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For most young puppies biting is a perfectly natural and essential phase to go through, especially when they are teething.
Puppies love to sink their sharp little fangs into just about anything during this teething stage, including the hands and feet of their owners. The good news is that most puppies can be trained to regulate and minimize the biting pretty easily. The general rule to stop puppy biting problems is to always encourage acceptable behavior and always discourage unacceptable behavior.
While you are trying to stop your puppies from biting, never play tug of war, wrestling or chase type games with them. If you don't clearly communicate to your dog that the biting is unacceptable, he will not know he is doing anything wrong. Another (extreme) reason puppies can bite is if they are trying to assert their dominance over you.
In bad biting cases as soon as your puppy latches onto your hand say "No!" and quickly put your thumb inside his mouth under his tongue, and your other finger under his chin. If you're worried that you may have an overly aggressive puppy on your hands, please seek the advice of an experienced animal behaviorist or dog trainer. Like I mentioned earlier, the most important piece of advice regardless of which training method you choose is to be consistent and provide the clear feedback your puppy needs to learn. To stop your puppy from biting and also to have proper control over your dog in all circumstances, you may be interested in performing some do-it-yourself dog obedience training. The last thing you want, but which could potentially happen is that your new dog could bite someone. There are a variety of tips that can help you stop puppy biting but here are a few that could work. Fear is usually related to strangers, vets, and some owners who reprimand their dogs wrong. If your dog is the type that constantly bites or even tries to bite other dogs, you will have to take things really slow. Newsletter Signup!Join hundreds of pet lovers like yourself and receive all updates in your inbox, for free! If you think that your four legged friend is biting in order to show dominance, you may use a different method that will help you regain the leading role in the pack (if implemented regularly). The first step to teach your four legged friend the ‘Off’ command is to grab a dog snack and leave it on the palm of your hand. If you want to learn more tips on how to stop puppy biting read other articles in this section where I discuss the importance of exercising canines and introduce the idea of obedience training.
If your puppy won't stop gnawing on his leash when you take him for walks, there are a few things you can do to train him out of this behavior. Puppy biting or nipping starts out as a bit of fun, but needs to be controlled quickly to avoid ongoing problems.
In some cases it's like you've brought a snappy alligator into your home, instead of the cuddly little puppy you had hoped for. The sooner you start to educate your puppy in bite inhibition (having a soft mouth) the easier it will be - for all concerned. To learn more about this fundamental rule of dog obedience training (including how to stop biting problems) visit Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer. This means that you and anyone else who comes into contact with your puppy must enforce your chosen strategy every time your pup takes a nip.
It's up to you to show him what is acceptable behavior, don't just expect your puppy to know this!

Your puppy's littermates will initiate this process and then it is up to you to continue on with it when your new puppy arrives home. Put on a pair of gloves and apply a foul tasting substance to them (something your dog doesn't like).
Put a pinch or choke collar on your puppy and each time he bites you give the lead a short sharp tug.
Some dogs may fear strangers because they might be a one person type of dog, meaning they only like to be handled by their owner. The reason why dogs fear the vet is because it usually isn’t pleasant when the dog goes for a visit. Spanking your dog or hitting your dog is not the solution to correcting your dogs behavior. If you are introducing a new dog into the house, go very very slow with the engagement of your old dog and new dog.
If your dog is hurt, don’t touch those areas and set up a vet appointment to fix the problem. As with every other dog training technique patience and consistency are key here so don’t get discouraged, if you can’t see any results after the first few days.
This is a great way to eliminate a variety of unwanted behaviors, not just excessive biting.
These two methods can really speed up the training process and help you deal with the biting and nipping problems. Eventually, your dog will be walking on a loose leash where they'll feel safe, satisfied, and help keep your dog healthy. When you have a dominant puppy his biting will only be the beginning of many behavioral problems. This will ensure (not guarantee) that if your dog does bite someone in the future the damage will be minimized. They usually get shots, handled in a weird manner, and get things inserted in areas that aren’t pleasant. When you spank your dog, you are only doing one thing and that is relating your hand with pain.
If your dog all of a sudden snaps at you out of nowhere while you are petting him, the odds are you hit a soft spot.
Start off by showing the dogs to each other from a distance so they can get a sense of smell and sight of each other. Be persistent in implementing the tips outlined below and I promise you that your puppy’s behavior will change drastically. This is the exact same type of sound that bitch uses to show her puppies that they bite her too hard. This sends a clear signal that you are in charge here and that he’ll be in troubles if he won’t respect it.
For example, you could use the ‘Off’ command to stop your puppy from eating poop or jumping on people. While there are many dogs that pull on walks, any dog can learn to walk calmly on a loose leash if we create a positive learning environment and teach them in the way that their minds understand. To learn how to establish your position as the dominant one or leader in your owner-dog relationship click here.
When you have given your puppy sufficient feedback regarding the strength of his bite only then can you begin to reduce the prevalence of the biting behavior. As soon as your pup starts to bite your hands just let out a firm "No!" and replace your fingers with the chew toy (or ice cube if your puppy is teething).

When puppies are biting and nipping each other it only stops when one puppy lets out a yelp. This method produces a strong negative association to your dog every time he decides to bite you.
The dog will be all nice and cuddly with their owners, but if you get near them, they will growl and try to bite you. This isn’t your fault nor is it your dogs fault, so do not reprimand your dog for snapping at you.
If your dog is the biting kind, avoid handling her and her babies and make sure to warn anyone else who has access to the mother and her babies that biting might be a problem. So, the next time your puppy nips your hand, squeal loudly, say firmly ‘no!’ and stop playing with him. If your pet resisted from trying to obtain the tasty treat for a few seconds, say ‘Take it’ and give it to him with a lot of praise. Find out how using positive reinforcement you can condition your dog to stay next to you and stop pulling when you take them for a walk. Some dogs are smart enough to realize that when you take your foul tasting gloves off, it is fine to sink their fangs into you again!
Some trainers believe this method to be fairly extreme, and I agree that you would only need to call on it in very rare circumstances - I have never needed to go to this level. This is why, if you have a dog like this, you have to make sure you warn any strangers trying to pet your dog that your dog is a one person type of dog.
To fix this, you should have your vet give your dog a treat every visit so he knows that it’s not a place where only bad things happen.
They have been spanked so many times that now they think every hand coming to pet them is a spank.
By gradually getting closer and closer from a distance, you are building up a calm bond between the two.
If he thinks your reaction is funny and continuous to misbehave, stop paying any attention to his actions whatsoever and leave the room.
I believe it's far more effective to educate your puppy rather than inflicting punishment or trying to extinquish a behavior altogether. Once you see that both dogs are calm around one another from a short distance, start allowing them to smell one another (without any growling).
If your dog can’t resist from reaching for the treat while it’s in your hand, even though you told him to stay away from it, try to reduce the amount of time you expect him to wait for your permission to 2 or 3 seconds. As you see them gradually getting along, offer treats and make sure to always have treats in your hands. Some dogs are really stubborn and may continue to bite their owners while they’re walking away from them.
The trick is to startle your dog with your voice, and then pull away and stop playing with your puppy for a while.
If this is the case with your pet, then lock him in a crate or his sleeping area so that he understands that you have enough of his naughty behavior. If implemented properly, this technique will help you stop puppy biting in a matter of a few weeks.

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