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The Gemini Moon enhances your desire to fly into the land of innovative thoughts and ideas.
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Yet, be grateful to her for running such a shipshape operation.She thrives on being well-organised and has a knack for keeping the household in tip-top shape.
She has a superb eye for detail and although she can be critical sometimes, rest assured that she is even more critical of herself.At heart, she is a perfectionist and feels that she has let the side down by not being perfect. I am the kind of woman who fears God the most and believes in HIM that he is always there for me. Acknowledge her superb efforts even though she finds it hard to accept a compliment.She comes close to being a superwoman, taking care of your needs, those of the children and keeping up a job. I think that jealousy can show that someone - that is unsure about their relationship with each other. I am the woman who believes that everything happens for a reason and everything happens for life's growth. A man who's kind, honest and a right man who will walk into my life and be with me forever. She excels in serving others, but easily forgets about her own needs.Encourage her to have an outside interest away from her duties and responsibilities, such as sewing or pottery classes.Surprise her by cooking a meal, even if you get a takeaway!
Althuogh she’ll rap you over the knuckles for eating junk food, she’ll appreciate your consideration. Don’t forget to ask her to glance over your correspondence or presentations, since she has a gift for spotting errors.Dating a Virgo manEfficient is his middle name and practical his last.

It would be great to have someone that worries about you because they want to hold your hand, hug and kiss you, no matter where you were. It would be great to be in a relationship where passion is sometimes made to a person you just give them a kiss; no matter where you are.
He adores living in an ordered environment and is more than happy to clean up after himself.At heart he is an accouontant and will take care of the finances down to the last cent.
If you think he is being pedantic, you probably don’t know what stress it causes him to exceed the budget.He does not have a lazy hair on his head and could easily become a slave to his job.
Conscientious to a fault, he probably carries more than his allotted workload.His personal hygiene is very important and he is an immaculate dresser. He is not beyond doing his own washing and ironing, but here you have a stop to his neatness. After all, you do not want to put your local dry cleaner out of business!He can be very fussy, especially with food.
Although he may balk at it, he secretly loves taking all those vitamins you feed him.He is fairly critical by nature, but you need to learn not to take this personally.

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