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I understand that there may be a lot of underlying feelings and thoughts behind the need to feel like you’re in control. It’s vitally important to recognize what is a battle that you should fight and what is something you should let go.
After sitting with your feeling that you aren’t in charge of a situation, take some time to determine if this particular issue is one where you could let it go or make a change to your expectation. For example, if you expect that your husband will unfailingly do the dishes the second the meal is over but he doesn’t get to it right away, is this something that you can let go and compromise over? In the spirit of picking your battles, it’s also important to drop arguments once they have been dealt with.
This urge to control someone else becomes an issue in many relationships because most people do not like being controlled. I have been called a real romantic by some, and I have certainly blogged about romance before.
When such couples first fall in love, there’s romance, mystery, and all the excitement of a joy ride. Hairy bittercress (Cardamine hirsute)Have you ever had the experience of pulling a small weed and setting off an explosion of seeds in all directions?

Then determine if you really need to make sure the course changes or if you can let whatever it is go differently than you were hoping. It’s one thing to know what you want and a whole other to require it from others without letting them have a say in anything. Tirelessly focused on helping people improve their love lives, her work has been featured on Tiny Buddha, EHarmony Blog, YourTango, Thought Catalog, Fox News Magazine and more. Doing so is as simple as looking in the mirror and asking yourself if you are someone you would like to be in a relationship with. The likely culprit is hairy bittercress (Cardamine hirsute), which starts proliferating with the winter rains. Usually the feeling of nagging irritation that occurs right after something happens is a big sign. Now think about whether letting something happen differently is really a threat to you or your safety, or just different than you would prefer. When differences are seen as obstacles, a couple loses possibilities for better understanding. It appears as a small, flat rosette of leaves and quickly produces small white, four-petal flowers on wiry green stems.

Is the way the situation going actually “wrong” or does it just differ than your expectations? Seemingly overnight, the flowers form siliques, or needle-thin seed pods, which explode at the slightest touch, sending seeds in all directions. Ita€™s especially problematic when the seed pods pop near a brick or stone walkway, because bittercress can establish itself easily between the cracks and become very difficult to eradicate.Bittercress thrives in moist conditions and disturbed soil. Ita€™s common to unknowingly bring it home in nursery containers, so some gardeners make a practice of gently scraping off the top inch or two of soil in the pots before planting.
The clumps can reach four to eight inches in height, but stay much smaller with less moisture.

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