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So, if you too want to learn how to make your eye look bigger, note down these imperative yet easy to follow steps!
Yes ladies’ topping the list of “The top most coveted secrets on how to make your eyes look bigger” is getting yourself a nice eye-brow manicure. Just when you want to uproot the extra hair yourself or visit a specialist for the same, wash your face thoroughly to remove the traces of remaining make-up.
To make your eyes look bigger, it is important to apply the eyeliner only on the outer rim of the eye. When you apply the eyeliner on the lower lid to make the eye look bigger, avoid applying the same towards the inner corner of the lower lid. It is recommended to apply the foundation before you begin with the application of eye-shadow in order to make your eyes look bigger. Apply the eye-shadow with the help of an eye-shadow brush starting the eye towards the brows. Those luscious fake eyelashes may look absolutely natural on your face only if they are applied correctly. Apart from the above mentioned ways to make your eyes look bigger, try some of these to bring noticeable change in the appeal of your eyes. Last but not the least, try and keep your make-up to the minimal to let your eyes hog the attention!
Today I wanted to share something a bit different than we normally do and give you a few makeup artist tricks of the trade.
If you follow the instructions, you will make your eyes pop and you will leave a positive impression on your next event. The beauty that appears on the screen seems almost gone when you actually see them in reality! The truth is that the appearance of your eyebrows does impact the look, or in precise terms, the size of your eye.
Remember not to apply any lotion as well as the same is likely to make the hair on the brows stick together thus making the tweezing process difficult. Tweezers as well as nylon threads are effective tools to pluck the unwanted hair and design a proper shape of the brow. Thankfully, there are ways to make these precious assets stand out with the right choice of eye-makeup and beauty regime. Typically, during the procedure, you may leave your eye half open or closed and stretched from its outer corner.

Instead, always begin the application of the same from the middle where the growth of the eyelashes is the thickest towards the outer corner of the eyes. This will enable the applied eye makeup to stand out or pop instead of looking too murky over the eye-lids. As the eyelashes point upwards after curling, your eyes seem to look more awake and broader. You can also apply white eyeliner on the upper eye lids and close to your eye lashes to make the eyes look bigger. Sporting this kind of make-up is the matter of proper usage and blending of the eye shades flawlessly.
These were some of the most effective techniques to make your eyes look bigger and well noticeable.
Finding those right color palettes for your skin may be the biggest challenge in getting the perfect makeover. This is a fun eye color because I have found that it can be the most versatile of all eye colors. In this post we are showing you the eye makeup step by step photos and ideas to help you to make your eyes more pretty.
Shocking it may seem, the truth is that the right choice of make-up can actually do wonders to your look. Even the simplest treatment of removing the unwanted strays of hair around the eyebrow line may make your eyes look bigger even without any eye makeup on! Remember that the brows are the thickest near the nose, so always start threading away the hair starting from the nose to the ears. Second on the list of “how to make your eyes look bigger” with eye makeup is the use of the right eye-liner.
After smearing a line with the eyeliner, swab the liner with the help of cotton so as to produce a blended look.
Further, application of a thin layer of foundation evens out the skin tone, in case of any disparities on the face. Apart from the right technique of application, it is the right choice of the eye-shadow color that further contributes towards to make your eye look bigger. Today I’m going to do a run thru of different eye colors and what eyeshadows that make them POP! Depending on if yo have more on the green side of hazel or more on the honey side of hazel depends on which colors to make them pop.

You should never go out without makeup, even when you are hurry, you should at least apply a powder, black eyeliner, mascara and gloss. Here are some useful tips on getting your eye-brows manicures and thus make your eye look bigger. It is important to know that the space between the two brows should be similar to the width of the eye.
If there are signs of pigmentation or dark regions under the eye, it is good to pat some concealer or foundation on the region.
If you are not much into applying makeup, start improving your skills and techniques right now.
Those neatly browed and curled eyes almost seem to be negligible when you sport them without make-up. For skin tone with warm undertones flesh tones especially peach makes for a brilliant choice. While opting for mascara, it is important to use dark colored mascara over black eyelashes and brown colored mascara for lighter or brown colored lashes. So, what is the reason that the beautiful eyes of your favorite onscreen star that you literally revel seem so mundane in real life? It is further important to get the extra hair strands removed on a frequent basis so that the growth in the region gets curbed naturally over the time.
For the finishing touch, a fine line of an eye shadow or an eye-brow pencil closer to the tone of your skin may be further used to design your brows. Further prefer shimmer over matte appeal, as the former brightens your eyelids instead of making them look flat. The secret to this is always pick just one shade lighter or one shade darker than your eye color and POP!
Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!

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