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Ranieri's watched his first game in English football in September 2000 - as his new Chelsea side were beaten 2-0 by LeicesterA But like most folk in football, Bates can only smile thinking about the 64-year-old grandfather who orchestrated something incredible.One story goes back to 2002, when Bates invited Ranieri to his Chelsea penthouse to discuss terms on a new contract.
At Monaco the now Foxes chief again guided a team to second place in the league, finishing behind PSGHe had led Italian non-league club Vigor Lamezia to the top of their league after a dozen games in 1986, but then the club president started recruiting numerous players represented by an agent with whom he had struck up a relationship. He managed boyhood club Roma but did not manage to reach the heights that he has at LeicesterThat instance of Ranieri backing an instinct in the face of pressure is not isolated.
Although he has not won a league title before, Ranieri won the Coppa Italia with FiorentinaThe stories chime with Hasselbaink, who told Sportsmail: a€?He is a good man and a good manager, a man of honour, but there is of course another side to him. Vardy was described by his boss as 'fantastic horsea€™ and it is said Ranieri can be like a father to his playersRanieria€™s way of talking and thinking has long been part of the charm. However his spell in charge of Greece had many questioning his credentials to still manage at the top levelThat spell at Chelsea had long defined how Ranieri was perceived in this country, not least because of the lack of respect shown in Roman Abramovich pursuit of other managers once he bought the club from Bates.A Ranieri was labelled a a€?dead man walkinga€™ in what turned out to be his final season, but handled himself immaculately.
As the pubs around the Crucible emptied here on Sunday night, Mark Selby was the man who refused to yield. Selby holds his cue above his head - just like Dennis Taylor in 1985 - after securing the last frame of the dayNo chance. The good news for those watching in the rust-coloured seats in this famous arena a€“ a place where so much late-night drama has unfolded in hushed reverence a€“ is that it looks likely to be ensconced as the home of snooker on a new multi-year deal.a€?Taking snooker from here would be like taking Wimbledon out of Wimbledon,a€™ World Snookera€™s enterprising chairman Jason Ferguson told Sportsmail. Selby made a stunning start to the final earlier in the day, racing to a 6-0 lead over DingPoor Ding, who had scored seven centuries in his semi-final, could suddenly not so much as pot a plant. Ding fought back after a tough start and is within three frames of Selby going into the final dayThe winner will pocket a record A?330,000. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The GOP front-runner is poised for a big win in Indiana's Tuesday primary, a result that would knock Ted Cruz flat and go a long way toward ending the Republican race. Cruz has said for weeks how important Indiana is for his campaign, hyping its importance as he looked to reverse a string of stinging blowout losses in recent weeks.
If he can win most of the state's 57 delegates he'll need roughly half of the remaining delegates left between now and California's early June primary, with a number of states that look very favorable for the billionaire. Indiana has the largest number of Evangelical Christians of any of the states yet to vote, the Texan's strongest base of support. Cruz finally got the one-on-one matchup against Trump he's been hoping for all campaign by agreeing to skip two other states if John Kasich stayed out of Indiana. The suburban, socially moderate Indianapolis voters Cruz needed to pull over from Kasich to win instead seem to be splitting, with the majority going to Trump. Cruz blitzed the state hard in his final full day of campaigning, making five stops himself as part of a campaign-wide sprint across Indiana. The biggest moment of the day for him came in a heated discussion he got into with a Trump supporter.
And he was dogged throughout the day by questions from reporters about whether he'll drop out if he loses a€” and Trump fans looking to get under his skin. Cruz spent a lengthy amount of time at his own event arguing with a Trump supporter who repeatedly mocked him after a Marion, Ind., rally.
This was Lowry’s first 30+ point game since mid-March and the Raptors now have a 2-1 series lead. Back with his fourth studio albums which he delivers with two distinctive sides, Tinchy Stryder is back with a record that allows him to travel to many different sides of the music spectrum. We got the opportunity to chat to Tinchy all about his new music, plans for the future and more. Where I'm at with music right now with the [new album], I feel like I'm back to [having] full creative control. Now I'm not as careful with what I'm saying, I feel like the truth is the best thing in people's music.

