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A new iPhone app that sends your texts, tweets and emails when the time is right (and not immediately) just arrived in the App Store, according to a Feb.
Now that “Flappy Bird” has been grounded by its creator, it is being pounced on by clones who hope to catch some of the popular game's magic. Trending popular today too is the free iPhone app “Frogbert”, a game similar to the “Flappy Bird” theme but with superior graphics and lots more to do. If you're looking for a bird game to replace “Flappy Bird”, there's the free app, “Bird Mania”.
The hottest of these clones right now is “Splashy Fish”, an equally addictive free iPhone app game.

The goal here is to make a hungry frog jump between sometimes-moving lily pads and catch yummy, crunchy flies to eat.
Here you guide your bird up and down, flying around obstacles, blasting rival birds and collecting coins.
Here are the top instant messaging appsIn the ever growing world of smartphones, the concept of traditional SMS text message has almost vanished in the light of the explosion of easy-to-use and popular instant messaging apps. You can send lots of free messages via Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to one person or to a group at the same time on your iPad. Rather than setting a reminder to yourself to send a reminder text, tweet or email to the person the day before the date, you create the text, tweet or email immediately after the phone conversation and set it to be sent on a certain date.

Write the message now while you're thinking of the person and set it to be sent at the right time. Here you tap on a fish, just as you would tap on its now-dead predecessor, and the fish swims, or attempts to swim, between two columns (as opposed to the pipes of “Flappy Bird”).
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