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I usually oppose the convention wisdom that says that bringing couples together ruins sitcoms, but even I couldn't ignore a coupling's devastating recent impact on one of my favorite sitcoms.
At what point in the doing of season 3 did you realize that you weren't necessarily happy with (Jess and Nick) together?
In terms of crazy people, you finally settled on a characterization for Winston this year, and it's that he's an insane person. It took you two years to settle on an approach for Winston, and right when you did, Coach comes back. What was it like to have two years with the other characters to develop them past the pilot, and you have Coach, who in the pilot just shouts?
Liz Meriwether: There were definitely some days after we knew that Damon was coming back where we would say, "Well, what do we know about Coach?" And I'm like, "He shouts!
Liz Meriwether: One of the big things we decided going into this year was to really simplify the storytelling. Getting back to the notion of couples, Schmidt and Cece is something you've gone back and forth with.
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Season 2 of "New Girl," which was mostly devoted to the flirtation between Zooey Descanel's Jess and Jake Johnson's Nick, was at times the best comedy on television. There was also the decision to make Schmidt be pure evil, and the struggle to re-integrate Coach into the group more than two years after Damon Wayans Jr. In the pilot, it's "Why would this guy ever want to date this crazy woman?" And now it's entirely reversed.
And that's funny, but it's not necessarily a character at the level of the ones on the show he was returning to.

I feel like when we got into trouble last year, we were often biting off more than we could chew. Is it different if it's both supporting characters and these two extremes being put together, as opposed to slightly more grounded characters?
His new book, "The Revolution Was Televised," about the last 15 years of TV drama, is for sale at Amazon. Edwards from Hagyard Equine, check out the latest from Horse & Country TV and NetPosse makes a visit. Season 3 of "New Girl," in which Jess and Nick were a firmly-established couple, was an absolute mess, until finally creator Liz Meriwether and her writers hit the eject button on the whole idea and had the relationship fall apart in the space of an episode. I think Jess's birthday episode crystallized for me that Winston is the nerdy younger brother of Damon's confident guy. And at 21 minutes, it was impossible to not slash and burn in editing: whole storylines would get cut. It was a season where far and away the most successful and consistent idea was the decision to make Lamorne Morris' Winston into an absolute lunatic. It felt like we had to see them together in every episode, and that limited Nick from going off on his own and having stories. He's the most reasonable in terms of having a perspective on whatever the other guys are doing, but then he's a complete crazy person in other ways. It's exciting, because Damon is so amazing and we were glad to have him back, but it's hard when everyone else is so familiar to start a new character and develop him. In my head, I was like, "Oh, 'Modern Family' has six characters and they do three different stories, so it'll all work out." But it's a different show.
I think it was the third year, and we were like, "Let's do something totally different!" But the thing you learn about sitcoms is that people don't necessarily want something totally different. In the future, it makes sense if a couple of them move out, but it's fun if they're in this confined space together. I can't tell you exactly what's going to happen, but it's a big focus for us this year to get them back together. It was fun when she was flirting with this fucking idiot she lived with, but when they were dating, suddenly everything got so much more real.

For too long, we tried to make him confident and cocky, and I love Lamorne, but it's just not him. So this year, we're really focusing on telling simple stories and letting them improv, and having fun with the central story and not trying to service every character.
It was like, "Maybe Jess is dating an alcoholic, and it's not funny?" Early on, there was a lot of bad response to the episode where Jess went through Nick's box of bills he hadn't paid. Because comedically, we were struggling with the Nick and Jess relationship, a lot of our comedy energy in the writers room was going to Winston.
I loved it, but that was when we realized that the conflict that we used to be able to do was so much harsher now that they were a couple, and not just roommates who were flirting. For me, the heart of the show has always been Nick and Jess, and it will always be Nick and Jess, and I don't think this is the end for them.
I loved him and Jess this year, they're an odd couple: he's so intense but can't talk to women, and she's really girly. The problem was, in every episode, we were trying to service six people, and we're not that kind of show. So this year, the focus is really having him return to the Schmidt that we love, and keeping him grounded, and letting him be a douchebag and be confident. One of the things that I love about his character is that he always has a take on everything, and he always has a plan and an agenda. I love his character, people are constantly pitching for him: "And he's going to be a cop this year? We were pulling our punches a little bit, trying to make it fun and believable that they were in love with each other, and not that they had serious issues. It's a fun relationship to explore, because you kind of hate the person and you're kind of still in love with them, and you know too much information. I love going there with Nick, that he's so flawed, and it was just more awkward that he's dating Jess.

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