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Santa apparently received our letter yet again, and returned Kat to us last night along with her friend Sutton.
My son on the other hand remembered the tradition from last year, but experienced it more second hand as my daughter can be a little overbearing when it comes to Kat. We can't wait to see what kinds of "elf magic" Kat and Sutton have in store for us this year.
For 50 years Elf Magic has been creating and making holiday traditions, and with all that experience you never know what to expect from an Elf Magic Elf.
My children are excited to see, just where their elves will turn up next, or what they will get themselves into. How lovely and I love the way these two elves will really bring the magic of the holidays to your home this year. Ahhhhhhh, don’t you just lovvvvvve that feeling at the end of the day when you finally crawl into bed and the sheets feel so good on your skin and your pillow is so soft and nobody’s bothering you any– AGGHHH, FFFFFFFFFFF MEEEEEEE!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love the joyful look on their faces when my little a-holios find the elf every morning, but I’ve been moving that stoopid elf around the house every night for over a week now and I just need a break. And if you’re looking for a kickass present this holiday, get the gift that will make your loved ones pee in their pants.
My daughter and I sat down Thanksgiving eve and wrote a letter to Santa asking if he could send us one of his Elf Magic Elves to visit us for the season. We found our elves sitting on our dining room table along with our favorite Elf magic book explaining all about how they got here and the reason for the season.

With a few sprinkles of magic snow our elves come to "life" at night and do all kinds of silly stuff, just check out or elfcapades from last year.
And while it's always sad to see our elf leave on Christmas Eve my kids learned this year, that if they are extra good throughout the year, Santa allows their elves to come back on important days or holidays. You can even see what fun other families are having with their elves and the crazy elfcapades these little guys get into to. I Heart My Little A-Holes is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a stick up their ass!
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I was just complaining to some friends this morning about the darn elf- I may have to use these ideas as they are brilliant. He wrote me a letter saying he was staying with Santa where it’s peaceful and quite and when he hears that boy A and Boy B are being good brothers and getting along and moved from the naughty list he would come pay us a visit. The sisters believe that a leprechaun is hiding in their house and they devise a trap to catch it.
This year we did the same only my daughter requested that her friend Kat come back with a friend for her brother to visit with, as this has already been a hectic season for us all. I also hope you'll join me throughout December as I update you with special stories and photos from our own elfcapades.
The only question is, which one of these awesome setups will I use to get that much-needed break?

Please just be back in time for me to shove you into a box in the basement when I put all the other decorations away. I can see the positives, but hey, I could hardly handle making sure the Tooth Fairy came in a timely manner MOST of the time, lol. I tried to do the Elf thing with my daughter and she only cared about touching it, of course the only thing she’s not supposed to do.
Kat is our Elf Magic elf that spends the holiday season with us and when alone at night embarks on mysterious and sometime mischievous journeys. Bc these lil stuffed a holes have been a a pia since they magically appeared on black friday! She is our favorite holiday tradition bringing daily smiles, and easing the anticipation until Christmas for my children. Elf hanging from the light fixture but he keeps falling down but you keep trying over and over again until you finally say screw it and put him somewhere else.

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