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Kobe Bryant's Wife Vanessa Doesn't Want to Be Married to Somebody Who Can't Win Championships By Chris Yuscavage News Editor for Complex Sports.
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Buy a solid car every 10, or maybe 15, years to remind your neighbors and friends that you’re concerned about reliability.
Braiden Neubecker was sitting on the bed and her dad was shaving at the sink as the president made his historic remarks about gay marriage during his second inaugural address. In the kitchen after the address with her dads, David and Lee Neubecker, Braiden, who is 10, had a question.
Her dads, in fact, were married -- in a service in California, but the marriage was nullified in 2004 after the state's Supreme Court declared all marriages performed from February to March that year invalid. Braiden is now one of a number of children, many of them raised by gay or lesbian parents, who have stepped into the spotlight to directly address the courts and public as part of a debate in which they have long been central figures, but have rarely taken part. A week after Obama's address the Neubeckers started talking again about the speech and the laws that prevented Braiden's dads, who live in a suburb of Chicago, from getting married.
A couple of drafts later, a letter written by Braiden was included in an amicus brief to the U.S. For decades, those opposed to legalizing same-sex marriage have argued that they might somehow harm the children same-sex couples raise or adopt. But Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg pointed out that California gay couples already can legally adopt children. Before the Neubeckers adopted them, Braiden and her younger brother were in the foster care system, living with five different families by the time Braiden was 4. Over the past few years, many others with gay parents have posted their stories on YouTube, testified before legislatures and sent letters to the Supreme Court, hoping to make the same case.

Longtime activists and legal experts say testimony like Wahl's can be effective in legislative battles and in shifting public opinion.
But Justice Anthony Kennedy indicated to Charles Cooper, Prop 8’s defender before the court, that those with gay parents did play a role.
Whatever the court decides, Smith said, there are already millions of American children living with same-sex parents. But like many children who speak before legislators or the media against gay marriage, she doesn't have gay parents. Libby Anne was homeschooled and started campaigning with her parents when she was 4, attending traditional marriage rallies and pro-life banquets, and giving interviews to local reporters espousing her father's religious views. Clarification: Details have been changed regarding the circumstances when the Neubeckers heard the president's second inaugural address. And, if you're wondering why she's stuck by him after all this time, look no further than the next issue of New York Magazine.
Listen to more sports talk radio, politics radio, or the same Top 40 music as the last six weeks. Make sure it’s vapid or turn-off-your-brain TV with lots of advertisements that recommends you buy more shit.
You have to pay yourself first, then bills, then more savings if you can. Your future self will thank you! You learn so much and raise your game the longer you are with those that expand your horizons.
Braiden had so much to say that David encouraged her to get out her journal and write it down. In court in March, Justice Antonin Scalia, arguably the court member most staunchly opposed to gay rights, offered "one concrete thing" about legalizing same-sex marriage that could harm society.
Sociologists, child welfare experts and pediatricians have argued that those raised by same-sex couples do just as well as their counterparts raised in heterosexual households. The most difficult part of writing the letter, she said, was going over her life before the Neubeckers.

One of the first -- and most famous, after his testimony went viral with more than 2 million views on YouTube -- was sixth-generation Iowan and engineering student Zach Wahls. But whether the Supreme Court will be swayed by testimony like Wahl's is difficult to assess. But when she turned 18, she chose a secular university, promising her parents that she would try to convert the atheists she met. They get old too damn fast, and when young love you like no one ever will now, or ever again… so return that favor and soak it in. The amicus brief was from Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), meant to show how the families of same-sex parents are affected when they are not allowed to marry.
In February 2011, Wahls spoke before the Iowa House of Representatives, which was debating legislation that would ban gay marriage in the state. Because the sexual orientation of my parents has had zero effect on the content of my character," he said. Instead, she discovered that one of the central tenets of her parents' belief system -- young earth creationism -- was, scientifically, "bullshit," as she puts it now.
Being that I’m partial to most French Canadian hockey players, am half French Canadian and married a French Canadian, I thought it was a good fit for a website featuring my insights, rants and raves on the NHL.
I also write for the Canucks Hockey Blog and you can read an interview they did with me here. Show the kids how you’re the winner in these battles, and compromising is for weaklings.
Oh yeah and when hockey’s out of season, my husband and I head to Pamplona Spain to run with bulls.

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