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Taurus horoscope for 2012 – Taureans can expect the year 2012 to bring ample fortune in most of their endeavors. On the other hand, the Taurus natives might have disagreements and disputes with siblings and neighbors, exercise caution and have good control over your tongue. Taurus horoscope for 2012 indicates that some of you will be fortunate enough to meet your spiritual master and seek his blessings. Please Note: The Taurus Horoscope for 2012 given here are common for the natives of Taurus and may differ according to an individual’s birth date and time.
Taurus horoscope for 2012 suggests that the year 2012 is the perfect time to build a good health. Disclaimer: compatibility between signs constitutes only a small part of the characteristics of the couple's relationship.
However, for some reason, it is obvious that certain signs get along better with some other signs. Miss Taurus, you will be very often attracted to men who have the Ascendant or the Sun in Scorpio.
Libra and Sagittarius men stir up in you blended feelings of warm curiosity and natural distrust.
Here are a few famous people with the Sun or the Ascendant in Taurus: thousands of celebrities with the Sun in Taurus, thousands of celebrities with the Ascendant in Taurus! Now through May 14, 2012 you have a chance to win a new car.  Need we say more?   CBS is offering a chance to win a 2013 Ford Taurus with an Approximate Retail Value of $39,910 PLUS a check worth $15,000 in their Taurus Race To The Finish Line!
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You will experience an improved health, the power to win over enemies, abundant amount of food, increase in earnings & social standings etc. For a simplified, accurate & customized 2012 horoscope prediction, get your Personalized 2012 yearly horoscope prediction report now. Although the beginning of the year, particularly February to April doesn’t favor romance, the later part of the year will experience a high time for relationships.
Increased happy moments and pleasure trips brings in intimacy and bondage in your relationship. Indeed, it would be nonsensical to claim to be able to assess two persons' compatibility, or the lack of, on the sole position of the Sun in the sign where he is found in their astrological charts. You enjoy Virgos' practical, organized and concrete personality and you equally appreciate Capricorns' huge ambitions and their promising consequences, which you can clearly foresee, and which suit so well your taste for beautiful things and comfort. Thus, the relationship you may experience with Gemini and Aries men will be… a bit neutral, neither good nor bad, certainly nothing nasty. Most often, a biography is also available along with the planets' positions, the house cusps, and the list of aspects. You will indulge in all types of materialistic and luxurious pursuits and will also enjoy the same.
Increased understanding between the duos is seen as more rollicking moments are in the offing.
Its level of accuracy depends on how strongly your Sun sign is emphasized in your natal chart. The place where the Sun is posited expresses a will, a need for self-assertion, and some sort of authoritarianism; wills of a similar nature may clash in spite of the fact that they can understand each other.

You will remain attached to the material goods accumulated throughout your life made of mutual passion. You also like both signs' perfectionism and their management skills which match your temperament. You equally appreciate Pisceans' charm, their artistic bent, and above all, you are amazed by the way they easily move you. As for Aquarians, their detached values are too opposed to yours and do not match the concrete and materialistic values you badly need, let's confess it. Sagittarians are constantly on the go, they are not attached to their home, and they have very little concern for concrete matters. And don't forget to take a look at our advanced advices about astrological compatibility, at the free Love test and of course at the famous free CeleStar. Therefore, harmony is uncertain and depends mainly on the remainder of the partners' natal charts.
With the famous Celestar, you are also offered the possibility to get an estimate of your affinities with about 35000 celebrities or measure it among them, and to examine dynamic charts featuring graphic options that you can customize. Nevertheless, compatibility is usually good, although not as much as in the case of complementary signs. To access our statistics and visualize natal charts with pop ups, the easiest way is to use the Celebrities, Statistics and Planets page.

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