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The image evokes the idea that hope is essential, as it gives people the motivation to continue on in life despite seemingly dreary circumstances. Recently Justin Bieber tattooed the balloon girl design on his arm and caused a big stir throughout the teenie bopper community. Video: With the US presidential election drawing to a close, who are the rest of the world betting on to win? Video: After two full terms US President George Bush leaves his successor a staggering array of problems. Video: Barack Obama blanketed the airwaves with an unprecedented 30-minute prime-time advertisement. Video: In the final days of the US presidential campaign, look back at memorable sights and sounds.
Video: American democrats are partying in Sydney as they predict Barack Obama to win the US election. Audio slideshow: Legendary American rocker, Bruce Springsteen, backs Barack Obama in the must win state of Ohio. Multimedia: In the final days of the US election, the Herald takes a trip down the campaign trail with Sarah Palin. Audio slideshow: Washington Correspondent Anne Davies travels to some US swing states and talks to the locals. Audio slideshow: Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin speaks at the Republican Convention.

Audio slideshow: Former communications director for John McCain says Sarah Palin is a risky choice. Audio slideshow: Barack Obama accepts the Democratic Party's nomination in his Convention speech. Audio slideshow: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's powerful oratory skills and message of change commands crowds of thousands, but can he command the nation? When news happens:send photos, videos & tip-offs to 0424 SMS SMH (+61 424 767 764), or us. Lamar is desperate to win Khloe back, but the ‘KUWTK’ star is giving him no indication of where he stands in her heart. Khloe Kardashian, 30, hasn’t exactly given Lamar Odom, 35, any signs that they’re over, nor that she wants get back together.
Sounds like Lamar is finally waking up and realizing that he needs Khloe, and it seems like this time, his family is behind him 100 percent. After the NCAA restored the vacated wins of former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno after reaching a settlement with Penn State, former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden wants his wins back as well. Bowden had 12 wins vacated by the NCAA as part of an academic scandal that took place in 2006 and 2007.
Making this all the more interesting, though, is that when the late Paterno’s wins were vacated, Bowden briefly became the all-time winningest coach in NCAA history. For example, if you like a girl and want to impress her, the first thing to do it to show off your bowling skills, your celebrity pals and your dance moves.

Ends today!Buy it Now!With his characteristic stencil techniques Banksy has created variations on the theme of a girl with a balloon, but the most famous of these is the one discovered in the South Bank of London in 2002 on the wall of a stairway. Bansky is cleverly able to use the squalid surroundings in which the work is placed to portray bleakness during difficult times and the possibility of happiness or satisfaction despite adversity. After their divorce, Lamar’s daughter Destiny Odom even took to dissing the reality star. But now, Destiny — and Lamar’s other family members — want to make right with her. He wants her back so badly, he’s using his family and children to as pawns to get her back,” our source says. The Florida State coaches were never implicated in the scandal, and Bowden thinks it’s time he got his 12 wins back.
7 and then headed out to French Montana‘s party, where Scott got a little out of hand by drinking too much. Banksy also uses the green grass growing along the edge of the wall to provide contrast and to represent nature.
Well, this image stimulated plenty of interest and discussion in the art world soon after it was discovered, and many different interpretations and meanings have arisen from this work, as with Banksy’s other works in general. This continues to be one of Banksy’s most popular pieces which has been put on many canvas prints and posters around the world.

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