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It was a 30-degree December day, but to the 25 bystanders shoving their iPhones 3 inches away from Jen Selter’s butt, it was hot hot hot. Selter, a 20-year-old Instagram star, famed for her large derriere, was demonstrating her squatting technique for the New York Post atop a subway rail in Midtown, clad in nothing more than a sports bra and hotpink yoga pants. No, friends, this is not the intro scene to Michael Bay‘s foray into the porn industry. So she did what any millennial would do: She took some belfies (that’s butt selfies, for all the ancients out there). Her typical uniform involves yoga pants (she apparently owns over 150 pairs, with is at least 149 more than I do) and a crop top or sports bra, so she plans on capitalizing on this by creating her own line. My fellow writers and I just went through mini existential crises wishing we had all made amazing Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr accounts, because that’s apparently working out for tons of people. The alignment-obsessed personal trainer in me has to point out that her squat technique really sucks.
As a side note, in the event I ever can motivate myself to do squats, what should she be doing instead? If she’s the one motivating all the chicks I see showing their ass and titties online, then thank you Jen!

In the interest of full disclosure, there may be some things you might miss should you choose to work out with Rusty Kutzer in his Austin Boot Camps or Personal Training.
Half of those are friends, while the other half are presumably people who enjoy seeing a lot of heavily filtered cat and makeup pics. 20-year-old Selter is an Instagram star with 1.3 million followers, some of whom find her inspirational while others find her unbelievably hot.
But Selter, though she was profiled in an April 2010 People Magazine article regarding her decision to have a nose job as a teenager, says her “body’s all real .
Or that we could go back in time and write every young adult series that ever became popular.
I saw that picture and just assumed that was how one should do a squat if one wanted to develop a particularly impressive butt and was going to modify my own squats accordingly. Most women don’t seem to understand that most guys like big butts, not the skeletal models at fashion shows. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s always kind of flattering when people think your photos are cool enough to want to see them on a semi-regular basis, but can you imagine having well over a million people feel that way about you?

To be fair, Selter is really, really good looking, so perhaps some people are recognizing her and some people just find her really, really good looking. When you squat, you want to maintain the natural alignment of your spine, which does involve a slight arch, but not one quite so exaggerated. When you bend your knees, you always want them to point straight out over your second and third toe. Also, it is very likely ( as you suggested ) that she is over emphasizing her back arch during her squats. She is possibly doing this, to over accentuate, the flexing of her glutes, ( butt muscles ) to increase the ( visual appearance ) of her butt size. The result of of this variation in form, is that by over arching, she is moving the stress load, more away from her glutes and more to her hip flexors, and lower back.

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