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Your NAT – or Network Address Translation – is a means through which one IP address (such as your internet connection) can be shared among multiple devices (such as those that connect to your router). If when you test your connection you see you have a strict NAT Type then chances are enabling UPnP – or Universal Plug and Play – will help fix this particular problem and open up your online possibilities. Some of you may not normally have issues connecting online, but every so often you’ll come across a game that proves problematic. There are three types of internet connections available in the UK: ADSL, fibre optic and cable. An asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) utilises the same old copper wiring that BT uses for its phonelines, and so while some places can reach up to 20MB a second, you’re more likely to be looking at between 4-10MB, depending on how far from the exchange you are.
It’s much less popular these days but cable connections are still available through Virgin Media. Becoming more common across the UK, fibre optic connections are replacing BT’s copper wire for something much more modern. For more Internet connection tips check out how to set up a DMZ for your Xbox One and how to pick the best router for your console.

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Some routers will have a separate sub-menu for the UPnP option, others will include them as part of a restrictions or connections option – so it may involve poking around the settings page a bit.
By unblocking the ports through which that game’s servers are accessed you’ll get a flawless, unrestricted connection – it’s probably worth doing for every game you play a lot online. Once you’ve accessed your router you’ll want to look for the mention of ‘port forwarding’, which is often found in the advanced section of your router’s settings, see the previous page on how to do this. Now you need to enter each of the TCP and UDP ports for the game you want to unblock one-by-one, remembering to add or save it to the list. The most common is ADSL and, if you haven’t arranged otherwise, this will be the connection you’ll be getting. You’ll need to get an entirely new cable installed – providing you’re in the area – but with this you could achieve the absolute lowest speed of 30MB and up to 200MB if you’re lucky.

Comparable to a cable connection in terms of speed (most likely to be 20-40MB but can reach 200MB), though many more service providers are utilising these connections and – as such – there are lots of offers available. Most likely you’ll have ‘open’ or ‘strict’, the latter of which can make it awkward for you to connect to friend’s games, use voice chat or other online functions.
At the home screen of your router’s settings you’ll want to look out for the option to ‘Enable UPnP’. Every change you make inside your router needs to be saved – look for the related button – to enact the change and have the effect take place. Some routers can’t unblock too many ports, however, and so some games cannot be unrestricted through this method.
There can be a long list of reasons your Xbox One is struggling to get the best internet connection and while there’s no perfect solution you can follow these different steps to ensure there are fewer barriers between you and the game; then you’ll be truly set up for multiplayer gaming at its best.
Switching to the former will make it easier to connect with people, see the Enabling UPnP boxout above for how to do this. This will often be located in the advanced settings of your router, though it isn’t a particularly complex feature.

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