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Beautiful Flowers: Plant a bunch of giant allium flowers to make your backyard look like something out of Dr. Beautiful - one way to make anything look more like it grew out of your garden is to cover it with moss. Staging to SELL: Tips on how to effectively stage your house without having to make it look like a page out of a magazine. Looking for a way to make your cool iPhone 4 look even cooler, why not make a customized back cover for it?
Sub-label season kicks off with our preview of the Pink Dolphin Dolphin Motorsports Summer collection. The biggest traveling party of the year is here, it's the Drake & Future Summer Sixteen Tour. If you thought the first delivery of goods was enough, there's more heat to come in The Quiet Life Spring 2016 Delivery 2 lookbook.
Asymmetrical Bob “If the bob is cut short in the back and longer in the front it will make your face look thinner” says Tricomi.
A survey conducted by affairs and dating site Victoria Milan revealed that 45% of people have either cheated — or contemplated cheating — on their partner because the other person pays too much attention to their phone. You can’t talk about cheating without mentioning the app for Ashley Madison, the infamous affairs website.
Use SlyDial if you want to make it look like you’ve tried to call your boo back without the hassle of actually talking. After the wedding, collect them all and make a book out of them by placing two back-to-back in plastic sleeves in a binder style album.
Make sure to cut out the top left part to leave an opening so that the iPhone’s camera is not obstructed. What you're about to see is easily the biggest and broadest collection yet from the New York label.

The racing imprint for Pink Dolphin is back again with another horse powered collection for summer. Design with clean lines. Ornate cabinetry and fussy details can make a kitchen feel chopped up. Make your face look a bit elongated so you could look thinner by doing a deep side part on your hair.
Because so many people just use it to exchange silly pics with their friends, it provides a fairly covert way to swap sexy pictures with someone who’s not your significant other. Just buy a transparent casing and insert your printed design on the inside of that casing in the way that it lies between the cover and your iPhone. If you’re somewhat experimented with graphic design we recommend using Adobe Illustrator.
OR BETTER YET, JUST TAKE THIS TEMPLATE WE’VE ALREADY MADE, and insert your design in it. We recommend a black background so that the sheet of paper blends in with the iPhone and protective case.
As you may already know, we're highlighting five movies and shows that you can't miss out on.
Glass fronts lighten the look of cabinetry and allow the eye to travel through to the back, which helps the kitchen seem more expansive. Limiting the cabinetry and the wall color to a single hue erases visual boundaries that might stop the eye. Select petite islands, slim chairs, streamlined stools and narrow tables that don’t eat up valuable floor space.
Tuck a pantry, shelving or cabinets flush with the wall to keep from obstructing the kitchen’s flow. Instead, keep the elements tailored and sleek to smooth out the look and create a roomier feel.

This breakfast room, separated from the kitchen by a low half wall, feels like a natural extension of the cooking area.
Whether your kitchen is done in pale colors or dark ones, light beaming in will help it feel as large as possible. The app placates snoopers by providing a fully-functional financial interface to anyone who doesn’t have the right PIN. The conventional school of thought is that pale colors will reflect light and make the space feel bigger, and that’s certainly a safe approach.
The vertical lines of the wall and ceiling boards in this kitchen lend the impression of greater height.
Keep window treatments very simple, or eliminate them entirely, so as not to block the sun.
You’re creating the illusion of trying to get in touch while being able to blame the lack of real connection on weird phone issues. Yeah, you could go and get the back glass replaced for $29, but if you want to save some money and make your iPhone look unique while you wait for your upgrade eligibility you can try what this Redditor did.Rather than buy a new back plate they added splashes of paint or nail polish into the cracks to give it a funky look. Deep tones such as black, navy, charcoal and chocolate recede visually and create the impression that the walls are farther back than they really are.
Especially since they could label it an intentions unauthorized modification and not like you buy a replacement.Tallest_SkillTo replace the back glass is $29 at Apple.

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