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At least once in a woman’s life, they have to face the pain of being dumped by a guy that they really like. Make yourself relax and consider this period of time as a step towards the greater goal, reuniting with your partner. Whatever you do, don’t sulk or go around whining to your friends and family about what a rotten person he is.
Before you do start working on trying to repair your relationship with him, ask yourself if you really want him back. Don’t go off the deep end and start stalking him by phone, email, text or on his social media profile page.
The more relaxed and easier mannered you are, the greater your chances are of him coming back to you.
Ask yourself if you truly want to take a chance on him, especially if he has hurt your feelings and pride.

Doing these things is definitely a sign that you are emotionally not ready to deal with things in a mature manner. But, keep your dignity and let him know that you have a limit as to how long you’ll wait for him and how far you will go to try and repair your relationship with him.
Generally it just shows him that you’ve moved on and makes him think you are no longer interested in having a partnership with him.
Do you want to risk his doing so again if he dumped you for a really trivial reason or you caught him cheating on you? Work through your hurt, talk to each other if he shows interest in contacting you, but follow the path of calm, mature ways to achieve your goal.
Most guys if they see their ex out with another man react one of two ways—they either exhibit extreme jealousy or they are totally turned off and just keep on walking.
The best time to do this analysis is after you’ve had time to cool down and clear your mind so you can make a rational decision.

If this is something that has happened to you and you want him back in your life, then there are a few general rules you should follow that will hopefully make this happen. If he sees you looking all dumpy and frazzled, he will definitely know he has hurt you and his interest will not be piqued. But you also need to, if and when you are reunited with your guy, let bygones be bygones and don’t bring up past hurts should you have any types of disagreements in the future.
This generally lets him know you either could care less or that you are no longer interested in his attention.
Make him wait- tell him he has to calmly and maturely explain to you why he did what he did that hurt you.

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