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Getting curly hair may seem like a time-consuming job, which is why many resist making that effort every time they step out.
While it is true that tight curls are going to take a long time, loose stylish curls can be achieved in less than 10 minutes. Go through this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to get your hair curly in less than 10 minutes. Hi I'm Katie, a hairstyling aficionado and this is the space where I spread the word out about all things that can turn a bad hair day into "Darling, who does your hair?
4 ways to make naturally straight hair curly - wikihow, How to make naturally straight hair curly.
9 tips on how to make your hair curly for men?, Embracing right hair product solutions followed by expert guidance will provide solution to the query how to make your hair curly for men.. Here's how to make your naturally curly hair look amazing, Style here’s how to make your naturally curly hair look amazing in 7 days. How to make your hair straight when it's naturally curly, How to make your hair straight when it's naturally curly without using heat.
In line with current trends, there is just a little natural volume on top and the forehead is accentuated by an attractive twisted strand.
Then adding to the amazing profile, another tress is lightly braided at the side and pinned under the back sections of hair. The loose side tress over the ear softens the line and the fabulous sombre technique adds gentle highlights that harmonize beautifully with the dark blonde base color. I love having short hair, but as I've said before and showed here the other day, I haven't always had it.

When I decided to go for the big chop, I was excited, but I didn't know much about styling short hair. After drying my bottom layer, I unclip the top and flip my head upside down to blast my roots. When I stand back up, I use my hands and my round brush to dry the rest of my hair thoroughly. Using the flat iron, I flatten the rest of my hair in about one- or two-inch sections all over. After teasing, I hairspray at the roots while lifting with my fingers and holding for several seconds afterwards to let it dry a bit. If I want to revive my hair at the end of the day, I will flat iron the front pieces again and use my hair spray to bring a little body back.
However, it is not always that difficult to get curly hair in a short time if you know the right way to curl it. First off, wash your hair and preferably use some leave-in conditioner if you want to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. While drying your bangs, blow them downwards and then to the side so that they get a sweeping look.
Gather one entire split half and start curling it around the iron, starting from the bottom of hair. Repeat the process working from bottom to top on one portion of hair and then on the other split portion in the same way. The hair is trimmed into a pretty layered chin-length bob with just a hint of wave visible in the lovely rounded silhouette shown in profile.

I've come to love short hair because although I have to style it everyday- there are only a few options and it's quick. For the first layer (number 1), I backcomb a section on each side of my part starting in the front,  another section on either side of my part in the middle of my head, and another two or three on the back of my head. My hair dries quickly and especially on the days when I don't shower- my styling time is minimal.
If I don't shower, I will use dry shampoo and usually curl my hair like this (but usually quicker and less perfectly!). This is palm full more than enough, but it helps to concentrate at the roots and then spread it down the shaft.
Sometimes I spray on a heat protectant, but I've heard mixed reviews about how much they help, so it isn't a must for me. After I spray, I take my round brush and very lightly brush over the top layer of hair to smooth things out and take away the mess while keeping the volume. After having a variation of this cut for about two years now, I think I have it pretty well figured out.
I was going for that look…without making it look like it was A damp and oily from the beach lol.

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