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admin | Getting An Ex Back | 19.12.2015
I’ve been accused, as have many at this point, of only caring because of personal reasons.
What’s shocked me, through all of this, and disturbed me even more than the fixing of the Hugos itself, is that the Sad and Rabid and Otherwise Emotionally Overwrought Puppies seem to have wholly lost their grip on the English language.
It’s a near intolerable amount of cognitive dissonance, and it betrays a deep confusion. I suspect it’s because they know inclusivity and diversity are considered positive attributes by most people.
But I would like to ask, for the sake of a language I love: however you vote this summer, when you see people using words to mean their opposite, when you see these attempts at kidnapping and rehabilitating language, if nothing else, call them out on that.
If your engine is out, just grab the flywheel with your hands and turn the crank until the distributor rotor lines up with the notch in the distributor body. 3) Turn the pulley around some more, back to the original factory notch (where #1 goes), back to 0 on the timing scale. Once you have a cylinder that you are going to adjust they should have free play in the valves before you adjust them. Just a note on terminology: A valve job requires removing your heads and taking them into a machine shop to have major work done on them.
You don't have to start at cylinder #1 but it keeps you organized and is easier than jumping all over the engine. Doing top dead center ensures the valve is totally closed and that the full amount of gap is present when measuring. Unless T-4's are different than T-1's, I'd go clockwise on the alternator pulley (generator pulley on mine) when turning the engine.
Really what you are doing is adjusting valves corresponding to which plug wire is sitting right above the rotor. For someone not familiar with a T-4 engine before you do anything you need to know if it has solid lifters or hydraulics. Just put the engine at TDC for #1 cylinder to fire using the timing scale and you will be OK. Dont go messing with the wires, you'll open a whole new can of worms, if it runs the way it is leave it, just don't use the distributor mark as a reference, go by when the rotor points to wire #1._________________Rust NEVER sleeps and stock never goes out of style. A group of writers led by, but not limited to, Brad Torgerson, Larry Correia, and Vox Day, pulled a swell little 1919 and told their followers to vote a straight ticket–a slate devised and approved by these writers.
These writers are politically conservative, mostly deeply religious, and profoundly homophobic, sexist, racist, the whole nine.
Some of the benefitting authors knew and approved of the slate, some did not, Torgerson claims to have sought consent from everyone, some say this is untrue.
Since my first nomination in 2010 I’ve been nominated seven times, only missing one year.

It truly floors me that people who are busy gathering their friends into a group that believes it is on the right side of God, calling names and yelling about how we need to go back to the old way of doing science fiction and colluding to fix an award can use that acronym for anyone other than themselves. It’s grotesque to defend oneself by claiming inclusivity and diversity when that is exactly what the unaltered ballots of recent years, the ones they hate so much, have given us. The Puppies hate SJWs–those awful people who keep prattling on about inclusivity and diversity.
Turn the engine with a crescent wrench on the alternator nut backwards (counterclockwise) until the firing tip of the rotor is on the notch in the picture. Original factory notch in the pulley for #1 and #3, the new mark you made on the exact opposite side of the pulley for #2 and #4.
This is indeed the Vox Day who got kicked out of SFWA for using the official channel to harass N.K. Well, I barely had anything eligible this year and did not for a moment expect to be on the ballot, so that’s not even a little personal.
Despite their conviction that they are the persecuted majority, they know that no one wants to hear: we made a club so that we could be sure only people we approved politically and personally would be nominated.
I suspect that even the Puppies are embarrassed that their tampering is so obvious, but they won’t break ranks now.
Enough for me to read through several 1000-comment threads about What Happened, to laugh, to cry, to be disgusted, to be angry, for my face to get stuck in permanent dropped-jaw mode. This is the third year this group(s) have done this, but the first that it has been so overwhelmingly successful. It stands for Social Justice Warrior, which to a normal person sounds like someone who fights for justice and cares about all human beings, and to conservatives like the devil himself. This is not, and has never been, about getting quality science fiction with a conservative slant on the Hugo ballot. This ballot features one man in three out of five novella slots and six in total, one publisher in nine slots, and an overwhelming majority of white straight men.
Why not use some other word to describe the ballot they’ve made–strong, perhaps, or exciting? There is a notch in it too (but it might be very hard to see, or if you're lucky, it'll be painted bright yellow like mine. I just turned the pulley around till the factory notch was in a good place to take a straight ruler through the exact center of the pulley, and put a sharpie mark there. Due to many factors in the Hugo nomination process, this resulted in a nearly-swept ballot of approved authors and works. Though there are some exceptions, many of the works on the slate are also by writers of this political persuasion. I guess I should have been collecting chain emails all this time if I wanted to make real art.

You keep telling us you’re the best writers in the genre, and yet basic words and their meanings seem to elude you! Even if you think all this is appropriate and excellent, you cannot call it inclusive or diverse without assaulting the English language.
So just say you used your clique (and probably some others) to do something you believed in, no matter what the cost.
It seems strangely small potatoes, to pick a science fiction award as your battlefield to die on when it can have so little effect on the political world at large. While you're down there, take a look around for anything loose that shouldn't be loose, etc. Everything that can be said about how incredibly unpleasant this whole situation is has been said, so I won’t add my two WTFs to it.
So it does take me aback on that level, because here I thought I was spending years working hard at my craft, when I was actually part of a leftist conspiracy to get nominations. When that notch is exactly at 0 on your timing scale, you are at TDC for #1 cylinder (front of bus, right).
When you line this new mark up with the 0 on the timing scale, # 2 will be in TDC and ready to adjust.
A stand needs to be taken, and it needs to be taken by the people whose names carry weight. The vast majority of the works are published by Castalia House, a Finnish micropublisher barely a year old and owned, I’m sure coincidentally, by Vox Day.
Diverse: of varying kinds, multiform, including representatives from more than one social, cultural, or economic group, especially members of ethnic or religious minority groups! You cannot tell the world that they should vote for you to strike back at women, liberal, people of color, and queer writers (and even worse–literary science fiction authors, the horror!) and then call yourselves diverse and inclusive. It’s absurd on the face of it to say there was nothing better than this small clique of authors in 2014. It’s all so unfathomably dishonest and intellectually bankrupt I have a hard time believing any of these people put together a coherent novel at any point. These are works by the friends, employees, and, perceived or actual, allies of Brad Torgerson, Larry Correia, and Vox Day. It was mainly a "holy roman empire is neither holy, roman, nor an empire" sentence construction, but you're right.

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