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My best friend’s birthday is approaching, like it’s less than a week to go and I’m VERY excited, more than I’ve ever been on my own birthday actually which is pretty unusual but it’s alright, it’s her. Then in tenth grade we were shuffled into different sections and I started dating and we grew apart, not so much but well a bit. He is shrinking the exploration and production investments made by his predecessor Sam Laidlaw a€“ who also had an oil industry background a€“ and wants out of expensive gas production in Canada.The reason for narrowing Centricaa€™s scope of activity is to refocus the group on customers.
So this is wholly and solely to declare my love for the one woman who I call mine in every sense of the word, and very proudly so.
But somehow our friendship has never been about how much we talk or we much time we spend together. I know wea€™re not a€“ wea€™re not where we need to be.a€™Not only does he recognise the frustrations of customers he also is acutely aware of a number of other problems, including the weaknesses of the nationa€™s energy security, now that the North Sea is running dry, and the need to ensure there is adequate gas storage to protect supplies when pipelines go down or the wind fails to blow. Praying Scripture over them is a wonderful way to bless our husband or wife, because it speaks prophetically over them. Not that I don’t do it enough because I do it all the time, but because it’s her birthday, And because I’ve promised to make every birthday of hers special till we’re 80, or till I drop dead. I know I’m going to feel the exact same way about her even if I see her ten years down the line and we haven’t spoken even a bit.
To her I could be a mother, a friend, a sister and a completely unbiased stranger too if she needs advice. Our desire for our spouses should be like what God spoke over the children of Israel in this verse, “I will bless them and the places surrounding my hill.
As it is it’s very hard for me to not say what I feel and when it comes to her this urge increases manifolds. His father died when he was 12 and he was only able to complete secondary school with the support of his fathera€™s stepfather.At Imperial College in London, where he read chemical engineering, he survived by getting sponsorship from the UK Atomic Energy Authority. I’ve known her for 7 years now, and strangely enough we spoke for the first time on her birthday too so I remember that very clearly. She was too reserved, I was new in the school, and her friends at the time, well, she had some fancy tastes. Still, I don’t think I’d ever be mad at her for not trying to contact me, I wouldn’t be able to complain.

The market has 26 suppliers of energy, 14 switching sites and high levels of customer turnover.a€?Typically we lose a million customers a year and gain about 800,000. We are losing about 200,000 a year, and if we dona€™t get our pricing right we will slowly see our business disappear,a€™ he says.a€?Switching sites tend to focus on short-term energy supply and a 12-month fixed priced deal. This verse in Numbers is the beginning of a blessing that the Lord told Moses and Aaron to pray over the Israelites, and it is a wonderful way to start praying God’s peace, blessings and favor over our loved ones as well. Because wherever she’d be I’d sincerely hope to god that she’s doing great, and there isn’t a single wish of hers that goes unfulfilled. Plus I had come from a smaller town, I didn’t know the ways of the big city and I was lost. It is seeking to do similar things for businesses.Conn recognises he has a long journey ahead if he is to convince the public that British Gas and big energy, demonised by the Labour Party under the Coalition government, is not ripping off the consumer. So basically, we started talking during our tests in school because our roll numbers were together so we’d cheat from each other. I know that I do, and it a joy to pray these blessings over my spouse.COURAGE – Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? And then we went on to get closer as we played stupid Truth Dare and Stare games during lunch breaks on in free periods. We were together in the next class too, and we’d sit together and chit chat and play games, and we had this big nerd group, but we managed to somehow incorporate stupid girly fights in that too. We all face trials and challenges on a daily basis, so to pray for these over our loved ones will be a blessing to them. But there’s this unconditional kind of affection that I feel for her that’s free of all the envy hatred jealousy and any negative feeling there is.
Many family members and spouses can let fear or discouragement overtake them, so this verse is a great one to pray to combat those emotions.
You know those times when you look at a person and they’re happy and you just know that you could do anything to keep them that way. As we place our loved one under “the shadow of the Almighty,” and we put our trust in him, God says that he will save them from sickness, terrors at night, and anyone that would come against them during the day.
And it’s a very one in a million kind of a feeling because I don’t think you get to feel something like that very often.
The Lord even says that he will command his angels to guard over them, and that no harm will befall your husband or wife.

Years have passed; we’ve had some beautiful memories, and only one little stupid fight that I can remember.
This verse is often spoken over graduates and young people ready to embark on a new adventure in life, but I think that it is a perfect verse to pray over a spouse as well. God does want to prosper our loved ones with hope and a future, especially if they seek after him with their whole heart. The Lord says that he will be found, so we want our spouse to have the joy and confidence of knowing and understanding these truths. The following verses continue the thought by stating, “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.
And maybe I get a little insecure for the same reason sometimes because she’s showered with love from left, right and centre that sometimes I begin to feel like I hope I don’t lose her to someone. This is certainly a prayer we should offer on behalf of our husbands or wives, because we want any trials that come their way to be turned into blessings for them.
I will say it again: Rejoice!” Joy is another blessing that we should pray over our spouse, as this will turn the routine of each day into something extraordinary.
When we can see things through the Lord’s eyes, then we can be joy-filled in spite of the difficulties and circumstances of daily life. This is a great verse because the Lord repeats it twice, so I believe that he wants our lives to be filled with rejoicing no matter what comes our way.
Focusing our thoughts on things that are good, true, pure and right, will fill our mind and heart with hope and all that is encouraging and positive. Our prayers will not only bless them, but will also speak prophetic words of peace, courage, protection, prosperity, purpose, joy and gratitude over our loved one. It is also very rewarding to be a Christian author, editor and translator for the Kingdom of God.
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