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Insider fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and entertainment scoops from New York City and around the world. Whether you're jonesing for height or comfort, an easy way to show off your fashion savvy in one of the season's new white lace dresses is with a nude-toned shoe.
HOLLYWOULD METALLIC BALLET SLIPPER If these were any cuter, there would be a danger of sugar overload.
URBAN OUTFITTERS LEATHER FLIP FLOP Fancier than the plastic version, but just as comfortable.
The key thing to keep in mind when you're wearing a white lace dress is, well, you're wearing a white lace dress. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference FASHIONTRIBES TIDBIT: You Succumbed & Got a White Lace Dress.
Weekly Web Snob Roundup: The Best Posts of the Week from Our Fave Online Fashion & Lifestyle Publishers. Zakkerz Cleverly Solves an Age-Old Fashionista Problem: Having a Single Pair of Pants Work with Both Flats & Heels.
Test Your Knowledge of Fashion & Enter to Win a $5000 Shopping Spree in the Bluefly & Lucky Face-off. Channel Your Inner Arts & Crafts Hippie - a la D&G for Spring 2008 - in a Beaded Tunic from Indo-Chic Designs. Easy contact information- I've found myself wanting to give feedback or contact a podcaster at the most inopportune times. Recognition and consistency- When you edit your ID3 tags, once you publish it to your RSS feed and it's released into podcatchers, podcast directories and your website, all the information on the MP3 file goes with, so if someone downloads it, they get all the data leading right back to you and your 'brand,' ie. Your podcast goes where it's meant to go- In most MP3 players' software audio files are sorted by their ID3 tags: music files go with music, audio books with audio books and podcasts with podcasts. You are always there- No matter where your audio file ends up your signature will always be within that file. It looks pretty- I don't know about you but when I have files inside my iTunes library that are missing artwork or descriptions it bothers me.
The artwork and properly filled meta data doesn't only make things look aesthetically pleasing, but it also reflects professionalism. NOTE: When folks subscribe to your podcast via iTunes, iTunes will overwrite some of your ID3 tags. I do hope that you found this information helpful, especially if you hadn't delved into editing your ID3 tags. For those of you that have been aware of the power of ID3 tags, what are your best practices? The Earthquake in Japan from the perspective of Japan Talk-The Official Podcast for Japundit. Take a few minutes (less than 15) to listen to Japan Talk's Episode #196, all about the earthquake.
We at libsyn want the people of Japan to know that our heart's are with them during this catastrophic time. Zynga- If you happen to be a fan of Zynga, you can donate from within a few of their games.
If you want podcasting entertainment as well as helping out Japan, check out the Anime podcasting marathon live on UStream from 6pm EST today March 19 to 6pm EST March 20. When I started podcasting in 2006 I had no idea that I would still be doing it 5 years later, nor that I would gain so much knowledge about media production, marketing, software, hardware and social media. Now days when I work with newbie podcasters especially if they have any aspirations of one day growing their own online businesses I strongly suggest that they own their own domain and host their own website before they begin, simply because I didn't do this FOR YEARS.
Well, as my podcast took off, I realized that I had very little control over what I could do to my website to grow my audience, add more functionality and implement other forms of possible revenue generation.
Configure and test permissions so that you’ll be able to have one-click installs and upgrades. Although I had already moved my blog over to a self hosted site, about month ago Mashable published this post with a corresponding 8 minute video. Wanted to showcase some libsyn podcasts that have recently been featured in some high profile blogs! The Marketing Over Coffee guys are REALLY great, y'all should consider subscribing or getting their iPhone App. In lieu of being able to go the movies, or even watch the Oscars this weekend why not share some awesome podcasts that will give you some of the best reviews and discussion about this year's nominees and more?
Like Filmspotting, Film Talk has an immense catalogue that will usurp your time for years with discussion and reviews. Although I could not find direct links to the Oscar-centric episodes for this podcast, episodes 44-46 have Oscar themes. How would you feel if you walked into your neighborhood grocery store and the isles no longer had descriptions of what was in the isles, and to make it worse, everything was randomly put on the shelves: milk with make-up, flour with vegetables, etc.

