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All this time, I was waiting to fall, hopelessly, fall right into this magical pool of love and unicorns and glitter and shit. This awareness has not led me to denounce idealization but to recognize it and have a creative place for it. When I reached out to you a year or so ago, I was on a cloud and lived on vaporware dreams. Our story wasn’t over and that was evident because the second time around, I learned a lot with you. When I had a dream where three of the most important people died, it was Om, my mother, and you. Lynn Kim Do see things in great photo opps, which is difficult when she likes her food hot. The length twisted past a full breast, beyond her navel, and just above a thatch of curly hair. As I had a tearful epiphany during yoga that I should write, write something, write it all down. Is this just a phase and if so, won’t I get over it in several days, a week, a month, a year maybe?
I compared this feeling I have now to the last time, when I reached out to you after our first break up. What else can I tile?I grew up in New England, in Vermont and have always enjoyed making up stories. It wasn’t like I was surrounded by the greatest examples and those who have made it in the creative field. I learned about love that only once time passed, retrospectively, I could then compare and learn from.

She’d haunted every one of his dreams, followed him like a wraith from London, to France, to Italy, the Holy Lands, and by God, back again. I’m sure the late night phone calls and strange text messages has been foreshadowing this letter. Back then, when I texted you to meet on the green hill in East Brunswick, I had no intentions.
There are so many things bottled up in my mind, my heart, like it’s just sitting in a Coke bottle. She denounced marriage and said very reasonable things against it i.e it was a systematic way to put women in homes, it holds no real merit that equates to love, etc.
Evident in every step I take, I am happy to write this, to do this, to continue what I am doing now, and to move forward. It is taken by the slim waist laying perfectly in their hand and violently shaken over and over again. But listen, I am writing this to you because I am leading up to one of my more important thoughts. And this struggle has forced me to think about why I am thinking about you so strongly now. He cleared his throat and stepped out into the open on the lowest tier of bricks.Eyes wide, her mouth dropped open, and she screeched.
I figured I should give it some time, time to fizzle, time to reach some sort of normalcy, if it is a phase at all.
It’s a conscious decision that really makes something significant, that can create something, may it be good or bad, that really makes all the difference.
The pain would be too much to bear should he ever leave again.Her attitude is beyond understanding.

I lay back, when the plane takes off, and awake when the plane touches down. I have two grown daughters, one lives in Brooklyn and one in Rome. My husband  loves to edit my work, and my two cats jump on my keyboard when I'm not watching.
And when I realized you weren’t a character, I kept writing, and I made new pieces, new plot twists, and here we are.
Damn you.”He put melody to one of the hundreds of poems he’d composed as his lower appendage swelled for her. And when I thought I could live without an ounce of you in my mind, you would sneak in at the silliest of times. Today, I write poetry in subways that sits in my phone, stories through emails, jot notes on paper, anything and anywhere I can. My blog is taking a sharp turn to share raw experiences instead of showcasing a hallow facade.
I’ve come back for you.”A small nugget of soap whizzed by and would’ve grazed a cheek had he not stepped aside. She dropped to her knees with what he thought was a prayer, jostled in her belongings, and rose with the vicious edge of a dagger. She paled when she hit solid mail under his tunic and for a moment their eyes locked like years ago and he was all but undone.

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