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Ultimately, it is important to remember that your wife married you because she loves you and probably wants nothing more than the marriage to work.  Listen to her, communicate with her, figure out the root problem, tackle it and tell her you love her every single day! CLICK HERE to download the bestselling book that has helped over 6100 couples get back together. Jesse Mosquedas leads his wife, Mercedes, to the sign he made for her in an effort to regain her love and trust after he broke his marriage vows. Australian men, throw your mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, wives and even mothers-in-law over your shoulders and run as fast as your little legs will carry you.
Wife Carrying has finally made its way to Australia, and the Finnair Australian Wife Carrying Titles are held each year in the NSW town of Singleton. The event looks set to have a bright future, especially since this year’s winners scored a trip to the World Titles in Finland. The “wife” doesn’t even have to be your legal spouse; just take any woman that’s available, persistent and not too heavy. After a long and tiring day at work, a nagging wife is not a very pleasant surprise to come home to, or worse yet, a wife who chooses to ignore your existence.

Once the “honeymoon” novelty is over and the struggles of daily life begin to take over, it can feel as if the marriage has fallen into a rut. The easiest solution during the fallout seems to be to give up and start a new beginning elsewhere.
That taunt from your nosy neighbour may seem non-consequential to you, but your wife may have taken it to heart.
Wow, What a bunch of great advises, one of my colleague shared this with me because I have got married in current month and he quoted that these are better advises for a successful life of a couple.
18, after Jesse placed a dozen signs around Plum Grove and Cleveland asking Mercedes to give their marriage another chance.
Approximately 12 signs were placed all around Plum Grove and Cleveland on Mercedes' route from her home to her son's job. Gone is the spark the two felt in those giddy initial days, when one look at your better half gave you butterflies in your stomach.
Recognize the fact that the satisfaction you seek is already there in your own home – you just need to work to find it.

She cooks, cleans, cares for your children, probably your parents, and sometimes even manages her own job along with all this. Not only will a vent and a good cry make her feel instantly better, she will also come to consider you as her confidant. Simply be the fastest over at least 200m with a minimum of four obstacles, including log jumps, limbo bars, water and a mystery hazard, without dropping your “luggage” and you’re home. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to get the missing spark back in your married life.
Surprise her by coming homing with a bouquet or have some delivered to your house while you’re at work.
Unless she specifically asks you for help and advice, she is not looking for solutions to her problems, so don’t feel that you are obliged to.

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