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Another good and practical gift would be something he can use if stranded on a deserted island. Gadgets, portable devices, media players – all these would be acceptable gifts for a boyfriend. If you two are at that place where ultra-romantic (or ultra-cheesy) gifts are expected, then why break tradition? The selection here stays away from anything too cheesy or lovey-dovey which for guys is ideal, especially if you haven’t been together for very long. I say most because not all men shave or trim away the excess hair growing out of various orifices – nose or ears in particular. But if you happen to have a boyfriend who wants to express his creativity through facial hair, then some shaving equipment would be the perfect gift.
He’s going to need a good knife to trim the coconut fruit for food and medicinal purposes.
Also, depending on how long you two have been together may be a factor of how much you’ll spend on a gift.

It’ll let him know you appreciate his stylish goatee or his neatly trimmed chin strap. So be sure you both have the understanding that you just want to help him with his personal issues, and that you like his appearance just the way it is.
It’s said you can inject the coconut fluid into the bloodstream to fend off dehydration, it refills any electrolytes lost due to significant blood lost which might happen after a crash landing. Of course, technological items that could help him with his career would probably be preferable, though.Is your boyfriend in a band with no clear direction? If the relationship is fairly new, then it’s probably best not to go over 25 dollars. Really the best gift would be something practical; something he can use to fulfill some kind of need. While also allowing him to take care of that uni-brow, and the hair sprouting from his nostrils.
He also might need a fire starter when there’s no flint around and he can hear wolves howling while the sun begins to set, and maybe a book he can use to pass the time, and if the need arises, eat the pages when food is scarce.

Although, if you guys have a nice long history together, you can spend as much as you want within reason. Purchasing all-in-one kits will help keep his bathroom organized, which is good especially if he’s not the type to tidy up every now and then. To increase his chances of surviving in the wild, an all-in-one survival kit would be the ideal gift for the man who enjoys backpacking and conquering mother nature.
Or if he has an idea for an animated show that has the potential of The Simpsons, Anime Studio Debut 7 will have him creating his pilot and sending it to Fox execs in no time.
Then again, if you have the funds to lavish him with expensive gifts, then that’s your prerogative too.
There are plenty of software tools for a number of different vocations, all you need to do is keep an eye out.

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