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January 13, 2011 by Melissa Mortenson 68 Comments Learn how to make your own Mudroom Lockers using IKEA Bookcases!
Since my motto for the month on the blog is resourceful I thought I’d share with you how we made lockers in our mud room easily and inexpensively using bookcases I found at IKEA. The photos are not great, it’s a very narrow room with terrible light and even with a separate flash is very hard to take photos of.
I had a similar question to another follower: I love this idea and would like to use it in our mudroom. Ours had a fixed shelf but it was the shelf one right above where I put the coat hooks, maybe they’ve changed since then?
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Any creative soul who has ever watched the goings-on of a photography dark room has probably had a yen to develop some photos of her own. The tools of the trade are also pretty cool: those trays full of liquids that take a moment in time and turn it into a permanent memory. How many times have I stared at Billy bookcases and never would I have thought to do something this clever! I initially intended getting rid of my Billy bookcase and creating a nice little mudroom with bench seat etc. There's something very enticing about working in a quiet, dark room with only a dim red bulb to light the way. But despite what they do in movies, color photo developing is way too complicated for even many experienced photographers to attempt on their own.
And in the movies, the cool photographer girl always has a cute guy seek her out while she's working.

Color photography can't even be exposed to the red light so everything happens in complete darkness, and then in a tube with the chemicals! However, you can fairly easily set up a black and white dark room in the comfort of your home. So, next time you get that late-night burst of creativity, you'll have the tools you need to fan the fire. The design of the curtain should be the design that is matched with the design of the room.

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