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Before we’re born into this life, we make agreements – soul contracts – with other souls and agree to learn certain lessons from each other. If you have a particularly deep soul connection, there will be a “freeze-frame” memory of the first moment you met that person. Doing intuitive relationship readings is one of my specialities – a relationship reading can provide you with insight as to they “why” you’ve met someone and can also point to past life karma you and another person share. The amount of hurt and pain I am feeling is making me question everything and making me feel quite drained out.
I went through one of the hardest times of my life and for so long felt like I had no one there for me.
I am in a similiar situation too but the only difference is we never dated instead we become best friends, which is so hard because I don’t just love this guy, its not just an emotional attachment that I feel towards this guy. What I believe about soulmates its that we are that to each other, we love each other the same way…because we understand how it would be like if we parted. I have an obvious soul connection with someone who I know I cannot be in a relationship with in this life. The more time we found ourselves drawing to each other the more the unspoken attraction took control and we actually started secretly sleeping together.
I wonder if she remembered me from a past life or if her intuition felt that we had some kind of history in a past life before.
Would you believe that your soul mate shares a birthday with one of MINE and I didn\’t realize the article was published on her birth date until she called it to my attention months later! Meeting him has turned me inside out and I acted out in ways that were highly humiliating, defensive and embarrassing, but ultimately so illuminating that I am glad – it has pushed my development on so powerfully I cannot tell you and helped me to work through core deep limiting beliefs around love and allowing love in and even allowing myself to like a non-mainstream type of man.
I long to be with him though, deeply and it seems crazy, because I’ve only ever met him under the influence of alcohol and twice and God only knows what he thinks of me now. I have cleared the air somewhat and he seemed generous in his response and I didn’t reply to that. I feel like I need to be with him, let him love me, love him to resolve something or heal or become whole! I’ve read a couple of your blog posts after a google search, I must say I love them all.
Next time I saw him was a few months later, in my hometown in another state and they were playing. I met someone when I was 5 years old and fell in love with him and for the next 10 years I stated that way, although other than when I was 6, he never even looked my way. Nearly 6 months ago, we saw each other for the first time, at a birthday party, even though we attend the same highschool and went to the same primary school as well.
The day after this, I went out at my usual cafe and, as I got out of the taxi, there he was, with 3 friends of his, walking towards me. His friend was the one who convinced him that he had the moral obligation to talk to me at least one more time.
One week and a half later, I called his friend to hang out with my group of friends, because he was a nice guy. I must say that after he told me he didn’t like me, I saw a lot less of him around school.
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We may establish a soul agreement with someone in order to awaken a particular facet of our soul that up to that point in time had laid dormant. These people are brought into our lives to help us grow and as a result, they often challenge us more than others. My only life raft in all this is to stay committed to seeing the truth and not keep trying to reason things out in favour of whatever makes me feel better. Keeping that it mind does make the periods of not-meeting a little easier, doesn't it? It was more than just a physical relationship and even the emotional aspect of us was more that I could of ever imagined. We spent our first night together in 7 months, holding each other in our arms and crying, whispering to each other how much we loved each other. I truly believe wonderful things are in store for your life and I’ll celebrate and pray for your continued healing amongst the sacredness of your divine journey.

His like my arm or my leg, you can just image how its like to leave without an arm when u have had it all your life. Which has been absolutely unreal, as if we have done it a million times, passionate, connected, intense, etc!!
I definitely know there is some very real reason he came into my life, and it was to open my mind to my abilities & spirituality, intuitiveness and human connections because that is what it has done. And when you say your mind is telling you 1 thing but your heart and gut are telling tou something else what do you mean by that? As soon as we started talking I felt very drawn to him and I couldn’t explain it, we became fast friends and started developing feelings for eachother very quickly. I’ve always been a deep and emotional type person and I love intensely and hurt just the same. When I was 14 we moved away and I never saw him again, then, 30 years later I was dating another guy from my old hometown and ran into him. He was commenting on a friends’ photo, he was being sarcastic and a little too direct, but I laughed so hard. He happened to be best friends with some guy that used to comment on my profile, and I noticed that.
At that party, I got too drunk, I went to the bathroom because I was feeling sick, then my best friend drove me home. It turns out he already knew lots of things about me, that weren’t exactly public knowledge. So, the friend, entered his IM and point blank, asked me to go out with them and call some friends of mine so it wasn’t weird. My guy was driving, so he was drinking coke, and we made fun of him because the rest of us were drinking beer. I happen to have a younger brother, as he was to his sister, exactly the same difference and they even have the same second last name.
Not in a “your face looks familiar” kind of way, but rather felt an inexplicable familiarity when you look into that person’s eyes?
We may be here in this lifetime to work through karmic issues we shared with this soul in another life (or several). And two days later, I left to go home from my visit; the hardest thing in the world for me to do was to sit on that bus and watch as he faded into the distance.
It can heal, of course but that doesn’t take away a scare or the fact that its missing. However, I also know that he is not someone for me to me in a relationship with for many reasons, and he knows the same about me. I think it sounds like all of you have shared previous lives together and she recognized you on a soul level. The only thing about this guy that I noticed that night was that he made a very funny comment, but besides that, not much.
He was there, of course but he was sitting in such way so he couldn’t look at me without being obvious, but his friends could, and they kept watching me. My punishment, at some moment, was to receive 10 hits with the deck of cards on my fingertips, as powerfull as possible, and 12 hits with 2 fingers on my wrist(on the veins part). One time, I had a really bad fight with my parents, and he was really sweet, tried everything to make me feel better and he calmed me instantly. That night I sent his bff a text message telling him to never bring my guy to hang out again. He started being online again, he would look at me from afar but when I was close to him he was too nervous and he intentionally looked in other direction. Then I realised that’s how he looked at me since the end of november until I started ignoring him. Maybe we fought and had arguments sometimes, but we were such stubborn people that a small fight here and there was imminent.
Suddenly one day, after nearly 5 months of being in a long distance relationship, he wanted a break. Part of me wants to believe it’s because he realized its because he wants to be with me.
At the funeral, his mother, a woman I have never met in my life, and I am sure has no idea who I am, approached me, stopped, grabbed my face, turned it from side to side, & looked at me as if she recognized me or knew me somehow. But it just continues as much as we push, ignore, don’t acknowledge, somehow we draw back to one another in that way. I feel like we can’t be together (I am in a relationship, with a child, I love the man I am with. I have never felt so connected to another person in my whole life, and I can’t imagine not having him around.
But it’s hard for me to believe that he can have such strong feelings for me and be with someone else and not have anything to do with me.

