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The fact that you are thinking of finding someone better than your ex means that there is hope for your love life. One of the reasons why recovering from breakup seems to be hard for some people is the wrong belief that their ex is the one or the love of their life. Many people are suffering from this self-imposed emotional prison because they suffer from ignorance.
My Ebook TRUE LOVE IS A MYTH (click to read more) talks more about the emotion called true love and why many people suffer from this phenomenon. When you understand why we fall in love in the first place, you will understand that it is absolutely possible to find someone better than your ex. We fall in love for different reasons which are based on our past experiences, backgrounds, beliefs and values.
These are the traits some people see in someone and they believe he or she is their soulmate.
Understanding that you are just trying to satisfy unmet needs, meeting someone better than your ex is very possible. Don’t let yourself be held hostage by wrong beliefs and information that without someone your life will never move on.
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Research has found that emotional infidelity and online relationships are considered a real act of betrayal, and are just as damaging as physical cheating. You and your partner need to protect your relationship with a "couple bubble." Basically, you have to create safety, security and trust.
Are you dressing differently, wearing more makeup, or applying perfume in hopes of bumping into your coworker in the break room? If you find yourself fantasizing about seeing a coworker or someone in your social circle, that's a good indication you're crossing the line. When communicating with a friend or coworker, do you hide your phone, message only in private, or minimize your email when your partner is around? Unless you're talking about a work project on a big deadline, there's no need to be texting with a coworker at midnight. Ultimately, every couple has to define their own fidelity boundaries and get on the same page, and you shouldn't agree to behaviors that make you feel insecure or uncomfortable, or in any way you're betraying your partner. All these variables add up to create some form of checklist of traits a potential partner will have to possess if we are fall in love with them.
Apart from a loved one's death, infidelity is probably the most emotionally painful experience.
The problem is, it's not always so clear when you or your partner crosses that blurry line into inappropriate behavior.

By going to someone else with big news, personal information, or private relationship issues, you're bursting that bubble. It's natural to find other people physically attractive, but you typically know when it's more than that — be honest with yourself.
This is a GIANT red flag that what you're doing is inappropriate, and this relationship is not platonic. It's important to talk about these issues proactively in order to protect and prioritize your relationship. For many people, cheating begins (almost) innocently with emotional infidelity, which can occur in certain friendships, or through flirtation with coworkers or even strangers. The answer isn't to cheat, but rather to communicate with your partner about the needs you have that aren't being met. If you don't feel comfortable with your partner overhearing or reading your private conversations, you probably shouldn't be having them. The straying partner might not mean to at first, but soon crosses platonic boundaries that are damaging to a relationship.

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