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Let me make something clear: I love my wife very much (especially the fact that she baked cookies last night for the season premiere of The Bachelorette).
Last night's Bachelorette debut had everything you'd want in a season opener: a homicidal maniac, a butcher, a drunk guy, a guy with a mask, a moderately attractive woman, a couple gay guys, the greatest impressionist since Rich Little, did I mention there was a guy wearing a mask?!?! Here is an exclusive transcript from ABC that shows the actual conversation last night between Ashley and the guy who thought it'd be a good idea to wear a mask on a television show.
And even though he looks nothing like him, I can't hear the name Constantine without thinking of former University of Miami basketball player, and strangest looking man of all-time, Constantin Popa. Then again, I didn't even discuss the drunk guy, the cellphone salesman or Bentley (aka Doctor Douchenstein). Mark my words the only place for the series to go next is a Saw Final Destination combo movie.
Monica and I were talking about our kids and apparently they are getting close to the age were we don’t have to swaddle them anymore. Nowadays we have become so accustomed to the high life that we have become weak and soft compared to American’s in the past.
Okay – you HAD me at the picture of your baby in the itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikin. I’m pretty sure your Mind Dump blogs are some of my favorites and very interesting ?? If I was sick I would want Chipotle too! Rob, WEC videos normally make me laugh out loud, but I gotta say video from WEC this week not my fav. A) You can’t hardly see the suit anyway, because in Texas she usually wears a rash guard shirt over it to protect her skin from the sun.

According to court documents, Melissa made such demand because she never agreed to be part of the lawsuit. But Melissa doesn’t need all the fuss; Melissa Harrington, aka Melissa Midwest and Melissa Lincoln has her own name in history. With the success achieved on her website, she shared her wisdom and met Adrienne, and together, they created a successful website around her, SweetAdri.
Melissa was married to another porn star, Shane Harrington who attempted to have a regular job out of the industry, but according to online sources when he became the owner of a night club but was denied a liquor license all for being known as the “porn guy” everything tanked.
But if I were to ever kill her, I would DEFINITELY place her dead body in our bathtub and tell the police that she had a "seizure" while bathing. My girls had a great time and I even got to try Sweet Frog for the first time before we went. The fact that both of us have been sicker than ever (beside your mono in college) and that our twins might get it!
The pain to type name, email, website and comment is just too great for a touchpad.I am also hindered by my distaste for leaving a single sentence. Her activities have also gotten her into legal trouble in 2003 she was arrested and ticketed for public nudity. Whenever I get dressed, I make sure to not walk back into the bathroom after I put my socks on for fear of having damp socks all day.
Before a movie starts at the theater they play a silence is golden promo which includes a baby crying. Sitting on the counter was a white guy who did about .5 seconds of a free style rap while wearing jean shorts.

I served as the lead rustler at Pasty White’s Dude Ranch and Emporium for about 8 years.
We talked about it a long time and really did feel that it made more fun of us then anyone. In 2006 the blonde was also involved in a forced sex act scandal in which she was accused of penetrating a fellow porn model, luckily for Harrington all charges against her were dropped voluntarily by the plaintiff. Now I'm not saying that this guy West is a murderer, I'm just saying that I am very skeptical of white people in general, especially white people who jog with their shirts off. At what point do we start needing these things, or is it just a sign of how weak we’ve become? I already feel weak and tired and opening the cold medicine is like wrestling a mutated ninja alligator. And I also don't trust women who bake cookies on random Monday nights and then force me to eat 28 of them. They totally gave her a dupe to go inside and talk to all of the mediocre guys who wish she was Emily. Even if you don’t know him you should leave a comment on this post and say thank you Brad.

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