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When you think about it, the text message has come to replace the e-mail, and lots of people use it more than making actual calls with their smartphone. We’ve written a lot about the art of the prank call here on the MyPhoneRobot blog, but frankly speaking, not everyone can pull it off. There are a wide range of industries whose business it is to get in touch with people who are hard to get in touch with.
Those is law enforcement are also empowered to use spoof SMS technology to lure out criminals. Spoof SMS technology may seem one-dimensional, but in fact, there are a lot of useful, important applications for it. Sometimes used as a prank, sometimes used to to fraud people, there are a lot of mixed feelings about it.

If you want to really keep your pranking target off guard, mix in the use of a spoof SMS with a prank call. When phone calling and even spoof calling no longer work, sometimes a text message will do the trick. With the use of spoof technology, undercover investigators can get right into the mix of the criminal underworld with just a few well-placed text messages. If you’re ready to try it out for yourself, be sure to give it a try at MyPhoneRobot today.
The nice thing about a spoof SMS is that you don’t need to intimidate the person with your real number. Well Apple has finally responded to this situation and it is something we did not really expect Apple to say.

Read ahead to find out.Spoof messages appear as a normal SMS but when you reply it goes to an unknown sender!The SMS spoof messages, which allows any hacker to change the reply-to address of a text message got a bit of response from many people around the world. When using iMessage instead of SMS, addresses are verified which protects against these kinds of spoofing attacks.
Come on Apple we expect better then this.Well as it seems now that you do not really have an option except to be careful who you are sending your messages to.
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