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One of the hardest parts about winning someone back is getting them to pay attention to you again. Barring those circumstances, your ex will always want to know about you after the break up. In that case, you may be making some of the more major mistakes women commit after an unwanted breakup. What you really need to do is stop, accept things, agree with the breakup, and then make an attempt to move forward. Beyond non-acceptance, the second biggest blunder you can make is trying to stay in touch with a guy who just dumped you.

It's an even more common myth that it's okay to keep E-mailing and text-messaging your ex boyfriend. Less common but no less damaging is using guilt or manipulation to try and get your ex boyfriend back. When you're hanging onto the hope that your ex will call you, it puts you into a totally defeated mindset.
Getting out and living your life is the ultimate way to get back an ex boyfriend's attention.
Don't make the mistake of 'waiting around' for your ex boyfriend, even if you think that's what he wants.

Forget that philosophy and make yourself something that your ex will want to be with again. Remember - breakups aren't always final, and they very often lead to getting back together. For more information on getting your ex to notice you, learn the best methods for contacting your ex boyfriend.

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