My best friend returned to the party and he asked her about me, even though everybody was talking about a completely different subject. Every 5 minutes or so, he would also find some reason to look my way and I found that so cute. My guy had to hit me on my wrist, but at first he refused completely to do it, and then, when he finally hit me, it was like 12 touches, not hits. We were both so genuinely happy to talk to each other, and it was like we never stopped speaking. His friends told me that was why he is such a difficult person, that it still bothers him and he misses his sister.
You just feel it in your bones that this is someone who has been and will be important to you.
It was so serious so fast and scared him because he had been so hurt by his divorce and wasn’t ready for more so we broke up.
Now the thing is my best friend would praise him all the time and describe his habits, attitude, acheievments and family background and everything all the time. After that, another friend of mine asked my bff what would she think about me and THE guy being together, as a result of speaking with HIM about me in my BFFs absence. His friends made me go to their group with lame reasons and stuff, but I kept ignoring him, even though he was looking directly at me openly. And I think that I made him remember her more, because of all the similarities between me – my brother and his sister-him. Twin flames are very much what you described: as if everything he does feels like yours as well.
All this rant about this XYZ led me into beleiving that he must be an amazing guy and I kind of developed a reverred spot for him in my mind. If I hadnt listened to my friends rant about how good he is I know I would have never ever given him a second look. Our highschool has a special place for us to smoke, so we don’t smoke in the bathroom, and I am a smoker. As THE guy was watching, it was like he felt the pain, he even put his hands on his face, so he couldn’t see that anymore. I feel as if I will go through the rest of my life loving him and being unable to have a relationship with anyone else because what I had him with , nothing else will ever compare. Then I needed to know something regarding my career so I messeged him on facebook without adding him. So I went to smoke with a friend(guy) and he was already there, even though he doesn’t smoke. But, after some things happened, later that night, after I asked his friend why did he bring him if he didn’t like me, he waited for me, but I already left(we moved at a club by that time). We have had some very powerul wow moments in the short time we have been talking and we know without a doubt that we have been brought together for a reason! But I had thought he’d never reply but he did reply and his reply reflected a very patient, balanced, confident and friendly personality. So, the next day at school, he waited for me to talk, probably, but I didn’t go to school that day. I felt like a child when after a while I got butterflies each time I so much as thought of him. I know he feels that pull back to me but he refuses to stay because he says he’s scared of getting hurt. The yearning for simply being in the same room with him got so bad that I had lost over 8lbs from nerves alone! After some time I convinced myself that he wouldnt be interested in me and we wont be a good match anyway so i stopped checking his profile out and stopped thinking about him completely.
There is a mutual understanding and acceptance, a love that allows us that, regardless of where we might be, and with who.
A week ago I saw him in my dreams and he was trying to tell me that Im the kinda girl hes interested in.
No jealousy, just a lingering question-mark, as we wonder if maybe we were meant to be together in the future.
I may lean towards believing we just met to learn from one another, but as with everything, I suppose only time can tell.
Now I have kind of fallen in love with his pics and the rant that I have heard about him and after checking out his profile so many times and messaging him once on fb i know the rant is true and not an exaggeration.
And every move he makes, every gesture, his voice, everything about him is as familiar to me as my own.

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