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Move Your RouterThis sounds like common sense, but most people don't think about how the placement of their routers affect their performance.
Avoid Other Wireless SignalsAny device in your home that emits a wireless or electromagnetic signal will interfere with your router.
Change Your WiFi Channel NumberYou may or may not know that there are 11 different channels you can choose to run your wireless signal through.
Someone promptly made a replica of it using Vijay Mallya’s image to show how these things can be faked. Spread rumor that wi-fi is available out of nowhere and this is due to god’s intervention.
This evening's Doctor Who - The Bells of St John - revolves around mysterious WiFi signals. Depending on your WiFi router, it may simply not accept characters outside the "normal" ASCII range. I picked a Unicode string of "T¬????=-" but you, of course, can choose one which matches the TV show a little more closely - assuming you can find the right characters in the ever expanding Unicode set.
My pc doesnt recognize it but it appears on my android phone =] So I'm guessing it only shows up on mac? The only thing I'm particularly wondering about is why it won't let devices connect when you change the SSID, but if you could help with both that and changing the SSID to symbols then you'd be a great help. Is there any way I could just enter a command into the command box while logged into the router? It wasn't actually figured out by nsurgnie, but by my partner - nsurgnie is a friend of both of us (we don't have reddit accounts) He goes by the nickname of Poki and I by Discodoris (hence the protected wifi account that is actually connected). Hate to be another person asking for help doing this, but I have a Netgear WGT624v2 running the latest firmware. As you can appreciate, there are hundreds of thousands of different routers - each with their own unique way of setting the name. I do presuppose a certain amount of technical knowledge, or prior experience of setting up your router. Unbiased, detailed reports on dinghies, daysailers, racer-cruisers, cruising sailboats, and multihulls. Extensive tests of GPS chartplotters, fishfinders, VHF radios, radar, AIS, navigation software, and handheld gadgets. Independent tests of halyards, sheets, furlers, anchors, snatch blocks, shackles, ropes, winches, vangs, cleats, booms, masts, and standing rigging.
Comprehensive comparisons of pumps, batteries, solar panels, wind generators, inverter-chargers, watermakers, propellers, toilets, engines, and other marine systems.
Our top picks in galley stoves, cookware, cabin lights, refrigeration, and entertainment systems can help turn your cruising boat into a home.
Thorough test reports on binoculars, boat shoes, foul weather gear, hand-bearing compasses, sailing knives, flashlights, headlamps, sunglasses boots, and anything else that belongs in a skipper's seabag. Our testers evaluate life jackets, flares, life rafts, harnesses, man-overboard strobes, medical kits, seasickness aids, and emergency devices. As most sailors have found, trying to use a typical laptop WiFi card to connect to a marina or yacht club hotspot doesn?t cut it.
Mini?s setup uses the same amplifier as The Wirie but it costs less than $100, compared to The Wirie?s $250 pricetag. Software: You will need to install the driver and interface for the chipset in the new Alfa card.
Housing: The PVC container assembly comprises a 3-inch diameter pipe that is 6 inches long, with a matching domed cap and a screw-on base. Accessories: Mini used a 10-inch-long coaxial pigtail (RP-SMA male to N male) to connect the card to the antenna. Having said all of the above I am astonished at the current state of affairs, you can't go to a restaurant anymore without a TV in your face and your fellow diners buried in their smartphones.
Increasing your transmit power does little to improve the connection since the received signal is not increased. The text has been fixed to reflect the correct pigtail connector between the card and the antenna. It looks like there are pictures on the page of the setup but I see nothing there but the captions. The exoskeleton gives firefighters increased strength, and can be fitted with a range of accessories such as the water cannons shown here.

