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In principle it might seem easy to slow down a bullet: just put less powder behind it, right? Given that I wanted to work with 7.62x39mm AR-15s with their small bolt were immediately ruled out. The machinists at Robinson Armament, maker of the XCR, were also willing to build some custom barrels for this project at a reasonable price.
Would it be better to stay with a 1:10 twist if I want to run it supersonic or will the 1:8 still get the job done? If you want to run specific scenarios the Miller Stability formula gives a good idea of what will work.

No doubt the difference in diameter is miniscule but for the sake of safety it seems worth considering. Just a quick question, great info but I have a Sig 556R 7.62×39 that I was going to suppress (paperwork in) and I thought about subsonic loads, but after reading your Blog I have been educated, so will a 9 to 1 twist work?
Yes, 1:9 will be sufficient to stabilize any bullet you can buy or cast if muzzle velocity is at least 900fps.
PS steve I have the SIG 556R too, use the 2nd position on ur gas valve and you should be able to fire the 215gr without a suppressor. Seems even easier when Robinson Armament and other companies are providing readily available custom barrels.

It would be really nice if they had an off the shelf barrel option in your 7.62 Thumper cartridge.

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