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During my final years at high school I had my heart set on either a career as a ballet dancer or an artist. What’s your top tip for New Zealand companies considering launching a social media campaign? It’s all about knowing your audience and staying true to your brand aesthetic and brand story. They’re at opposite ends of the spectrum, but Corona NZ and The Denizen magazine are both doing a great job.
As mobile messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp continue to become increasingly popular, I believe we will see more business integration on these platforms.
Meet ‘Kwek Kwek Girl’, a pretty lady who was photographed while selling street foods in Olongapo City. This post has gained a lot of attention from netizens who were also charmed by Layug’s beauty and industriousness. After just one day of posting, the photo of Kwek Kwek Girl spread through social media like wildfire, with netizens asking for the name of the pretty street vendor. Luckily for them, Rapsey was able to deliver and gave them the inside scoop on Kwek Kwek Girl’s identity.
Layug is now part of the long list of Filipino internet sensations who have gained popularity with the help of mobile phones and social media. Wea€™ve got a variety of geeky interests to cover, and it will be our mission to capture them all!

I trained as a dancer for three hours a day and often spent lunch breaks in the art room working on a painting or sculptural work.
My role involved interviewing a range of sportsmen and women, nutritionists, health, wellbeing and culinary experts, as well as flying around the world to attend health conferences in Japan, write travel stories in the US and attend Nike launches in Australia.
They have a global reach, appealing to a range of ages and demographics, and are constantly releasing exciting new products. Born on the South Island’s West Coast, she spent three years as a Scarfie completing a degree in Communication Studies and Writing in Dunedin before moving to Auckland to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism at AUT University.
Kwek Kwek Girl, who was identified by Rapsey, an entertainment website, as Precious Gem Naval Layug, gained instant fame after a photo of her selling kwek kwek surfaced online.
In less than eight months, the all-American beauty has charmed the industry with her bubbling personality, screen-siren features, and a body to boot.
Here wea€™re going to have a variety of events ranging from knitting and plushie construction events, to cosplay covens, to tea tasting extravaganzas, and even board gaming nights. Meet our newest Mosher, Indiana, who heads up our content production team and is an all-round nice girl.
My days can involve meeting with clients to map out their content strategy, creating exciting campaigns, copywriting, reporting, and a million other things which I’m still discovering every day.
Not only does Nike sponsor a variety of elite sports stars and teams, they also cater to the average Joe who enjoys lacing up his sneakers and hitting the pavement for a neighbourhood run. After signing with ReQuest Models in 2008, she was swiftly picked up as the new face of Guess for spring 2009.

We will endeavour to sample many types of events and wea€™re keeping an eye out for a good wine tasting tour (so if you know of any, let us know!). However, I wanted to expand my writing and editing skills, and when I was approached to become the online editor at the NZ Woman’s Weekly website I jumped at the chance. Keep in mind that was the very same gig that propelled Claudia Schiffer's career in the eighties. From there I was approached to work at Yahoo as their New Zealand Studio Producer, a role I remained in until Mosh came calling in late 2015. What they’re doing is taking the time to create carefully considered and interesting content that their audience will engage with, rather than churning out mediocre posts. Months later, the 18-year-old signed a lucrative cosmetics contract with Maybelline, shot alongside the brand's signature face, Christy Turlington. Imagine roaming Toronto as a member of a lady horde, giggling and caffeinated while discussing your latest fanfic read?
And if that was’t enough to propel the newbie to stardom, she's fresh off a Victoria's Secret Angels shoot.

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