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It doesn’t matter where you are when they try to abduct your Sim, they will walk outside to find out what the mysterious light comes from.
If your male Sims do managed to get pregnant with an unwanted Alien baby by abduction you can send the the baby back to Sixam after your Sim had the child. You can make Aliens directly in Create a Sim, you can build up a relationship with them and add them to your household later or your male Sim can be abducted and come back pregnant with an Alien baby. Doing an Alien interaction on a normal Sim will result that the Sim will discover that the Alien is in fact an Alien. You can change the way your Alien looks in disguise by clicking the dresser or the Alien and choose ‘Alter Disguise’.
When you place a Satellite Dish you will be able to watch the Alien Channel on your Television.
When you try for a baby with a male and a female alien they both have the chance to end up pregnant at the same time.
When a male Sim or male Alien has given birth to an Alien baby they also have the option to breastfeed the baby. Thanks for sharing this, I just tried it about 15mins ago I got them engaged and then erased the memory n got the achievement without needing to elope!
The male adult sim in my game is spending all his time being abducted, pregnant, or recovering from the baby…and by the time I get all his moodlets fixed from the abduction, because he has the baby at 1am, they come and take him again. Every time my male sims get abducted I get hybrid babies I’ve only ever had hybrids. I’m having the issue that if my alien is no disguised, a single interaction with a sim exposes him as an Alien. That strange I have had the exact opposite problem I’ve made 4 alien sims, 3 of which have lost the alien abilities to change form they are stuck as normal sims , and have no extra options when clicked on the last one seems to be keeping its abilities. So, if I keep interacting with aliens until my sim finds out they’re aliens, I have better chances of being abducted? Yes, I got 2 Sim abducted this way they didn’t even have jobs or satellites, just found out about an Alien in town. I have a female sim and a male sim and they bothe got pregnant I don’t have a mod and after the male had his baby it gave me award and said my baby was an alien but it was human. I started off with two sims a male young adult and a female young adult and the female was in the scientist career and the male in the doctor.
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This will give you a lot of new options like Alien Abductions, visit the Alien World Sixam, or add Aliens to your household. With the Doctor career you will be able to recognize Aliens by using the X-Ray on patients. The first option is to get a Satellite Dish from the Scientist career and the second option is by using cheats.
The 7th breakthrough will give you the option to create a Satellite Dish (you need 3 metals and 3 crystals) on the Invention Constructor found in the Science Lab.
Change every detail of your Alien Sim disguise like clothing, body shape and all other options available in Create a Sim. Receive updates and Sims news on your Social Media: Follow me on Twitter, Like me on Facebook and add me on Google+.
It was in one of the options menus, but maybe that was added with the supernatural expansion and not the late night.
He has a backyard observatory, satellite dish, rocket with wormhole upgrade, and portal to Sixam. Might be useful to your readers that don’t want to chase this stuff down while on vacation. My name is Rofel Lantican and I'm going to do everything in my power to answer your question to your full satisfaction! If you are satisfied with my assistance, please click the Accept Answer button below and follow the instructions on the next screen.

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There is even an option to get your male Sim pregnant if they have been abducted by Aliens. If you get to proposal without being noticed, however you wont get any higher then that, because you will get discovered at proposal. This will reset your feelings for the other sim, but it will also reset them knowing about being an alien as well. I found out the hard way and I just ended up aging up the hybrid baby to a child and did the cas.fulleditmode cheat (requires testing cheats on) and added an alien child with the same traits, name, and relationships with the household and deleted the hybrid.
Every (sims) night I have him stargaze between 9pm-4am but he isn’t getting abducted!
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Try to make contact with the Aliens by finding out that someone in the neighborhood is an Alien, try contacting them through the Satellite Dish from the Scientist career or use the portal to make contact or go to Sixam.
You are able to purchase it on your own lot but only adult can do that, children have to go to the retail lot. I have all the things you have said to get and both my sims are at the highest career in scientist and doctor. Such contributors are not employees of ExpertHelp or any of its affiliates, and their advice should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical, legal, veterinary, tax, financial, or other professional advice.
What’s the purpose of having an alien if they can’t be in their true form together?
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