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Team work: Martina Navratilova and Star Trek's George Takei in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Popularity contest: Martina Navratilova joined other celebs in the middle of the Australian jungle Today, Judy runs a riding school and is a pillar of the local community. In court: Judy sued Martina over abuse of an agreement made in 1986 They instantly hit it off and exchanged phone numbers and addresses.
In her sporting prime: Martina Navratilova at Wimbledon in 1989Incredibly, Ed had no idea of the growing closeness between his wife and the tennis player.
Together: Judy Nelson with Martina Navratilova at EastbourneYet despite her anguish, she made a decision which would transform all their lives. Frosty: Martina and Judy at court No child was ever born and today, at 52, she says she would like to adopt with her partner of seven years, fashion PR executive, Antoinette Layton-Lambert, whose privacy she guards fiercely. At 63 she still cuts an impressive figure with her fit, tanned body, perfectly coiffed hair and immaculate make-up.A Those who have taken riding lessons with her talk in glowing terms of an inspirational woman. Over the next two years the two women stayed in touch and finally met again in person in March 1984, when Martina was in Texas to play a tournament.
When he discovered their feelings were developing into a physical bond he was, says Judy, 'devastated and angry'. Judy Nelson, who did not speak to Martina for 17 years after they split from a 7 year relationship, told the Sunday Mirror:A  'Oh Martina will win,' she says with total confidence. A convivial lunch ended in a kiss on the cheek, and when Martina was injured, Judy invited her to stay on in Texas at her home to recuperate.A Late at night when her husband and sons had gone to bed, Judy would stay up talking intensely with her new friend. Martina moved into a hotel and the two women continued to see each other, unbeknown to Judy's young sons, Eddie, then 13, and Bales, 11.A Two months later, Martina invited Judy to Paris to watch her play in the French Open.
At each tournament Judy was by her side attending to every practical, emotional and physical need. In a final twist, she sought comfort in the arms of one of Martina's ex-lovers, novelist Rita Mae Brown, a keen horsewoman, who had also had her fingers burned by Martina.A Indeed, when Martina dumped her, an enraged Rita Mae pulled a gun on her. On court, she ruthlessly destroyed opponents, notching up a record nine Wimbledon wins, 18 Grand Slam singles titles and 167 career singles titlesA  -A  more than any other player in history.

Some 12,000 miles away in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado, one woman knows more than most just how charmingA  -A  and ruthlessA  -A  Navratilova can be. While she was away her two impressionable young sons found out the truth about their mother and realised their lives were about to change for ever. Instead, she bought her own house nearby where the boys could split their time and installed her parents, who had overcome their earlier Methodist reservations about the lesbian relationship, as guardians while she was away. In the midst of negotiations, a melancholy Martina telephoned her former lover on Christmas morning, 1991, saying she missed Judy's sons and parents and asked if she could drop by with some presents.A It didn't lead to a rapprochementA  -A  but did provide an intriguing insight into Martina's emotions. Nevertheless, they were to become friends again.A Indeed, of all her lovers, Judy is the only one who will not speak to Martina. To those she faced across the net, the Czech-born sportswoman was an unsmiling, uncompromising, muscular powerhouse. Although Judy maintains the two women's physical relationship had not yet started, she knew Ed sensed the electricity in the room.'The entire room was filled with tension. With his unfaithful wife thousands of miles away, a humiliated Ed Nelson told all to his sons and Judy's parents. They bought several homes together, enjoyed designer wardrobes, the finest food and jewellery and counted celebrities such as actor Don Johnson and his then-wife Melanie Griffith among their friends. The strong family network that came with Judy was now gone and Martina missed it.A Her own parents' marriage had broken down when she was just threeA  -A  and Martina later learned her father had committed suicide when she was eight. Nor will the family who Martina had grown to love as her ownA  -A  a family which has now expanded to include Judy's three grandchildren.A And for a woman who is used to winning every ace, it must still sting Martina to know that those she cared about most of all are the ones who got away. I'd never felt this for a girl before, such a confusing kind of excitement.' However, when the pair did finally split, not long after Martina's historic ninth Wimbledon win, a devastated Judy understood the decisive, some would say hard, streak that had helped make her lover a world-beater.
I think he sensed itA  -A  the feeling in the room that there's something more going on here than friendship. In contrast, Judy's parents had lived with the pairA  -A  to help with Eddie and Bales while Martina was on tourA  -A  and the tennis player had referred to them as Bigs and Ma, as did everyone else in the family. Her parents told her the revelation would kill them.A 'The boys were on the line crying for me to come home.

This kept the money rolling in when, during a humiliating two-year period Martina became the only number one female tennis player to have no lucrative endorsementsA  -A  probably because of her openness about her sexuality. Bales, who spent more time with his mother and her lesbian partner than his father, was the closest Martina has ever come to a child of her own.The couple finally settled out of court, but have not spoken since.
The relationship between the stunning former beauty queen and the muscular, androgynous looking tennis player attracted attention no matter what country the couple visitedMedia interest reached a peak when Martina threw herself into the crowd to embrace Judy after her historic ninth Wimbledon singles title in 1990. The final sum awarded has never been revealedA  -A  although we do know Judy sued Martina for around A?8million, approximately half the money she had made during their time together.
Judy was also allowed to keep the house in Aspen they had specially built, worth more than $1million at the time.
I thought she adored me.' Feeling humiliated, Judy sued Martina for half of her earnings made during the time the pair were together.
Martina had begun a flirtation with a female ski instructorA  -A  which she claimed was entirely innocent. Shortly after the split from Judy, Martina is said to have contacted an Italian fertility doctor to help her conceive a child artificially. The steely nerve and reserve which Martina showed on the tennis court crumbled in the law courtsA  -A  and the vicious battle marked her indelibly.
When Martina kept to her word Judy sued for palimony, citing the agreement the pair had drawn up.
Martina accused Judy and her family of being gold- diggers and said she had only ever agreed to split joint business earnings, not monies made by her tennis playing.A Judy countered saying she had the same rights as a wife in a heterosexual relationship who gave up her own career (she had previously run a restaurant) to support her partner.
By the time of the Fort Worth tournament, she was happily reconciled with her surgeon husband, Ed, and something of a stalwart of the local community.A 'Knowing how much I loved tennis, he [Eddie] thought I'd like to meet her,' recalled Judy.

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