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I first got the word that I’d be a bloggista while on my lunch break, eating a chocolate cupcake with about an inch and a half high mound of pink frosting on it.
Let me just start off this blog post by saying, “hi…my name is Cassie, and we should be friends.” I should also start off this post by apologizing to (and THANKING) the wonderful man in my life, Timmy, for letting me put our life on display. One of the FIRST things you will learn quickly when moving in with the love of your life is not how handsome he looks when he’s getting ready in the morning. There have been many MANY times where I’ve looked Timmy in the eye and straight UP asked him, “What is WRONG with you??” I often joke with him that he waited until he knew it was too late for me…I was too in love with him, and now I was stuck with him and his stench.
Does this remind anyone else of the scene in The Vow…where the beloved Leo farts in front of Paige for the very first time, and she rolls the car windows UP?
Make him go in the BATHROOM to do that…the ONLY room in the house where that business belongs. And IF the unthinkable happens, and you should happen to pass gas in front of him, for the love of all that is ladylike…don’t own up to it. What I have learned is that there are times where you’ll want to be romantic, and it just doesn’t happen – because he’s lactose intolerant, and he decided to drink a glass of chocolate milk that night. Making someone leave the room to fart just makes things awkward and uncomfortable, and I think it’s a little ridiculous. I think it’s kind of ridiculous to make women feel like they should be embarrassed or ashamed to (heaven forbid) fart in front of their significant other. I should make it known that when Timmy announced that his infamous bowel movements were going to be the topic of a wedding blog to his co-workers, they high-fived him right in front of me.

He is legendary in his own right…I told you…you know how you know your guy is the smelly guy? I agree with one of your rules and I hold firm on it… ABSOLUTELY no farting in the kitchen or at the dinner table!!
Im really lucky to have the opportunity to read such a well written with useful details on topics that a lot of people are interested on. The poor guy would hold it all in when we first started dating because he was afraid of scaring me off, but it would end up giving him RIDICULOUSLY painful stomach aches. Now I’m not saying that we need to go to those extremes, but here are some foolproof ground rules you can use to make it through those smelly afternoons. Or cover it up with a cough…any maybe…just MAYBE…he’ll think it’s kind of cute when you do it. And maybe you’ll want to get it on and snuggle up on top of him, and he’ll inform you that his bladder is full. My hubby has that problem too and I just about died reading the part about farting in the kitchen and your hubby holding in his fart so much that it gave him stomachaches. And I feel that being comfortable with your mate is important, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed when you do something that *everyone* does. Snoring is a legitimate situation in our house, too, just as legit as any farting situation.
And Cassie, she’s a keeper–not just because she puts up with the Smelly Guy, although that should probably earn her some sort of highly prized and expensive perfume.

The biggest thing you need to learn about moving in together is that LIFE gets in the way of all those romantic things you dreamed about for your happily ever after. As an avid reader of all things Knotty, I KNOW you guys can handle what I’m about to bring to you, and I can’t wait to share my tales of just moving-in-with-my-love-and-still-figuring-out-the-kinks-of-cohabitation with you! When at all his family get-togethers the conversation SOMEHOW comes around to he’s the smelly guy. But the downright truth of it is, no matter how smelly men are, and how disgusting the car rides can get… they always get the cutest apologetic look on their faces because they REALLY are sorry. It's freaking biggest mistakei»?Jorge Patino: Hello Tripp, how do you avoid making an interview with the girl that you talk?
I'm always open to know new women in college and share interesting stories with them and create a connection but in many ocassions when they don't want to continue the conversations by giving me short answers and it's kind of frustrating.
What are some of the tips that you can give me when this kind of situation will ever happen again?i»?Ac jones: Me walking up like I had good sandwich down the block yesterday have you ever had a good sandwich and how did it make you feel? Initially the question is boring yes, but it is short and simple and it can bring up a lot of stories. Stories that can reveal comedy, emotion, fun, and personality depending on your follow up questions or stories you could bring up yourself involving them.

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