Keywords are simply an easy way to search for the content that you are looking for, kinda like the signs above the isles in the grocery store.
Get into your audience's head and think of how they would go about searching for your content. Google and Bing the search terms (try at least 2 words put together and consider making one of them podcast). After doing all that research you may be overwhelmed with a slew of keywords phrases to choose from. When I started podcasting I had no idea what keywords were nor had any idea why I would want to use them.
If you happen to have chosen a title for your podcast that may not reflect easily what your podcast is about, you can always optimize your description. That said, as well as navigating the isles of the grocery store effectively with clear guidance, some of the best experiences in grocery stores have been when I got lost, and I find a delightful food item in some random isle that I had never gone down before. This description is not just about iTunes but is carried over to the podcast website, where it deepens and becomes a little more elaborate without loosing it's simplicity. Let's take a look at 4 descriptions from iTunes and pull out key factors toward creating the optimal about description for your podcast. The Winning Investor: Take control of your financial destiny and develop a successful investing strategy with The Winning Investor. How stuff Works: in a world of limitless possibilities, who can listeners count on for up to date info on everything from oil spills to flamethrowers? Starting off with a question that incorporates your optimal audience, including a reason to subscribe, while providing a precise answer is another way to quickly communicate what your podcast is about. In the description above you see the question stated offers 2 things: audience description (people interested info from oil spills to flamethrowers) and a reason to subscribe (up to date info). In those two sentences, you get a fantastic overview of what you can expect when you listen to this show as well as the type of people who may be drawn to listening. Back To Work: Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin on productivity, communication, work, barriers constraints, tools and more. Now, don't think that you can only describe your podcast in these 4 ways or that you have to do it with only two sentences. If you want to deepen your description a great guideline to keep your description readable and effective is to keep it between 100-200 words. When you take the time to distill your description up to two sentences as well as grow your description to a couple of paragraphs, it not only clearly informs your potential audience but gives you the power to communicate what you are about in effective ways. Given the fact that you are now self-hosted you have more choices of what audio player to use to embed your audio onto your site. Head on over to your libsyn account, and assuming that you have already uploaded your file to libsyn, copy the url for that file. Please let us know if this tutorial was helpful in the comments as well as other tutorials you would like to see between Wordpress and libsyn.
Head on over to your libsyn account, and assuming that you have already uploaded your file to libsyn, copy the url for your audio file.
You should be able to see an audio flash player where were you added the corresponding code. The general basic information that you see in the majority of your audio files that we all have seen, particularly in your music library or even simply in your computer files is: the name, author, album, genre and artwork. Having their information email address and website embedded into their ID3 tags has really helped to create relationships. In any MP3 player, iPod or iOS device this makes browsing and organizing audio files a breeze.
When folks look at your ID3 tags they will see what you have chosen for them to know about you: your name, podcast name, business, email, phone number, website, etc. It's challenging to look at my podcasts and quickly glance to see what podcast it is when there is nothing visual that can help me. Being able to read the description of an episode , and all the other information that can be added to the file cements within the listener your commitment and expertise regarding your chosen subject.
An example would be your title, iTunes actually replaces what you entered in the ID3 tags with the title from the RSS feed for that episode. You can either delve into it on your own or you can pay to have it done for you :) Once it's done, it's gonna feel so good! Check out this post HERE to help you learn a little bit more about us and what we have to offer!
If you get sucked into FilmSpotting, you should go over their website and do a search for whatever you are looking for. How in the world would you be able to look for that box of macaroni and cheese you came in looking for?
When you do this you will automatically see an emerging list of other possible search terms as you type.

Use some of the keyword phrases that you discovered by searching in the search engines and iTunes. Perhaps there is no one that has the sort of content that you are offering, but there is someone that has inspired you, or that you admire.
Can you pick up key words in their podcast title, their podcast description, or perhaps within their shownotes or blog posts? This is when following your gut, knowing your content and knowing your audience comes into play. If you don't want to optimize your description, you still have plenty of opportunity to guide folks to your content simply incorporating your keywords and phrases within your shownotes or corresponding blog posts. At some point you have uploaded your podcast artwork or episode artwork somewhere in the cloud so that you could use it within blog posts or shownotes.
Join Andrew Horowitz as he cuts through the sometimes confusing jargon of financial products and services to help you analyze investment opportunities and decide what's best for you.
As you read the first sentence of the description above it immediately tells you what action you'll take from consuming this content with strong active statements.
You can now share what your podcast is about via one twitter message as well as pitching potential partnerships, marketing your podcast and strengthening your brand across many platforms through the distinct uniformity.
Take your time checking them out, as well as seeing what kind of support they offer, so if you get in any trouble, you'll have help. After you publish and get to the confirmation page, simply scroll down the page and find your embed code and copy it. Yes, that's what we do, but media as we all know can be served in so many different ways, and perhaps you don't want to do just a podcast. Yes, usually podcasters mention their info within the episode and this info is available on the site as well, but especially to new listeners the place they will go for your info will be their MP3 player or perhaps their podcatcher software.
If you happen to produce and episode or a series of episodes that highlights information, experience and even entertainment from and for the people of Japan, please leave links below in the comments!
Edward gives a play by play of his experience plus talks about the background of some of some videos that he shot during and right after the earthquake. Yes, you can do this for free, but for some of us that had no idea how to even begin the process, avoiding the research, time, stress and worry $99 is worth it.
I read and re-read that PDF until I made sure I got all the info that I needed embedded in my brain! Why not give those searching for the kind of flavor that you provide in your podcast the best way to find it? When you input the keyword phrases that you found most relevant, you'll receive a TON more ideas to play with. This is extremely important, as the best use of keywords are in the most organic way possible.
Refer to them when you are getting ready to publish a new episode or when you are sharing your podcast with others in any social media channel.
Generally speaking whatever platform you are using to host your images also gives you options to add a description, a title, and most importantly alternate text aka ALT tags. The second sentence gives you the how this action will happen: with Andrew Horowitz guiding you to action.
After distilling what your podcast is about so succinctly at the top of your description, you now can elaborate about what makes your podcasts unique, adding all the flash and singularity that makes it you. Check out this blog post to find out how libsyn can help support you with a ton a different ways to publish your content. It also helps whatever music software you are using sort your audio files in ways that are logical and easy to search. Do this for a few different terms to see which of those search terms best fit your podcast. You can even click on each of the search term results and see the different websites that rank for those specific terms.
This has helped me in my search rankings but not as much as consistent content has over the course of 4 years. In fact I viewed paying for a website as wasted money, especially if I could get it for free! You may find that you love the way that they use their keywords or perhaps the opposite is true. Answering this question may offer some insight as to what is the best way to approach keywords for yourself.

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