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If you want to know how to make your boyfriend or partner want you more, sexually or otherwise, just follow these 9 tips. Don’t be available for him anytime he calls or texts you. Never change your plans just to be with him. If he changes plans in the last minute and leaves you in the middle of a date to hang out with his friends, or cancels a date for silly reasons, don’t accept such behavior.
Let him know that you have a life too, and he needs to take you more seriously if he wants you by his side.

If he walks away, call another cute guy and hang out with him just to get back at your boyfriend. If you find that you’re the only one indulging in sweet gestures while he just behaves like a slob, put an end to it and make him work for your attention all over again. If your boyfriend’s taking you for granted, and you find yourself being the one who has to make up all the time, ignore him for a while or give him a cold shoulder. If you want to know how to make your boyfriend want you sexually, don’t be predictable in bed.

Guys are shallow, and the physical appearance of their girlfriend plays a big part in his ego and his desire to be with you.
It’ll scare him, true, but it’ll also make him realize that you’re not someone to be taken for granted.

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