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All dogs bite and chew, but it’s important to teach bite inhibition and stop puppy biting before it gets out of hand. Learn a barking dog solution to stop your pooch barking at the doorbell and jumping on your guests. The goal is to teach your hound that when the bell rings he has to do something that is incompatible with barking. Within two seconds of hearing the doorbell (because your friend is ringing it) ask your dog to sit. Ignore your pooch if he doesn't respond to your cue promptly or you need to ask a second time.  For a food reward your hound needs to react the first time you ask!
Repeat Step 4 until your hound is sitting at your command after the bell rings 8 out of 10 times you ask or (and this is more important) if you see your hound starts anticipating your command when he hears the door bell.
It is important that you IGNORE your hound if he is being loud and reward him when he reacts correctly.
If your hound breaks the sit-stay when the person enters through the door, call him to the spot to sit again and do not give him a food reward. You can start giving out treats randomly now that your hound responds well but always use your marker word for praise.
What’s baby-cute or aggravating in your new pup becomes dangerous once he grows up.Needle-sharp puppy teeth easily rip clothing and tear flesh, but an adult dog’s jaws also can break bones or worse.
Learning to master the power of their jaws—bite inhibition—allows dogs to make important points and resolve differences without hurting each other, or you.
This is a step-by-step tutorial that will help you stop nuisance barking every time someone is at the door. Repeat the whole sequence, but now after the sound of the bell, you will open the door for your friend to come inside.

If you do this you might be teaching him to be afraid of guests and that is a much difficult problem to solve! The idea behind random rewards is that it can strengthen your dog's response because he doesn't know when a a reward is coming, so he will keep on trying. Your hound will learn that at the sound of the door bell (cue) if he sits and stays he will get rewarded.
Don’t expect to stop mouthing altogether, but do teach your puppy the legal limits.Doggy TeachersPuppies must learn bite inhibition technique while young.
If he doesn't just ignore your dog, leave the room or simply stand in front of the door with your back to your hound (to convey that you are in control and heard the bell) then open and close the door. You will notice that the more you do this, the better and faster your hound will respond correctly. You are done!All you need is to reward your dog once in a while for behaving so well when the doorbell rings, that's the secret barking dog solution!
Because he wants the treats he will do it more and more often!Note: If you hound has been barking at the door bell for a long time before you started with training, you will need more practice. One accidental bite could label your puppy as a “dangerous dog” and result in an expensive lawsuit, increased insurance rates, and costly medical bills. Turn around and do not make eye contact, pretty soon your hound will learn that to get your attention or your guest's attention he has to be calm first.
This is because the dog is already used to barking when a guest arrives, changing that behavior takes longer than if he has never done it before. Teaching bite inhibition not only protects people and prevents heartbreak, it could save your puppy’s life.Dog Bite BehaviorAll dogs squabble (just like people do), but proper training prevents dog bites. The other pups yelp and bite back if the youngster chomps down too hard, and Mom-dog stops the games if he’s too rough, so Junior learns limits.Orphan puppies, singleton pups without littermates, or puppies taken very early from their mother may not learn these lessons.

Below is an example to train your canine friend to sit and stay when he hears the bell ring.
Dogs have exquisite control of their jaws and know exactly how close they can snap without making contact. Pups also can get over-excited or tired, and chomp down too hard during play, even when they know better and mean no harm.Pups that are startled or fearful may lash out instinctively. If your hound barks for other reasons (boredom, fear, guarding, etc.) check out the Barking Solutions Main page for more help. Adult dogs don’t miss unless they mean to, and air-snaps and bites that DON’T break the skin are calculated canine warnings.
When the scary object (other dog, child, mailman) goes away, they feel rewarded and thereafter may bite first to get their way. By teaching your puppy bite inhibition, you can prevent a host of potential behavior problems.
Here’s how to teach bite inhibition.How To Teach Bite InhibitionTeaching requires effective communication.
Grabbing, pushing, hitting or other contact with a biting pup makes him think you’re just playing rough, too--and hurting him can damage the bond you share or prompt him to retaliate even more. While he won’t know specific words, use exaggerated body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice to get the point across. Once the pup mouths gently, praise him and allow the attention to continue.Practice “Good” BitesOnce your puppy develops a soft mouth, teach him to stop mouthing on request and never to initiate mouthing.

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