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This is how to re-attract an ex-woman who has broken up with you, and currently doesn’t want anything to do with you.
So, when you’re interacting with your ex, what you need to do is just remain confident no matter what she says or does to test you or throw you off or mess with you. What you need to understand is that if you can remain confident no matter what she says or does, she will feel naturally attracted to you, whether she likes it or not. Your ex might hate you at the moment and she might not want anything to do with you, so when you make her feel attracted, she might start to close up a little bit and try to fight it on the inside, but she cannot stop it.
Of course, just being emotionally stronger than her isn’t the secret magic cure to get a woman back. What you need to do if you want to get your woman back is you need to actively be making her feel attracted to you, and one great way to do that is to be emotionally stronger than her. If a guy lacked ambition, he needs to now show her that he has big goals, and he’s starting to make progress towards his big goals in life. If he took her for granted, he needs to let her know that everyone makes mistakes, and that it’s possible for a guy to change. The point of talking to her like that is when you use humor to make a woman laugh, and smile, and feel good when interacting with you, it gets rid of her focus on the negatives.
The negatives of the relationship don’t seem as important anymore because she is feeling good around you. When she interacts with you now, she can laugh, and smile, and feel good, and she’s not feeling tense or awkward or weird around you.
Get her laughing and smiling because it just relaxes the vibe between you and her, where she is feeling attracted to you, and is open to interacting with you. To allow her to feel attracted to the new version of you, you have to get her to forgive you for real. If you can get her to that point where she really does forgive you, it then allows her to start looking at the new you, because she’s drawn a line in the sand with the forgiveness, and the old you is the guy that made all those mistakes. The new you is the guy who is no longer like that, and she can start to look at you as being the new version of you. When you are saying and doing things to actively make her feel attracted, she’s no longer holding onto the old version of you as much as she used to. Whether guys like this fact of nature or not, it is true, and that is women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of guy. To make your ex see you as being alpha, you must not look at any other guy as being competition to you.
The good guy alpha male approach to life is to see yourself as the best guy out there, while also being respectful and considerate of others.

The bad boy alpha male approach to life is to be selfish, mean, hurtful, and look down on others.
You can still be the good guy that you are, so don’t look at other guys as being competition for her. See yourself as being the best guy out there, but also be respectful and considerate towards others. Continue to be the good guy that you are, but just believe in yourself and your attractiveness to her and other women. Note: When you believe in yourself and your attractiveness to women, it naturally and automatically makes women feel attracted to you because women are naturally attracted to confidence and alpha male thinking in men. When your ex picks up on your calm, relaxed alpha male mindset, she will naturally feel respect and attraction for you. Some guys try to get their woman back by begging, and pleading, and trying to explain to her that things will be different now, and trying to convince her that he really has changed, but that really doesn’t matter to her. What works to get a woman back is when you actively make her have feelings for you again (e.g.
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To Ciara, her 15-month-old bonding with the new man in her life is a positive thing, even if the young boy's father has expressed issues with it. Future spoke out on Twitter this month after seeing images of his son hugging Wilson while visiting him at Seattle Seahawks training camp. The duo ended their engagement a year ago, after which she began dating and practicing celibacy with Wilson, whom God told not to bang Ciara.
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