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Sometimes the girlfriend in a relationship has to stay in another place maybe due to office location, for studies or any other reason. Figuring out how to make your girlfriend happy is something that most men want the answer to. Barrack Obama is often regarded by the media as a man who has been able to keep his wife happy.
Read on to discover the answer to the easiest question ever asked: how to make your girlfriend happy. Here is a little SECRET: girls want other people to see how much you LOVE and TREASURE her.
Make the relationship spontaneous; kiss and touch her in new ways to make sure that she is always intrigued.
Women want to feel that they are a living in a fairy tale; that the things they see in movies and soap operas can happen. Spending enough time with your girlfriend is the best way to master learning how to make her happy.
During anniversaries, her birthday or Valentine’s Day you need to treat her with more love and care.
Surprise her with gifts such as the classic giant teddy bear and chocolates before taking her out on those oh-so-important days. Every woman wants to have some ALONE time with her lover, so surprise her with such days often. Women love it when their men look hot .This is because women love to talk about how cute and well dressed their boyfriends are to friends. As such, the relationship is a long distance relationship between the girlfriend and the boyfriend.
This text carries good wishes and happy birthday wishes for my girlfriend living long distance away and also sending gifts for the beautiful beauty. Sweet girlfriend living long distance, wishing you heartiest birthday wishes for a good celebration.

This text wishes my girlfriend living long distance all my love and best wishes for your birthday. Women want a man that is sweet and caring; a man whose support they can count on at all times.
This is a simple way to keep your girlfriend happy; it will keep both her spirits and self esteem high.
It is your goal to ensure that your girlfriend is satisfied both physically and emotionally.
Canceling on dates with her and blowing her off to hang out with friends should be AVOIDED. You should also occasionally invite her to hang out with your friends; show your girlfriend that you are proud of her by showing her off to your friends.
Be patient with her and listen to her complaints; most women complain that their boyfriends DO NOT LISTEN to them. This is an excellent way to make your girlfriend feel both content with the relationship and to reinforce your appreciation for her. Your girlfriend may think you are angry with her when the problem is just issues you’ve been having at work. As you can see, making your girlfriend happy is not HARD at all; it just means sometimes putting her NEEDS before your own.
Definitely I will add many more tips in coming days and the blog is getting updated frequently. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. I am sorry I couldn’t be there for your birthday this time but make sure you treat me when you come home next time. Even old-school, thoughtful actions such as opening a door or pulling out her chair really make women happy.
For example: if she is arguing with her family, it is best to just stay neutral and respectful.

Does this mean that your girlfriend needs to leave the argument feeling sad and heartbroken? The answer is no; an argument should ultimately only heighten the love you feel for each other. Regular visits can make a big difference in the longevity and satisfaction of a long-distance relationship, giving your girlfriend something concrete to look forward to and keep her invested in and fulfilled by the relationship. For example, if you have a webcam, you can do video chats and see each other's faces frequently. With text messages, e-mail, instant messaging services, and various social networking sites, you can remain in regular contact between visits.
Keeping each other informed of the routine, daily aspects of your lives will help prevent you from slowly growing apart. A long, personal letter written on nice stationary and scented with your cologne will be a memorable gesture. This form of communication allows you to hear each other's tone of voice and is therefore ideal for discussing important subjects and expressing emotions. Celebrating special occasions together will create happy memories and reassure your girlfriend that you are sharing each other's lives despite long distances. Many online shopping sites offer free delivery, so the distance should not affect the frequency of gift-giving. Choosing thoughtful presents will show you are committed to maintaining your girlfriend's happiness.

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