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Today I woke up feeling a bit uninspired; I was reading some of my old blog posts and I honestly miss the days when ideas were pouring out of my brain at the speed of light.
This mug is from 123Print, a company that does affordable custom printing with free uploads.
To give you a helping hand, the guys at 123Print have kindly offered all the readers of Le Beauty Girl a fantastic discount code; just use the code VIP to get 15% off your order. Usually to get my inspiration back I try and read what others have done lately and see what is out and about.
She thrives on positivism and good vibes, which might annoy the hell out of you; but that's the only way she knows life.
She requires a regular dosage of happy pills, which consists of Vitamin A-rt, Vitamin Sea, and her drug surfing- which is perfectly fine to OD on!
She, from time to time, enjoys burrowing into her rabbit hole- a world of mermaids, and flowers, and rock and roll showers. Any burn draws fluid to the skin surface and away from the rest of the body; so for a couple of days, drink LOTS OF EXTRA WATER!!! Apply this natural sunburn soother on dry and chafed skin for some complementary cooling comfort! If you can't handle failure gracefully, don’t expect your dreams to happen anytime soon! Far from sitting back and letting her condition take over her, nine year-old Dani Lyons embarks on an imaginary adventure alongside her teddy bear Mr. How is it that I’ve been given tons of unsolicited advice about the art industry from a handful of people who are clueless about its ins and outs?
BUT before you leave your day job, there are a few road rules to keep in mind to get you headed towards the right direction: your goal!
There’s a way to navigate through this crazy world of freelance without losing sight of your personal vision! Working with students of all ages and of different backgrounds is what I love most about doing creative workshops. The Hut is your one-stop beach shop, and what better way to celebrate summer at the chillest spot in the city than to paint something perfectly inspired by the sea–amidst a backdrop of fashionable finds that have become Pinoy staples during the hottest time of the year!

Our summer #ootd’s are never complete without a hip pair of shades and a spacious tote to carry all our essentials!
Add a pop of color with the latest footwear finds from TOMS to be catalogued on this summer’s best-dressed list.
Watercolor can be a real challenging medium, but when paired with stencils, it transforms into this user-friendly coloring material that’s perfect for first-time painters and budding artists alike! Living in a tropical country allows us to experience summer everyday, but this lovely gift brings along with it a few beauty busters: humidity and heat.
Is there money in art?–quite the contentious question that incessant skeptics love to bring up when dealing with the romantics of a fanciful industry. Directly, how would you answer the Meg girl’s question: if I pursue the same career you are in, will I gain financial stability?
If tea is not your thing, 123Print do a range of personalised products: engraved pens, business cards, magnets, etc. But that’s not all, 123Print is also giving 3 lucky people the chance to WIN their own personalised mug!
I’ve written so much down, on my phone and in my notebooks and I’m ready to go!
She hopes to meet you in the sandbox, where you can talk about the random hidden treasures waiting to be discovered amongst the dirt.
Regular trips to the beach and sunny sessions by the pool are certainly the norm in a tropical haven like the Philippines!
I’ve realized that becoming a serious blogger would entail me to do a lot of PLANNING, designing, researching, and learning to discipline the moody artist in me!
There is a certain anxiety and exhilaration when it comes to dreaming HUMONGOUS–but uncertainty brings out the worst in me.
I had wanted to become a fashion designer for the longest time, so I aimed to get in the Clothing Technology course of UP Diliman. They say that people are naturally narcissistic, so to love purely and unconditionally is of divine nature. The production, full of much love and sincerity, will surely pull on those heartstrings of yours!

That used to happen constantly, at least right before I whole-heartedly embraced my passion as a means to finance my life. Running away from the dream and seeking shelter in corporate comfort becomes the convenient path to take when left-brainers bid the road less traveled goodbye.
It’s always been a pleasure to meet new artists, or creatives who have simply developed a newfound interest for painting or doing makeup.
Nab some tips to keep it fresh and easy-breezy throughout the day with dewey skin matched with ten-minute waves. Master my beach beauty basics so you can don that golden glow all-year round, paired with ocean-inspired pops of color to keep things young and fun!
I know these ‘writers block’ come and go, but I do wish it would just hurry up and leave for good!
I drink a lot of tea during the day, and having a mug with my blog logo constantly reminds me of how proud I am of my blog and how much I have achieved because of it. This giveaway will run from today until next Friday (18 October 2013), and I will choose 3 winners at random from the entries.
The deadline will be announced; and I would love for you to join me on this mission to BLOG BETTER.
I did so bad at the entrance test, that the next best thing was to enter the university through a talent test–except I would have had to take up a Fine Art course instead of pursuing fashion. Well hello, we’re at the cusp of an art boom–the best time to LIVE OUT OUR PASSIONS! Some may find it weird and narcissistic, and it probably is, but to me it’s something to never forget how much I love my little corner of the web and how much I need to work hard if I want it to keep growing!
It definitely becomes bothersome to the creative kind because our naysayers happen to be the ones closest to home: enter parents, relatives, and even our closest friends.

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