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Using the call button: Google will connect a call between your cell phone and the number you want to connect to. Some notes about using Google Voice voice messages: Student cell phone minutes or long distance charges can be an issue, so warn them ahead of time.
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Ditch That Textbook is written by Matt Miller, a high school Spanish teacher in West Central Indiana. Matt speaks at schools, conferences and events about intentional technology use in the classroom. His students engage in Spanish through educational technology regularly, including tools like blogs, digital videos and photos, QR codes, Google Voice and more. When you receive a voicemail or a text at that number, it is displayed like an email in the inbox. In some situations, Google Voice only plays your name and not your entire outgoing voicemail greeting.
Use this feature to change the code you use to access your Google Voice account from a phone. My common Google Voice assignments from my Spanish classes are the “make a one-minute recording of …” using the grammar and vocabulary structures we’re currently working on.
Speak for a character: Let students interpret what a character in history, in a story or in anything involved with your class would say.
Directions: Give geography mapping activities a new look by having students give directions from one place to another.

Predicting the future: Based on what’s happened in the past and what students have learned in class, what do they think the future will be like? How did you solve it?: When students hear their peers explain how they’ve reached a solution on a problem in math, science or any other class, they might be more receptive to hearing it.
Talk show: Students take the role of talk show host, taking call-in questions, discussing issues with their co-hosts or talking to guests. A call home to Mom: Students could leave a message for their parents or siblings, explaining an interesting place they’ve visited, an interesting event they’ve witnessed or talking about something that’s on their mind. If parents are opposed to using Google Voice or don’t want to call to your specific number (if it’s long distance), calling a school voicemail or letting students use your classroom phone could be an alternative.
After trying to do the traditional "teach by the textbook" for a few years, he launched into a textbook-less path where learning activities were often custom-produced for his students as well as infused with technology.
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He blogs regularly at Ditch That Textbook, which is dedicated to teaching with less reliance on the textbook with an emphasis on technology and creative teaching. The transcription is pretty good if the voice is clear and the speaker doesn’t mumble. We are blessed with great technology in the school, but many students don’t have access to it or the Internet at home.
Audio essays – whether the 30-second or multiple-minute variety – let students inform and persuade verbally, a skill they will likely need in the workforce. Students can write their own poetry and recite it, or they can give their own interpretation of a poem the class is studying.

Students study an important place and take tourists on a verbal tour, identifying people, places and things and injecting information along the way. However, student explanations can have mistakes (sometimes serious mistakes), so checking answers before recording might be a good idea. Tie it into a theme from class and you get conversational, easy-to-understand explanations of your class content. It transcribes in English only (the messages above were recorded in Spanish and the transcriptions turned out as gibberish). If you choose to record your voicemail greeting, Google Voice will call your cell phone so you can record your greeting. I could incorporate a goofy host voice and some sound effects and it could be a really fun assignment to listen and respond to. I’ll often let them re-record their messages by hanging up on their mistake message and calling right back. Plus, the voicemail transcription feature can be SO handy for going back to remember a specific part of the recording without having to re-listen to it. Leave this session with a clear understanding of how Google Voice works plus activities that can be implemented into lessons immediately.

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