I feel like everything's coming back around, even down to the trainers I wear, everyone's wearing Huaraches again, everything's old school again. Not really, but I did write a song about how I relate to life in the jungle, like life being like a jungle and how you have to learn to survive when you haven't got much. The worst thing I drank was blended fermented duck egg that had been there for two months mixed with some toe thing. There are quite a few features on the album, from the likes of JME, Takura and more - what were all those different artists like to work with? Everyone's different, for example with someone like JME, because he's been a friend for a while it's natural vibes. Hopefully, I love performing, and when you've got music out you feel like you have to push it. It's fun, but sometimes you perform at a wicked show, drinking, and then you forget that next morning you've got to travel to another place.
One day I was ill, my voice was gone and I was like, 'I can't, and they were like, 'you're on in 10 minutes', and I was like 'I can't!' I think it was Chipmunk who was supporting and he said, 'Tinchy, eat some grapes', so I ate some grapes and my voice was back.
I always try to dream bigger but at the same time I don't like forcing things, like a lot of things have come naturally. You can do things at a certain level - someone told me this before, I think it was Skepta, he said 'why do people always say they're broke? To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
Thata€™s just one reason why Ken Bates was so quick to order Claudio Ranieri a gift on Tuesday morning.a€?He has had a hard journey and this shows that nice guys can win,a€™ Bates told Sportsmail.
He managed six appearances as a defender for Roma but the rest was spent at Catanzaro, Catania and Palermo.
Certainly, there are harder edges to his character than meet the eye.During his first spell at Valencia, where he arrived in 1997 having won Serie B and the Coppa Italia with Fiorentina, he had two major clashes with star names. He talks of Jamie Vardy as his a€?fantastic horsea€™, says a€?hello to my sharksa€™ in press conferences, and has spoken about his belief in the afterlife.
Didna€™t win a jot, but a lovely man, as the narrative went.On that went through jobs at Valencia, Parma, Juventus, Roma, Inter Milan, Monaco and Greece, where he lasted four games and lost to the Faroe Islands, a washed up man with seven sackings to his name and no titles. He tried, shot upon shot upon shot, to fight his way back by using more angles than Pythagoras, and with unerring precision.A Even when only the pink and black were left for his bloody-mindedness to play with, he came out of his chair to prolong the frame into its 67th minute a€“ the second longest of the championship. One felt it was less to do with what was going on between the cushions as between his ears. But snooker stands to win even more heavily if Ding, 29, triumphs after a decadea€™s promise.
Trump's dominant wins in New York and other eastern states have put him back on the path for the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the Republican nomination before the party's convention. Trump has led almost all recent public and private polls, with a double-digit advantage in some surveys.
And the deal seemed to reinforce Trump's argument that both are typical corrupt politicians.
And when his running mate Carly Fiorina took a tumble onstage at one of his rallies he didn't move to help her, seemingly not seeing her fall as he shook voters' hands. And it looks like Tuesday night might make things even worse a€” and all but crown Trump as the Republican nominee. When you hear real stories, it can be good or bad but it's crazy because I feel like the best music always comes from hard times. Every 10 years or so everything comes back around, it goes in waves, I felt it in myself even before that, so I thought '360º' made sense and it went rought to 'The Cloud 9 LP'. I picked that up a lot, I knew it already, but in the jungle life you've got to eat to survive.

The hardest thing was being buried alive in a tombstone for 15 minutes in the pitch black and every five minutes they put snakes or rats or spiders in. He's a cool dude; my very first mixtape called 'I'm Back U Know', JME designed the cover in 2006 or something. Some people are still trying to wake up properly, hungover and you've got to do sound check.
Obviously with the Cloud 9 label I want that to grow as big as it can and sign people, give other people opportunities, because when I was coming there weren't many opportunities about and money runs the world I understand, but it doesn't always have to. He has held 16 jobs in five countries, gained four promotions, five cups and managed the likes of Valencia, Chelsea, Juventus, Inter Milan and Monaco without ever picking up a league title. The Argentina playmaker Arial Ortega repeatedly returned late from international duty and had a monumental bust-up with Ranieri, culminating in the Italian cutting him loose.On another occasion, Romario was confronted about partying at a nightclub until 4am two days before a game. He has put up pictures of his rival managers in his Leicester office a€?so they feel welcome when they visita€™ and says things like a€?dilly ding, dilly donga€™.Ita€™s his imitation of a bell that dates all the way back to his days managing Cagliari. Wearing grey trousers and waistcoat in the Steel City, there could be no questioning his metallic resilience. Little wonder that John Parrott, champion here in 1991, likened him to a boa constrictor.Although Selby lost that frame, it seemed to dislocate Dinga€™s rhythm. He had changed the tip of his cue overnight, but that did nothing to blunt him as he went into a 6-0 lead with breaks of 91, 76, 120 and 70.
He is the first Asian to qualify for a Crucible final and that brings pressure given the sort of home audiences he gets.It is a public holiday in China so many millions could stay up later a€“ across a seven-hour time difference a€“ to watch him. When you hear someone and the hunger is there because they're not happy about something and something's triggered it, it's deeper. It was in the same font as what he uses now for Boy Better Know, that's why I like JME, he sticks to his guns, he's got a vision and it's inspiring being around him. Like Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, a big striker who was once sent to bed without any television by Ranieri, Bates knows a man far tougher than common depictions. Bates and Hasselbaink, the QPR manager who played under Ranieri at Atletico Madrid and Chelsea, independently described the Italian as a a€?man of total honoura€™ and there is a tale pertaining to those suggestions from Ranieria€™s very first managerial position. The World Cup winner told Ranieri: a€?Ita€™s my business and if I dona€™t go out, I dona€™t scorea€™. He came into my hotel room once at Chelsea and pulled the plug out of the back of the TV because he wanted me to go to sleep.a€?But he is really a man of honour and perfect conduct. I pray every time I wake up and my mum asked what's the first think I pray for and I said 'I dunno, I just pray' and she said, 'no, pray for just waking up again and good health'. The last one was an edgy, tired, 49-minute slog that the Englishman found so hard to close out that he jokingly lifted his cue above his head, a la Dennis Taylor, when he belatedly sealed it. But Ding could take it on to a new level.a€™Outside the stage door Chinese fans waited for autographs of their hero Ding. He instead says they should have faith with this little boy he had in the squad, promising them all he will do well. It was Mourinho who followed Ranieri into Chelsea in 2004 after the Italian had led them to the Champions League semi-final and second in the Premier League. He is from Beijing but lives in Sheffield, as if to prove the point that all snooker roads lead here.As the match ended for the night the bells in the Town Hall, a long pot up the street away, had already tolled midnight.
Her husband signed perhaps in the history of the world the single worst trade deal ever done.

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