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Snapchat has introduced a bunch of new features which are already pleasing many -- and, no doubt, will disappoint a select few unsavoury users.The self-destructing photo messaging app added a whole bunch of visual add-ons, which they call "lenses". Snapchat is expanding its geofilters – location-specific filters that can be applied to images and videos – to include live scores from major sporting events. Having already introduced NFL Live Story compilations, the new feature sees the visual messaging service make its big play with the NBA. The real-time Live Score geofilters are a good match for Snapchat as the platform is built to allow users to constantly share media without attracting the ire of others. The new feature will likely also tie into Snapchat’s increasing emphasis on advertising as part of its monetization strategy. Although no advertisers have been announced in regard to the service’s Live Score geofilters, Snapchat could court brands to sponsor the filters in the future, in the vein of its sponsored lenses.
And then we have the Snapchat score system, a useless feature by all accounts, but a big mystery to us all. According to Snapchat’s support page, Snapchat score is the total number of snaps sent and received. As you can see in the screenshot above, the number (386) on the left side indicates the number of snaps you have sent, and the number (677) on the right side is the number of snaps you have received. Add up these two numbers and you have your Snapchat score, which is displayed on your profile. There is a theory doing the rounds in forums and discussion boards that you get 12 points for each snap you send out to the first 3 people and 20 points for each snap thereafter.
This seems like a plausible explanation given that some users reportedly have Snapchat scores of 90,000 and more, some as high as 700,000. Another theory, and the most widely accepted one, is that you receive 1 point for each snap you send out and another 1 point for each snap you open. If this was the case however, it’s highly unlikely that someone could ever get a Snapchat score of 700,000. And some people who have only recently joined Snapchat manage to maintain scores much higher than others who have been around for ages.
From all the observations that we’ve seen, we can only conclude that Snapchat scores do indeed indicate the number of snaps sent and received.

If you want to increase your Snapchat score, and I know many of you do, the only plausible solution from everything that we’ve so far outlined is to snapchat more. I don’t completely agree with the part where you say the score only goes up 1 point if you send a snap to multiple people. It seems like someone gets 2 points for opening Or sending a snap to someone on your ‘best friends’ anyone else seeing this?
I really hope this is true bro… my gf was sending me nudes and her score kept going up by 2!!! It’s one point per snap to a person in your contacts, 2 for a best friend and 3 for a video. You can apparently also get points by receiving snapchats, even if you haven’t opened them. Can your score go up and your bestfriends move around even if you haven’t opened any of the snap chats, nor sent any out? Is it true that snapchat scores can go up, if the person no longer uses that snapchat account.
Attendees at matches can overlay real-time score graphics atop their Snapchat visuals, reports TechCrunch. Additionally, the move sees the platform take on rivals Twitter and Facebook, both of which cover sporting events via their Moments and Sports Stadium features, respectively. Unlike on Twitter and Facebook, oversharing on Snapchat can go unnoticed due to the nature of its content feed – if others tire of your constant game-day snaps, they can simply skip through them or ignore them altogether. NFL live stories scheduled for Super Bowl 50, for example, are reportedly being sponsored by major brands such as Marriott, Budweiser, Pepsi, and Amazon.
It would mean that this particular user exchanged 639 snaps per day continuously for 3 years with her friends since Snapchat’s launch in September 2011 to January 2014, the date of the report. Sometimes Snapchat scores are updated instantly, sometimes it may take a full day to see the new scores.
Sending one snap to multiple people gives you one point per person not one point per picture.
I’m going to pay closer attention to the point venue but as far as I know screenshots also give you points.

I was curious about this and had my friend blow up my snapchat for a few minutes (I ended up with like 600 seconds worth of pictures from her) and before I opened any of them, my score jumped up significantly. I recently texting someone alot and I don’t snapchat much and my score didn’t go up but when I was sending actual snapchats it would go up neither did they go on my bestfriends list? My bf claims to have lost the password to that account and created a new one, yet his score goes up on the old account every few months?
If I’ve been off snapchat a while then come back on I get points quicker but if I use all the time the points tally increases slowly (if that makes sense).
Consequently, the compilation videos will carry their ads amidst the other game-related footage. And as far as multiple recipients are concerned when sending out a snap, you only get 1 point, because in actuality you’re only sending out 1 snap.
This is my third account and I have tried to work it out quite often but these are my observations. You can add throbbing cartoon hearts to your eyes, turn yourself into an old man or woman, transform into a terrifying monster, become an anime character, or make Looney Tunes-esque eyes bug out of your head.The update also adds "trophies" to your Snapchat profile.
I'm sad to say I have only got one -- "your Snapchat score hit 10,000." No idea what the others are. No doubt you've received a stack of Snaps from your friends, or at least seen a few screenshots floating around Facebook or Twitter. But there's another update which will probably upset a few, although it will likely give relief to some others.American users (at this stage) have been given the option of buying "replays" of Snaps they have received. People across the world are sighing with relief, armed with the knowledge that they can Snap a screenshot of any unwanted pictures as a deterrent.

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