develop a signature photo style.50 Free Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers . This article has been most popular in its category on Forbes for weeks.7 Ways to Build an Engaged Instagram Following.
How to create calls to action, some Instagram inside tricks for shout-outs and other socializing, and some clever techniques for getting people to like your photos.Buffer’s brand new infographic, “How to Beef Up Your Sales On Instagram”.
It’s long, but definitely worth seeing.Dan Zarella’s infographic, “The Science of Instagram”. And if your audience skews young and your business or content tend to be visual, Instagram may be a natural fit. You don’t even have to create much new content for this platform; it’s okay to repost content from Facebook and Twitter.Are you using Instagram for your business yet?

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