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Don’t worry, not all guys are chasing after Supermodels, but maybe with your false complexes and false impressions you’ll make yourself into a girl who isn’t interested in anything or anyone, despising the men around you and winding up all alone in your bed. Show your femininity to the greatest possible extent, use your smile, and distinguish yourself from girls who haven’t had the opportunity to get advice.
Wait I want to approach you but I’d rather do it in this shoe shop, if you don’t mind, that way you’ll feel safer. You have a lot more INTUITION than guys, so make good use of it, although you’re surprised you should realize that he’s charming, tastefully dressed, and you if you’re available, don’t refuse to give him your number if he asks for it politely. You’re in a trendy bar, there’s a man whose behavior is different with you, you don’t know him but you’re face to face and close together.
He’s looking at you a little longer than the others, he’s talking to a friend but you realize he isn’t really listening, he uses gracious gestures like moving aside to let you pass by.

Above all don’t tell him about your ex… and the ex of your ex, my head is already swimming. Be a mystery, you shouldn’t reveal anything, don’t speak too loudly and let your girlfriends do the talking, just look into his eyes, smile and let it happen.
Do I need to remind you that you should look super feminine and give off the highest level of good vibes, and never talk about your problems if you have them ?
You haven’t won yet, but you’re getting the feeling he’s starting to be interested in you, what do you do?
Make him feel like he’s really great… Act like you’re impressed no matter what he tells you. In a boxing ring, the one who observes his opponent at the start is the one who really has a chance to make a difference.

It’s your job to surprise him, show him you’re a smart girl and you’re resourceful, and to do it with subtlety. If you find him sitting around in his slippers, use a touch of humor to bring him back out, it’s a game of cat and mouse, play with him but make sure you don’t kill him! You have complexes, you think you don’t have a nice chest, nice legs, a nice ass, your face is this or your hair is that ?

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