The suit is designed to help with the huge amount of equipment firefighters need to carry, shown here. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. You can always buy a signal booster, but if you'd rather not spend the money, here are a few tips and tricks to speed up your wireless connection, including how to make a homemade signal booster with things you probably already have lying around. All kinds of things can mess with your signal, so it's important to put your router in the spot with as few interferences as possible. The signals are transmitted outward in all directions, so the more open the area the better.
Steer clear of microwaves, telephones, radios, and any other wireless devices you have in your home. Your devices (and your neighbors' devices) can interfere with your connection if they're set to the same channel as yours.
Take a look at the symbols on this page - if you can't see them, try upgrading your operating system, or switch to a modern Web Browser. A ways back there was a "prank" where you would do the same thing and it would crash mac's like crazy because they would try to display the unprotected network's SSID then crash because they couldn't. The only problem I have is that my router translates the symbols into things like "&#9491", and won't allow other devices to see it while scanning for Wi-Fi networks, unless they're using a wired connection. The error message I'm getting is: "Some punctuations are not supported for Network Name (SSID).
If that doesn't work, you could try the Chinese version of the software - that should support Unicode. I have a crappy belkin and had to edit the web interface javascript to disable unicode checks using chrome.
It might be worth installing the Japanese firmware, as that may allow you to input non-ASCII characters in the SSID.
The error I am getting is "The network name (ssid) contains 1 or more characters that are not valid." Any help would be appreciated. I have a netgear wireless g-router WGR614v10 and it says that the characters are not allowed. Do-it-yourself projects and reader feedback on a wide range of boats, marine manufacturers, and sailing products.
A more acceptable compromise is an amplified WiFi card which can theoretically boost transmission power to about 1,000 milliwatts. Although Mini did not buy the ?marine? antenna listed on the Data Alliance website, the marine version is only a few dollars more. This card?s chipset is a Realtek 8187L; the proper PC or Mac driver and the interface utility can be found on the Realtek website, if it?s not included with the card.
To connect the Alfa Wi-Fi booster to his computer, he used a 2-foot-long USB male mini-B to male mini-A adapter cable to start the cable run.
Using the USB cables, coaxial pigtail and required adapter, assemble the antenna components for testing.
To build the PVC housing, first drill a hole in the domed PVC cap to take the base of the antenna. To secure the card inside the PVC pipe, cut a 2-inch-long piece of scrap wood so that it fits snugly inside the pipe, then glue it in place.
Cut a hole in the base to hold a mounting clamp if you intend to mount the antenna on deck. Drill a couple of quarter-inch holes in the cap to make it easy to disassemble using a long screwdriver for leverage.
If you want to be able to hang the antenna in the rigging for greater range in some places, you can screw on a small ring-eye.
On the contrary, with the proliferation of WIFI access points in many harbours (and there are only 3 channels that do not overlap), if everybody increases their power the narrow WIFI band just gets jammed.
After installing the software and the install failing I contacted Realtek asking for suggestions.
Even some electrical devices that don't emit a signal can cause problems, too, so stay away from things like fans and fluorescent lighting. Once you get there, simply find the settings for your WiFi channel and move up or down a few channels. Then, all you have to do is put the antenna of your router through the holes in the cans and point them in the direction you want the signal to go.Do you know of any other cheap and easy ways to boost your wireless signal?

Those are usually interpreted as 8-bit characters, so if you're using multibyte Unicode characters, you're reliant on the device doing the scanning interpreting the SSID correctly.
Please use characters or numbers." It doesn't look promising, but is there any way around it? His setup includes some of the same components as systems we?ve tested, but his is more affordable than the off-the-shelf systems that PS has tested, and is easy to set up. Instead of using a watertight box as The Wirie does, Mini uses PVC fittings from Home Depot, which he claims are completely watertight. The base of the antenna is too short to leave enough threads for screwing on the retaining ring, but Mini was able to secure his by snugging up the coaxial pigtail to hold it all together. This hole should not be in the center of the base-cap, as it might interfere with any threaded center-mounting arrangement. Mini glued the card to the wood insert, but one could easily use adhesive Velcro tape, which would allow you to more easily remove the WiFi adapter, if needed. The antenna will stick out the top, the USB cable will come out of the bottom, and the antenna mounting clamp will be on the bottom-center?and all will be waterproof. In fact,I would much rather have a conversation with a dolfin than permit a useless twitter or facebook junkie aboard. It would be better to use a directional antenna, as it increases both your transmitted and received signals, while reducing congestion (you are mostly radiating towards the access point, not towards the whole harbour). Try and avoid windows and any other reflective surfaces that can disrupt your signal (mirrors, stainless steel, etc.). I can't help but notice that the article never actually tells readers *how* to do it; it just confirms that it can be done. Although PS has not yet tested this particular device, we have used some of the components. The active USB cable contains a small booster that is needed to overcome any signal loss over the length of the wire run. Be sure the booster in the active USB cable (a conspicuous bulge) is at the end farthest from the computer. Those who sail with me, sail to enjoy the peace plus experience time absent of an electronic screen advising latest world events. In fact using an directional antenna has allowed us to connect in many difficult situations, by eliminating the interference from strong unwanted signals.
I thought from the title there would be step by step instructions on HOW to change the name of the router to the special characters. Data Alliance also sells the Ubiquiti Bullet2 wireless access point ($40) used in the two other WiFi systems we reviewed in the January 2009 article on marine WiFi systems.
The cable is only 12 feet long, but multiple active USB cables can be ?daisy-chained? together for longer runs. When testing, remember that you will NOT be using the internal WiFi software; you will be using the Realtek utility that comes with the card.
I had done extensive troubleshooting on the fuel supply system which I suspected to be the problem however I eventually ran out of ideas.
While I enjoy the importance of electronic communication and navigation, adding more electronic clutter makes little sense.
Of course the disadvantage is that if you swing at anchor you sometimes have to re-orient the antenna. Although most instructions for this sort of installation call for a coaxial cable, using it would quickly negate any signal gain from your new amplified antenna. The Ubiquity Nanostation2 (about $85) has the directional antenna built in, so installation is very easy. Sure enough, three of four years ago some sailor with a 2GM20 had had the same problem and threw out a strategy I had not tried. It connects with a network cable (also for the power, which can be AC or 12VDC), so you have to use your computer's wired network connection (as opposed to USB). Advantages: no driver required, compatible with all OS (Mac or PC), no limit to cable length, easy to share with several computers via a network switch. The Ubiquity products are marketed to professionals, so the first time configuration is relatively complicated.

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