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As someone whose cleanliness habits see-saw between those of a feral cat and Martha Stewart, I’ve been on both sides, and the best way to handle it is to make it fun. This person can be the cleanest, most upstanding citizen in the world, but he or she has the victim complex soundtrack  playing in his or her head non-stop. Guest Post by Carolyn Thurman. Carolyn is so glad she quit her job as a waitress and became a full-time freelance writer. My name is William Paid, Esquire and I’m a serial personal butler with 40 years distinguished service, orchestrating exceptional living experiences for exiled kings, rockstars, supermodels, and even a few “young gun” Internet executives who are now woefully overleveraged and unable to employ my services. These types of people have the unique ability to incite some of the most passive aggressive horror on this side of the border.
If you just spent your precious free time doing a deep clean and come home to wax spilled on the window treatments (guilty) and a half eaten pot-pie that was left out during ant season, don’t blow a gasket.

When you come home from school or work, you pray to God that someone didn’t look at him the wrong way or send her the wrong text message.
Although the “tough love” approach tends to make people mad, coddling just validates their behavior.
This person very well may be the nicest person in the world, but that doesn’t make up for his or her abhorrent lack of hygiene or disregard for property. Even the slightest provocation in this persons life forces you into a situation where you’re expected to play therapist. Not only is it a time-suck, it’s a killjoy, and these people never seem to take your advice and make positive changes anyway.
I am not in a position to fix this for you, but here are some resources.” Then direct him or her to a website that has some expert life advice.

This way, you look like you care enough to do something kind on his or her behalf yet you establish yourself as someone he or she shouldn’t bother about petty things.
As a recovered “that roommate,” I’ve deemed myself worthy to compile a list of red flags for use as self-reflective tools and warning signs.

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